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學生對 IBM 提供的 Deep Neural Networks with PyTorch 的評價和反饋

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The course will teach you how to develop deep learning models using Pytorch. The course will start with Pytorch's tensors and Automatic differentiation package. Then each section will cover different models starting off with fundamentals such as Linear Regression, and logistic/softmax regression. Followed by Feedforward deep neural networks, the role of different activation functions, normalization and dropout layers. Then Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer learning will be covered. Finally, several other Deep learning methods will be covered. Learning Outcomes: After completing this course, learners will be able to: • explain and apply their knowledge of Deep Neural Networks and related machine learning methods • know how to use Python libraries such as PyTorch for Deep Learning applications • build Deep Neural Networks using PyTorch...



An extremely good course for anyone starting to build deep learning models. I am very satisfied at the end of this course as i was able to code models easily using pytorch. Definitely recomended!!


This is not a bad course at all. One feedback, however, is making the quizzes longer, and adding difficult questions especially concept-based one in the quiz will be more rewarding and valuable.


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創建者 Lennart F


T​he video's are voiced by a robot. There is alot of information, but the quiz questions are so simple that you get the feeling they are aimed at 6-year olds (e.g. most times you just have to repeat what the robot voice has JUST said). The peer review system for the honors assignment is retarded: I failed this assignment while answering everything correctly, just because some dude accidentaly misgraded a question. Coursera now expects me to pay another 40 euros to resubmit the assignment just because someone else messed this up, lol. Take your courses elsewhere.

創建者 Ben A


Awful quality content that fails to teach or test you properly.

The videos are exceptionally poor using a text-to-speech narrator that makes you want to quit after only one video. Additionally, the quizzes are buggy with awful wording, typos, invisible options, and useless content. The biggest shame is that they don't use notebooks to test your learning with real examples that would reinforce both the theory & practical elements.

This course has no effort put into it & is clearly a money grab. Avoid this and instead try a or course.

創建者 Christian T


Lots of errors in the questions and answers, annoying content structure, bad videos (speed, cadence, auto-generated voice that consistently mis-pronounces things). Labs that are identical to the videos. No context setting or understanding beyond trivial mechanics.

E​ven worse, the quizzes contain typing/syntax errors that you have to ignore and then suddenly some of the quizzes contain errors that you must not ignore.

T​his is a ridiculuously bad course and I have no idea how it got to getting this many good ratings.


創建者 Amar S


I am very disappointed with the quality of the course materials. The videos are recorded with what sounds like a text to speech system or a voice over done by a voice actor who does not really understand the subject matter and lacks personality.

It's hard to understand as it all runs at the same pace and there isn't sufficient time given to specific concepts that may take a shorter or a longer time to sink in depending on their complexity. It's just a constant speed monologue without any real feeling or passion in the subject matter.

創建者 Oussama B


Bad !!!!! Many mistakes, questions too easy !!! I am really disapointed

創建者 Zaheer U R


Amazing course with brilliant explanation

創建者 Farhad A


It was well structured . Thank you

創建者 Krishna H



創建者 Ali A


The labs are simply taking so much time. I am sure the is a better way to teach students than to make them wait 1 hour. Some people would want to run them locally, but this is not a solution, just a bypass. I learning a lot in this course and would reccomend. The best thing is that it taught me that CNNs are not super tough and with proper techniques can be handled.

創建者 Fabrizio D



-A lot of codes for practicing and learning

-The quizzes are short and focused


-The videos are too impersonal: it seems that the speaker is just reading the part, after a while I got tired of listening to him.

-Please review the texts: there are too many misspelled words

-Add more line of comments in the codes provided in lab

創建者 Miele W


Well, as there are no sort of exams or real questions to answer in order to pass, it strictly depends on how much attention you put in following this course. IMHO if well studied, it gives you a solid foundation, in order to let you explore the pytorch module.

創建者 Philippe G


Very interesting course. Gives a good introduction to pytorch. My only concern is the quality of the quizzes: It is often limited to 2 very simple questions. This does not allow you to validate that you had a good understanding of the said topic.

創建者 Luca R


At the beginning, PyTorch framework seems very hard to understand. At the half of course you begin to have a clear vision of the problems. A negative point is the notebook for every topic. I would suggest one for week with everything inside.

創建者 Eric


Good, thorough course. Does not hold the student to any kind of standard or accountability and quizzes are ridiculously easy to pass.

創建者 Mateo P


The amount of material was surprisingly extensive and the labs were very useful. The tests were not very good. The videos were OK.

創建者 Andrey G


The quizzes are way too easy. The videos are OK (read by computer voice except one). The labs, on the other hand, a really nice.

創建者 Vitalii S



Good intro to PyTorch, great work.


1) typos along the course.

2) lab is working too slow - better run locally.

創建者 Paranjape A J


More graded coding assignments would have been better, but content is good!

創建者 Simon P


The awful text-to-speech voice in the videos and the "We do this.... we do this... we do this..." information dump is poor from a didactic point of view.

The redeeming feature of the course are the labs, but like many of these little courses there's little encouragement to play around with the code.

創建者 Olivier C


Useful if you are already comfortable with deep learning and you want to learn how to use the (great) pytorch package. If you want to learn about deep learning from scratch, the explanations are not very intuitive and skip over some very interesting features.

創建者 Abdus S


This course provides a good amount of knowledge of PyTorch. However, the explanation and presentation are really bad. The monotonous voice and the quick changing of slides forces learners to watch the videos again and again.

創建者 Geir D


Presenter is a synthesized computer voice. Slides and exercises are full of spelling errors. Contents is OK, but presentation is not very inspiring.

創建者 Dr. C C


The general content of the course is good. However, I was experiencing a lot of problem accessing the lab platform. Also, there are typos and grammatical mistake everywhere in the quizzes. The audio of the video are done using computer generate voice over, instead of a real person speaking. I think the instructor of the course doesn't speak fluent English, which is understandable why computer voice over is used instead, but the non-stopping speech makes me a bit hard to concentrate sometimes.

創建者 Ozan G


I hated the robotic sound in all of the lecture recordings. It made it impossible to stay focused. The homework was ridiculously easy (including the Honors assignment). In most of the quizzes, anyone from the street could answer correctly just by reading. The lab environment on the IBM cloud was really slow towards the end for training DNNs. I had to skip most of the labs before they finished executing.

創建者 Martin P


The text to speech videos are not very motivating. There could be put more efford in the training notbooks and slides. Questions and assignments are too easy compared to the topics covered in the videos.