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What makes an interface intuitive? How can I tell whether one design works better than another? This course will teach you fundamental principles of design and how to effectively evaluate your work with users. You'll learn fundamental principles of visual design so that you can effectively organize and present information with your interfaces. You'll learn principles of perception and cognition that inform effective interaction design. And you'll learn how to perform and analyze controlled experiments online. In many cases, we'll use Web design as the anchoring domain. A lot of the examples will come from the Web, and we'll talk just a bit about Web technologies in particular. When we do so, it will be to support the main goal of this course, which is helping you build human-centered design skills, so that you have the principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology....




The course was simple and crisp yet covered it all - interaction, visual and usability. Liked the duration of the videos followed by reading material that covered the highlights of the topic.



The basic principles of design and their philosophies were covered well in this course, and it was taught in a quick, efficient manner. I liked undergoing this course and would recommend it.


151 - 设计原理:概述 的 174 個評論(共 174 個)

創建者 Viebone


good tips for testing experiments

創建者 Shriman G


Very interesting course

創建者 Emily s


Interesting materials.

創建者 Miguel C


I like it!

創建者 Gioconda B


I like the content of the course. I feel I have learned a lot, especially working with the Chi Squared test. However, there was an example that was not clear on week 3 – Comparing rates. The example refers to comparing two buttons in a home page in order to improve traffic. The data provided was confusing because the Instructor refers that 118 people sign up the “learn more” button over a week. He calculates the chi squared value with 118 sign-ups for the “learn more” button. Then he said that 119 people sign up over a week for the same button, and he calculates the chi square value with this data. My suggestion is to review that video. Thank you.

創建者 Panagiotis P


Definitely improved from the first course of this specification. Better feedback on errors regarding quizzes' questions and still really interesting assignments for peer review that help you to learn. Still missing a document or a file with all the notes that one can take away and use as a reference guide, hence only 3/5.

創建者 Ronald F


Important information presented in this course. My only feedback is that a little more background or a bit more explanation on the concepts of chi square, p-value and meaning of these should have been presented. These subjects felt rushed and not well presented.

創建者 Jon M


The visual design teachings could have a few more exercises that teach color choice and more details about typography styles. For example, emotions can be communicated with colors ...

創建者 Jennifer B


It started off very interesting. Then it kind of fell apart during the chi-sqaure part. Some of the examples feel a bit dated and could use a bit more modern design.

創建者 Adriana C


I didn't like the way contents were organized. It was too much information in a very short time.

創建者 Adam C


Took way too long to move forward because I had to wait for weeks to score other's tests.

創建者 Jerod G


Several errors in lecture and lack-luster assignments decreased my perception of value.

創建者 Juliana M M S


If you don't pay the fee to get the certification, you can't do the assignments :(

創建者 Joseph P


Very interesting, but I found it a little bit confusing.

創建者 Tyler C


don't feel like I'm learning from the videos.

創建者 Jeppe C


Slow review process (can be).

創建者 Ken D



創建者 Gaurav M


Should go into more depth - esp with Visual Design.

創建者 Melinda M


This course wasn't good. Many of the assignment instructions and questions were poorly written, and students clearly had trouble understanding what was asked of them. The assignments also weren't very deep or imaginative, and some of them requested very specific answers relying in keywords from the lectures rather than ensuring that the students had really understood the concepts. The design principles were introduced at such a surface level as to be just silly rather than useful. This was kind of a waste of my time.

創建者 Braxtopia P


I found the coursework to be a little bland in comparison to the other courses on the site. More lectures than actual hands on coursework, which is a deal breaker for me, I think the class is outdated and the links and groups suggested to you whenyou join the class arent even active anymore which can make things challenging if you ever need to reach out for help or to get an assignment graded

創建者 Deleted A


Don't be a fool and expend any money in this courses. If you are lucky, someone will review your assignments, but chances are you are not going to receive enough reviews to pass the course, just like me. I have payed for two months subscription and have received nothing at all, as my course is not complete, although I have submitted all of my assignments.

創建者 Juan D B G


I think that is a poor course; a lot of much theory and little practice; is better read a book and see youtube. It doesn't meet my expectations.

創建者 Carlos G


Interesting topic, however I quitted. Video lectures were recorded almost phrase by phrase, making it too hard to follow the contents properly

創建者 邓超怡


Simple & Clear , Handsome teacher!