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The capstone project class will allow students to create a usable/public data product that can be used to show your skills to potential employers. Projects will be drawn from real-world problems and will be conducted with industry, government, and academic partners....



Capstone did provide a true test of Data Analytics skills. Its like a being left alone in a jungle to survive for a month. Either you succumb to nature or come out alive with a smile and confidence.


Wow i finally managed to finish the specialization!! definitely learned a lot and also found out difficulties in building predictors by trying to balancing speed, accuracy and memory constraints!!!


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創建者 xuanru s


Very challenge work. new topic. The only issue is if there is any videos that could guide us would be better.

創建者 Zaman F


Most of the courses were very well tought and contained useful material.

Thanks to all three instructors

創建者 Kalyan S M


Really great course to apply all the techniques learned earlier in the specialization.

創建者 Marcus S


A good & fun idea to implement. Would have prefered implementing my own idea though.

創建者 Rudolf E


Great course, great content, didn't like the final capstone project though.

創建者 Emi H


Good project. Got me to think outside the box and really challenge myself.



Challenging real life project that apply the academic knowledge

創建者 Greig R


A tricky end to the specialisation - but quite a lot of fun.

創建者 Chonlatit P


Project is good for practice what you've learnt

創建者 Murray S


Good test of what we learned in the courses.

創建者 Ajay K P


I really had fun working on this project.

創建者 Artem V


Nice balance of focused and open-ended

創建者 Gary B


tough capstone and took a lot of time

創建者 Yew C C


Good and interesting project.

創建者 siqiao c


Very fun final project!

創建者 Tiberiu D O


Interesting assignment!

創建者 Sabawoon S


Excellent course.

創建者 Rigueiro F


Great project.

創建者 Kevin M


Very hard!

創建者 David M


This was essentially a self-study project with some social peers. The topic, approach, and standards were different from all of the other units in the Data Science specialization. I found the other units more enjoyable.

Learning the essentials of NLP quickly is necessary to begin the project. I ordered a textbook, for example, and I was fortunate that it arrived quickly. If NLP is a prerequisite for this capstone project - whether in the form of a prior class or textbook knowledge - this should be indicated clearly on the course description page.

Nevertheless, the main learning that I achieved with this course was in the area of software engineering - specifically, how to take advantage of vectorization in R to achieve reasonable computing performance. While this is a valuable skill, it doesn't seem the proper focus of a capstone course in a sequence focused primarily on other topics.

As noted elsewhere in these comments, there was a complete absence of any traditional teaching support. Learning outcomes suffered as result. The missing resources included instructors, mentors, partners, and learning materials.

The course site notes an expected time requirement of a few hours per week. My commitment was 20 hours per week, under some pressure. Numerous students take this "course" multiple time, in order to arrange for reasonable software development time.

Producing working software was fun, as it always is. The course learner community was supportive, which is fortunately typical for Coursera.

All in all, this project was *not* an effective capstone for the Data Science specialization. The project was interesting in its way, but it felt 'parachuted in' to this learning sequence.

創建者 Diego C G


Could be better. The teacher sometimes explain the concepts in a hard way, and not always shows how to do in practice.

But you will get curious and in case of doubts, you can find more simple explanations on the web, and the forum is very good.

The assignments are hard, you will need do research to accomplish then, but is the best way to learn.

I think the specialization is good to someone without much knowledge on the field (like me). But it's only the start!

創建者 Antonio E C


It's been a challenge to learn all these new concepts and package them into a working product in such a small period of time. I am glad of the things I learned. Also, in my opinion the materials / resources given to this course are scarce compared with previous courses of the specialization.

創建者 Matias T


Hi, the prject was nice and at the end I learned some new things, but it didn't have people to provide any guide. In the videos it was said that personal from SwiftKey will be there as well as JHU teachers could provide some insights. It looked a bit like a phantom course

創建者 Hang Y


It's an inspiring project in the field of NLP, however, the major concern is that this topic and the corresponding skills have never been introduced before the capstone project.

創建者 Rajib K


I would say, if we could introduce a capstone project more related to the first