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學生對 提供的 Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization 的評價和反饋

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This course will teach you the "magic" of getting deep learning to work well. Rather than the deep learning process being a black box, you will understand what drives performance, and be able to more systematically get good results. You will also learn TensorFlow. After 3 weeks, you will: - Understand industry best-practices for building deep learning applications. - Be able to effectively use the common neural network "tricks", including initialization, L2 and dropout regularization, Batch normalization, gradient checking, - Be able to implement and apply a variety of optimization algorithms, such as mini-batch gradient descent, Momentum, RMSprop and Adam, and check for their convergence. - Understand new best-practices for the deep learning era of how to set up train/dev/test sets and analyze bias/variance - Be able to implement a neural network in TensorFlow. This is the second course of the Deep Learning Specialization....



I really enjoyed this course. Many details are given here that are crucial to gain experience and tips on things that looks easy at first sight but are important for a faster ML project implementation


Exceptional Course, the Hyper parameters explanations are excellent every tip and advice provided help me so much to build better models, I also really liked the introduction of Tensor Flow\n\nThanks.


5751 - Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization 的 5775 個評論(共 6,429 個)

創建者 Dinh T T


It's a wonderful course because it provides me how to improve deep neural networks and delve to some techniques to gain good hyperparameters

創建者 John S T L


Would have given 5 stars if the Jupyter exercise did not give me too much of a hard time looking for errors in syntax. Overall, great lesson!

創建者 Parag P


Loved the easy to understand explanation given by Prof. Andrew Ng for some of the most complex concepts in Deep Learning like Regularisation.

創建者 Daehee K


This class is very helpful for understanding parameters of ML except week 3 class and assignment for Tensorflow which is not fully explained.

創建者 Xiaochao G


I don't understand tensorflow mechanism and when to use what function. Should I stop to learn more tf or just move on the following courses

創建者 Nataliia K


Quite ok, but programming assignment was mostly copy-paste style. I am not able to repeat something similar independently after the course

創建者 Maximilian B


A lot of great concepts covered in the lectures but only few were explored in the assignments. The assignments seemed fairly simple to me.

創建者 Vanja T


There were grading results that seemed wrong - I've submitted report on grading to explain details. Other than that, the course was great!

創建者 Batuhan A


This course was nice for me.First Andrew Ng talks about mathematicall background of the concepts then you get hands on coding experience.

創建者 Aditya S


Good course. However expected some more mathematical proofs for some of the ideas like bias correction and exponential weighted averages.

創建者 Prerna D


Very good course. All the concepts explained very well. I just feel programming assignments were too easy, they could be a little tougher

創建者 Mohamed M A M


It's really great Mr/Andrew has a good way of explaining stuff even tho i need to search some stuff on youtube for greater understanding

創建者 2445_Nupur S


I loved the course, as it provided concise explanations and covered all important topics required in Deep Learning. Thank you Andrew Ng!

創建者 dspguy


Would have been 5 star but I found typos in the assignments and exercises -which have still not been corrected which is quite surprising

創建者 Varunraju V


Its good hands-on course but to master it will certainly requires to dwell more into the specifics and need to work on various projects

創建者 samarth


Was a great course. Learnt conceptually and implemented Momentum,ADAM & rmsprop. Wish there were more exercises to explore TensorFlow .

創建者 Benjamin J


I would have liked more programming exercises related to regularization and hyperparameter tuning, but TensorFlow was well introduced.

創建者 Paulo M


I liked the course. I just think there should be more assignments. Perhaps after each week because the content is dense and complex.

創建者 Vighnesh N G


Too much spoon feeding in the programming exercises, could have asked us to make a model with atleast x accuracy then left us alone.

創建者 Mahesh S P


This was the toughest course since lot of mathematical, especially statistics back ground is required. However, I could complete it.

創建者 Sri K


Its require basic python programming for implementation of neural networks , different models techniques to get perspective of it .

創建者 Ahmed N


One of my best courses i have ever participated in, i gained a lot of knowledge and knew the underlying mathematics of every model.

創建者 Mathieu J


Second step of the specialization,

a bit less rewarding than the fist course as more fine tuning and less overview of deep learning

創建者 Muiz V


Programming assignments could have been more challenging. Otherwise, the course instructor is pretty awesome!! Thank you Andrew Ng.

創建者 Swann C


Good material and definitely essential in order to gain a lot of time aiming at the right direction navigating all these parameters