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In this course we're going to guide you through the fundamental building blocks of data science, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world! With the help of our industry-leading data scientists, we’ve designed this course to build ready-to-apply data science skills in just 15 hours of learning. First, we’ll give you a quick introduction to data science - what it is and how it is used to solve real-world problems. For the rest of the course, we'll teach you the skills you need to apply foundational data science concepts and techniques to solve these real-world problems. By the end of this course, you'll be able to leverage your existing data analysis skills to design, execute, assess, and communicate the results of your very own data science projects....



1 - Data Science Fundamentals for Data Analysts 的 10 個評論(共 10 個)

創建者 Ayon B


Not satisfied with the peer review process. Delays generation of specialization certificate. I will not pay for another subscription cycle just to wait for peer review for my assignments. People also don't provide useful comments if they feel that something is wrong with the submission. This leaves the participant wondering where exactly things went wrong.

Also, instead of focusing on pyspark ML would have been better instead of sklearn which most course participants are already familiar with.

創建者 Dzmitry S


If your goal is to get just basic understanding about Data Science - it will be absolutely fine for you. However you'll find almost nothing about Databricks ML features and runtime used by authors is obsolete and no longer available for selection during cluster configuration in community edition. Chapter about Statistics contains serious mistakes in notebooks and misses a lot of key information - I would propose either expand it or totaly remove and add statistics as prerequisite for the course. Also, to my mind peer review system is not as good as quizzes to evaluate students level.

創建者 Daniel F



The notebooks in the course are broken. Many users posting in the forums but no response from Coursera or Databricks.

創建者 Dr. S D G


I am indeed so happy to finish this course with coursera. Awesome teaching, clear plan and preparation of teaching modules and lab modules. Great exposure. I am so happy that I learnt how to design a course, start from the basics, move up and land with a project. Testing the skills after very session was is a great idea and give good impact on the learning. Overall look forward to take more courses. Thank you

創建者 Salma N


Great for beginners, yet as an experimented data scientist, it was refreshing to recall basics of what I love doing the most, while learning a new tool for me.

創建者 Jeff M


The Databricks Data Science Fundamentals for Data Analysis coursera was outstanding. I found the lessons to be industry relavent, challenging, and fair.

創建者 Kiran B


The quizzes and assignments help a lot!



g​ood, consized, appropriate.

創建者 Leandro C


Good explanition, but the exercises are not so practical.

Wait to someone to correct your works is really hard. For this reason, I recommend to star by this course.

創建者 Crystal G


A good primer into DS, but only tangentially related to this specialization. Work was done in Databricks, but could very easily have been done outside of it. Was hoping to learn more about DB platform for this specialization. Also, for the most part, the assignments were unclear as to what we were being asked to do.

The peer review of assignments is not a bad concept, but difficult to assess your peers when you (and probably they) don't even understand what is to be assessed.