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學生對 University of Houston 提供的 American Deaf Culture 的評價和反饋

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This is a six-week course providing a historical overview of the American Deaf community and its evolving culture. Theoretical frameworks from sociology are explored. Deafness as a culture and not a disability is explained as participants are guided into the world of Deaf culture....




I've gotten an Associate's in Sign Language and learned a lot about American Deaf Culture and this was a wonderful refresher for me! I did NOT want this class to end!!\n\nPlease offer more like this!



I am also a CODA, and I am so happy that a course on Deaf Culture is on CourseRA. Very proud of the collaborative efforts of exposing hearing people to the deaf community. ILY!


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The course is so wonderful...I so much interest

創建者 Laura V


Learned so much. Would definitely recommend.

創建者 Thelma W


Thank you for helping me to understand

創建者 Meaghan C



創建者 Lucas W


Great instructor and interpreter

創建者 Kimberly M


Very informative and enjoyable.

創建者 Winston A W


Excellent, thank you.

創建者 Clair M


amazing course!!!

創建者 masroor b a


Thank you

創建者 Mary C G



創建者 Salvatore D S


American Deaf Culture is an informative introduction to Deaf cultures and history in the United States. The course uses internal and external lecture videos as well as readings (e.g. academic articles and white papers). As of March 2021, the course quizzes have a difficult to read format on Mozilla Firefox. Also, one quiz question implies that solely African Americans, Latinos/Latinas/Latinx, and women have experienced discrimination. There are other discriminated groups too and their exclusion from the question risks undermining their advocacy efforts. It might be best to replace this one question with a question which is about Deaf cultures--not comparison with other groups. Learners seeking a concise accessible introduction to Deaf culture experiences in the U.S. should be satisfied and curious to learn more.

創建者 Sam C


This course was wonderful, and as someone who knew little to nothing about deaf culture it was very informative as well. I really felt like I learned. However the videos are a bit too short, and I found myself confused or having to look up extra information for a few of them in order to understand. I don't even know if I was taught some of the information on the final exam(though, this could have just been because I didn't read the articles well enough). The instructor was clearly a wonderful instructor- I think that if the videos were longer and more detailed, however, all the issues I faced could have been solved. I did learn quite a bit though, so thank you very much!

創建者 Brandi B


The information was fantastic. I liked that it was videos, articles and quizzes. My only complaint is that the quizzes answers didn't line up with the responses and the responses didn't line up with the little circles to check for the right answer. But that is a website issue, that is not a content issue. I would recomend this class to anyone in management, HR, or taking classes to learn ASL.

創建者 Omar L


I learned so much about deaf culture, most definitely appreciated learning about The Rehabilitation act of 1973 along with other laws that were implemented to protect those with disabilities. There is so much we take for granted, this course was great.

創建者 Yessenia S


I think this course is really interesting. I recently took a Deaf Culture class and this was basically a summary of what we learned. I will say the history part was new to me. I wish the quizzes were a little longer. I really liked the course overall.

創建者 Zoe E


The course information was incredibly helpful and the instructor is a pleasure to watch and incredibly emotive which is helpful. The interpreter just didn't match the instructor. It was really disappointing.

創建者 Luna E


The course could have gone more in-depth, but it was certainly intriguing and very well done. The personal experiences and course materials were my favorites!

創建者 Tatiana


Курс понравился. Немного раздражает вступительная музыка.

Хотелось бы услышать больше о процессах обучения, чтобы сравнить со своей страной.

創建者 Chelsea V


The final quiz was worded oddly And repeated itself. Seemed like a glitch?

Course should have an option to skip the video intro music.

創建者 Bryana S


The American Deaf Culture was truly and very informative. It is a class that EVERYONE should be required to take. Enjoyed it!

創建者 Eve S


Really liked the prof and learned a lot. It's made me interested in learning more. I wish it was a little more in-depth.

創建者 Timothy n


Great starter course to learn about American Deaf Culture. Would like to see an expansion class into ASL.

創建者 Sathi M V S R


i like this course but i want to learn ASL

so please release a new course to teach ASL

創建者 Lynnette H


This review is for several things:

Content 3 stars: sparse. The videos merely grazed the content. The readings were good, albeit a bit dated. Some of the videos and readings seemed to be filler. They were only vaguely referred to and had no real impact on the 2 question quizzes. Which, c'mon- there are three documents to read in one section and then give a 2 question quiz?

Instructor 5 stars: Very educational and is obviously an expert. I enjoyed the real life examples and his ability to make very good connections between experience and content. I would love to see another course with more content and where this Professor could really shine with more screen time. It was also very cool that the instructor and the interpreter were introduced. Very cool.

Certificate 0 stars, but not the Professors fault: Oh have mercy. I worked harder to just get a certificate for this course, then I actually worked on the course. First, I had to verify my account. What the H, Houston? This is a MOOC. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE are taking these things. They are by no stretch high stakes testing. So, simmer down on your verification BS. Finally, after 4 photos, I send off my drivers license, which I am not happy about. And then downloading it was impossible. Utterly impossible. I had to screen shot the certificate to submit it for PD.

Review: What is happening with this formatting? Why am I all bundled up here in the middle? Get it together Coursera.

創建者 Lindsay M


I expected a more in depth exploration of the topics and while the resource materials were more thorough, I would have loved to have gained that information from Professor Brittan. I loved his personal story presentations and just wished the lessons were longer overall!

It also would have been more helpful if the voice over interpretations were recorded asynchronously so the interpreter would have time to more thoroughly relate the signs. So often we only got paraphrases of what was being said. I think it would be more helpful to new learners to be able to associate signs with words and notice speech patterns, but that's hard to do if the interpreter doesn't speak along with the signs consistently.

The quizzes and final were not prepared well. Questions and answers are not clear and force the learner to rely on guessing than real knowledge.