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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Workloads 的評價和反饋

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In this course, "Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Workloads," you learn about performing Kubernetes operations; creating and managing deployments; the tools of GKE networking; and how to give your Kubernetes workloads persistent storage. This is the final course of the Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine series. After completing this course, enroll in the Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process course or the Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Foundations with Anthos course....



one of the best course with extensive lab work. I am thankful to all the instructors, & lab course work creators for such an insightful hands on experience to GKE.


Really good resource to learn to manage kubernetes workloads. I learnt loads of new stuff including Kubernetes jobs, container native load balancing and much more


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創建者 Sebastian R


Droning monotonous google employees reading their scripts... no challenging labs, only copy and paste. The material is better learned from a book.

創建者 Amol N


Instructor simply reads from a script it seems, very boring and difficult to stay awake. One of the few bad courses I have taken. I kind of liked the labs as they do give you the hands on experience but thats it. Even the labs one can finish simply by copy pasting the content. I guess i'll look else where to learn Kubernetes.

創建者 Ganga B


labs are ok, instructor is nothing more than robot reading sripts

創建者 Archana J T


The content has a lot of errors in subtitles. There could have been better content in explaining the core concepts like Service Types, networking, scaling etc.

創建者 Gabriel F


Very good explaination of the Kubernetes feature with good labs to use as exemple that answers questions that we we be asking ourselves. So far, the best!

創建者 Ahmed M


great content

創建者 Manikandan K


I am Google Cloud Platform Architect working on TOP IT company in India. I have taken this course understand GKE solution. Course really helped to leverage the GKE for solution. Thank you so much for offering the valuable course. It will be very helpful if you provide slides in PDF format in download/resource session.

創建者 Andrew G


Course (including labs) is great! A lot of info on K8s. Sometimes overwhelming.

Few words about lecturers: Alex Hanna's nasal voice is not appropriate to say the least. I could hardly understand and had to refer to the text under the video to make sure I got it right.

Priyanka Vergadia is a better lecturer.


創建者 Agha H A


This course is brilliant and covers all necessary aspects of deploying practical applications using Kubernetes and GTK. GCP and Coursera deserve all the praise for providing us with all these opportunities and for being the best in their respective fields! Thank you.

創建者 hanna


I studied several kubernetes courses on several platforms, but this actually amazed me with its comprehensive content, simplicity, the amount of precise information, and the most important is understanding what/why/how you are working and not just typing commands.

創建者 Koushik S K T


little bit fast paced course. Lab works can be made more strict and less instructions. Quiz is main draw back here. Please increase number of questions and limit number of attempts. With the present setup, this course can be completed without watching videos.

創建者 Daragh L


Comprehensive course that covered a lot of the concepts needed to understand kubernetes. If you have some experience with kubernetes already, I'd recommend starting with this course rather than the foundations one which was very basic.

創建者 Akhil P


Its a good introductory course to the Kubernetes workloads concepts, at the end of it I am aware of the various options and when to use what. The labs were good but are very easy, would be better if they include more aspects.

創建者 Abhimanyu C


Very informative content. Sometimes I had trouble with subtitles & pronunciation during Alex's voice. Need to rewatch some of the Networking videos again. Labs are awesome and so are resources provided! great job team :)

創建者 Adam B


It is a lot of information that gets thrown at you quickly, but it all comes together and by the end I had a much better understanding of deployments in general. Great lab work and excellent job by the instructors.

創建者 Juan J S G


Seria buena idea presentar casos mas "reales" en los laboratorios ya que me fue un poco complicado entender la sección de volumes e imaginarme como aplicar eso en la vida cotidiana.

De todos modos, excelente curso.

創建者 Harold M


Excellent course, very deep in content on stuff such as services, volumes, persistent volumes and claims, storage classes, secrets and configmaps.

Very pleased with this course of the specialization.

Thank you!

創建者 Harsha V S


Very Good course,Good content for the subject is provided and the hands-on labs gives you a amazing experience in learning.Thanks to the course creators and moderators

創建者 Víctor A S I


This is a very comprehensive course and the lecturer, Priyanka Vergadia, is simply sensational. Any non english-native student will love her accent and her diction.



one of the best course with extensive lab work. I am thankful to all the instructors, & lab course work creators for such an insightful hands on experience to GKE.

創建者 Lance A


Really good resource to learn to manage kubernetes workloads. I learnt loads of new stuff including Kubernetes jobs, container native load balancing and much more

創建者 Mohamed A


A very heavy and interesting course. It definitely a course that I will be using as a reference as it has way too much information to just take on one go.

創建者 HuangXin


could you please provide the pre-created GKE account rather than I have to wait for the whole creation progress in several minutes every time?

創建者 Tania M O


I loved this course. It was very hands on, and the teachers were great, specially Evans and Priyanka. Favorite course so far on Coursera.



Excelente Curso. Aprendi bastante sobre Google Kubernetes Engine Workloads y adquirí competencias sobre Kubernetes. Muchas gracias.