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學生對 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 数据产品开发 的評價和反饋

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406 條評論


A data product is the production output from a statistical analysis. Data products automate complex analysis tasks or use technology to expand the utility of a data informed model, algorithm or inference. This course covers the basics of creating data products using Shiny, R packages, and interactive graphics. The course will focus on the statistical fundamentals of creating a data product that can be used to tell a story about data to a mass audience....



This is a great introduction to some of the many ways to present your data. It's probably the easiest course in the specialisation but shows off an impressive array of widgets and gadgets.


This course was amazing, it could definetly be more deep in each of the subjects, but gives you so much practice in tools that are very useful in the day by day of a data scientist


376 - 数据产品开发 的 400 個評論(共 405 個)

創建者 Ben T


This course was more fun as it largely involved practical examples of programming skills. I did learn things from the examples but as always learned far more from the internet and posts about errors. The instructions for the final project are extremely confusing and few of my peers got them right. Since the discussion boards are dominated by requests for reviews they are almost worthless except for the clarifications posted by teaching staff.

創建者 Ytsen d B


From this course I took away how to make shiny apps.

This is very useful and fun to do.

There was much more material covered in the course, but that was not tested via the assignments.

That means that passing the course does not ensure that you actually master these subjects as well (one example is creating and publishing a new R package).

創建者 Jo S


The course is fine in the content. As usual, the presentation from Brian Caffo is rather rushed and stumbling. A better presenting style would improve the course no end, but ultimately, what is covered is what you need. I generally just avoid the videos and read the slides.

創建者 Guilherme B D J


Although I really liked the content of this course, the videos seemed to be have been done with rush. Many of the explanations were started but not finished and the presenter had many breaks during his speech to think or to go back with a better explanation.

創建者 Marco S C


This module is not the same level as the previous ones, giving a superficial view of several package but not on any deepens. The application development was the positive part of the module.

創建者 Kevin


Nice course, but the discussion forum are not the same as in the old format. I also think that the shiny videos from Rstudio are better than the instructional videos in this course.

創建者 Aaron W


The course is a great survey of tools for sharing data analyses with R. Unfortunately, the content is already a little out-of-date because the technology is always developing.

創建者 Léa F


This course is clearly not the most interesting of the specialization regarding math/theoretical knowledge, but it helps you get to know a nice way of presenting your results.

創建者 Vaibhav S


A bit fast paced as they teach so many things in a single week. But the stuff they teach is surely great and makes you appreciate the beauty of R

創建者 Jesse K


The concept itself was great, but there were numerous issues with the peer review exams, especially around the requirements.

創建者 Shreyas G M


This course isn't as clearly outlined or carefully prepared as the others in the Data Visualization specialization.

創建者 Alvaro B C


I have not received yet my certificated and I can't see it in the list. Is there something wrong?

創建者 Tai C M


Not bad. But I feel that this topic is more for those who likes to develop web products.

創建者 chris


Good range of topics - updates to content would be useful --> eg

創建者 Vitalii S


This course can be updated:

1) add swirl lessons.

2) add more video materials

創建者 Aleksey K


The course is OK, but I'd rather learned app development with Python or Java.

創建者 Diego T B


Interesting but I had to learn most of the things here by my own

創建者 Michael K


Lots of material in a short amount of time.

創建者 Martin S


Updated and entertaining!!

創建者 Vijay B


Review took too long

創建者 Lucicleyton H d F


The syllabus is very unbalanced through the weeks. For example the week 01 could be split into two weeks . The week 04, in my view, is unnecessary.

創建者 Stefaan D


I am a developer and know how to create advanced websites. This course has less use for me as in my day job i create sophisticated websites

創建者 Lazar K


I didn't learn many data science concepts in this class

創建者 Brian F


This was a fun course, but not particularly useful.

創建者 Seth D


seemed like a filler, nit are why this was included