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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 Designing the Organization 的評價和反饋

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Organizations are complex and can be difficult to manage well, so managers need tools to help them better understand and deal with the many complexities and challenges associated with organizational life. In this course, you will learn theories, principles, and frameworks that will help you design more effective organizations. You will be able to: - Analyze organizations from multiple perspectives to better understand business challenges - Strategically plan for effective organizational governance - Develop systems to plan for growth and change - Understand implications of the external environment on business and strategically respond to these factors This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at




It was the hardest, but best course so far. Surely, it will be very useful to apply in any context. It gives one satisfaction to better understand leaders, organizations, and what could be better.



I thoroughly enjoyed this course, as it helped me understand the corporate world better and how organizations are designed. I found it explained the company I work for very well.


226 - Designing the Organization 的 250 個評論(共 292 個)

創建者 IFBB P G D


I thought the course provided very good and relevant content. I would have liked to have been tested on applying the knowledge to various scenarios, in addition to the writing assignment. Overall, great course.

創建者 Ismail I


The course is nice but the wording of the course is heavy and is confusing most of the time.

You've to put a lot of effort in trying to understand what the instructor means or want to say/ask.

創建者 John H


Good course, but I had a lot of trouble interacting with the app. It would not let me post comments or questions which was a bit frustrating. Going off the app and through the website now!

創建者 Iris S


This course was good and the professor did a good job explaining content, however, it didn't really seem like useful information to me since it was extremely theoretical.

創建者 David W


Overall, very good course with interesting ways of framing organizational design. Would have liked more discussion around practical applications of the material.

創建者 Alberto A U C


Very interesting course. It gives solid foundations for understanding how organization are designed and how to adapt when external changes are faced. Recommended.

創建者 Kyle B


I enjoyed this course's focus on design. The videos were useful and concise, as were the readings, and the assignments were structured well to make you think.



I really liked this course and will be retaining my notes from it. I believe my notes will help somewhere down the line in my professional career.

創建者 Nicola M


It's an incredibile course, you need to attend both of the courses of Professor Leblebici to fully understand all the framework of the concepts.

創建者 Rafiq A


Good course. Felt some are practical and some I am unable to relate. Maybe the next course, Manage the organization, is more practical.

創建者 Jessica L


The peer review assignment seems out of date. Some of the videos have editing errors as well. Otherwise, good course overall.

創建者 Imane H


It would be better to add powerpoint slides as a recap of the sessions, like we used to have in the other courses

創建者 Oliver O


High standard of instructional design. I do hope that the quiz on the case studies would be clearer.

創建者 Umang N


Course is detailed oriented but mostly useful for the people who are very new to middle management.

創建者 Neil M


A good course with excellent lectures. I learnt a lot in the course and would highly recommend it.



It was a very informative course - I definitely will apply with I leant in my every day management

創建者 Fahad A H


I like the course. It's answer my questions about organization design which was a mystery for me!!

創建者 Matthew M


A lot of learning from videos and readings, not much learning from live sessions, in my opinion.

創建者 Yini S


The course is good and the professor teaches very well, especially the powerpoint is very clear.

創建者 Craig D M


This course got me thinking, asking questions, reading intently and responding thoughtfully.

創建者 Carlos A L O


Great course it shows the porpuse, structure, growth and external evironment for a company.

創建者 Ideas & D - S S


It was a great course. But, guess depth and width of the course be further increased.

創建者 Deepjyoti R


The subject was a bit dry. The delivery of the content can be made a little more fun.

創建者 Chris M


Man, the lecture material didn't really line up with the quizzes...good stuff though.

創建者 Lloyd W


Helpful course overall. Certainly worthy of including as part of the specialization.