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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice 的評價和反饋

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Epidemiology is often described as the cornerstone science in public health. Epidemiology in public health practice uses study design and analyses to identify causes in an outbreak situation, guides interventions to improve population health, and evaluates programs and policies. In this course, we'll define the role of the professional epidemiologist as it relates to public health services, functions, and competencies. With that foundation in mind, we'll introduce you to the problem solving methodology and demonstrate how it can be used in a wide variety of settings to identify problems, propose solutions, and evaluate interventions. This methodology depends on the use of reliable data, so we'll take a deep dive into the routine and public health data systems that lie at the heart of epidemiology and then conclude with how you can use that data to calculate measures of disease burden in populations....




Excellent introduction to epidemiology and public health, all the topics link together well and provide a good understanding of the public health basics which assist with related study and work.



Very informative and simple. A good refresher course for medical students who want to get into public health. The instructor is very clear and concise, making the whole thing easily digestible.


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This course is an excellent introduction to the rudiments of epidemiology and public health in general. I will recommend that anyone interested in or starting out in public health study or practice to take this course. I profoundly thank the course organizer, faculty, John Hopkins University and Coursera platform for offering this essential introductory course; Epidemiology in Public Health Practice.

創建者 Laurel E H W


This course was very challenging. I feel a prerequisite to this would be a course in excel with formula use to help speed use on spread sheets for exercises. I have not had enough training in excel so had to manually do the math for the spread sheets. The last week of course I found the easiest to grasp. A lot of information to grasp and great reference points.

創建者 Melissa F


Good course. Lots of information. Only suggestions would be when calculating all the formulas for mortality rate etc, spend a longer module on each one due to the complexity of some of the calculations and maybe more simple calculations to start out with. And only other issue was on week 4 quiz, number 6 question did not have a table accompanying the question.

創建者 Andreia d A


This module is very extensive, with rich material like texts, videos and excel spreadsheets, that enable the students to practice the concepts taught. I would recommend this module, if you are interested in learning a little further about epidemiology.

創建者 Alexandre F


The course is very interesting! I would say that it is didactic and in a pedagogical way it facilitates the building of skills for those who are not used to working with certain concepts of information systems and databases. Highly recommend !!!

創建者 Eseosa F I


This was a very easy-to-follow lesson on epidemiology in public health. The illustrations and exercises were useful for better understanding. I am glad I took this course as it has laid a good foundation for my career goals.

創建者 Mahmoud A


The information that this course had provided was shallow and very limited, I was expecting deeper and richer topics to be discussed in a course like this.

創建者 Charles W


I learned a lot of good things, but I think there are typos that I should be fixed.

For example, a table was missing from one of the final quiz questions.

創建者 杜若


The content is very useful. I learn about the epidemiology in practice application. And the terms of epidemiology. Wish there would be a Chinese script.

創建者 Ranya A


I think the last week's module was by far the most helpful. Although the first three weeks were useful, the fourth week made it worth my time.

創建者 Guido A K


Very good course with much more practice. Some of them are very useful, others no that much. It stimulates participation. Overall very good.

創建者 Mary W


Very good instructor and learning aides. You do need to read and then watch the videos as they go quite fast with a lot of details to absorb.

創建者 C. G


The material was good. The statistical info coupled with the lecture and learning to measure certain data was a little challenging at times.

創建者 John C


Very useful course. Calculations of age adjusted mortality rates is difficult to understand, although very useful to have the Excel sheets.

創建者 Robert H


Good course with strong exercises that include handling data in excel. Instructor was excellent and kept it interesting and applicable.

創建者 Gregory G


Very good course, just a remark : on the last quiz, week 4, one of the table was missing (question 6 I think, the vital statistics...)

創建者 Rabia K


A very well informed course that will definitely help individuals working or planning on working in public health/epidemiology.

創建者 Marc P


very interesting course but indicators linked to disease burden need to be further explained/explored.

創建者 Takahide M


This course was a course introduced by many health indicators.

I think it's difficult for beginners.