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學生對 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 Data in Database 的評價和反饋

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Big Data analytics tools are increasingly critical for providing meaningful information for making better business decisions. Big data technologies bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing and managing large amounts of data. Understanding how to query a database to extract data will empower better analysis of large, complex datasets. Knowledge of Indexing mechanisms makes possible high-speed, selective retrieval of large amounts of information. Please note that enrollments for this course will close on January 31, 2021. If you are seeking certification, please be aware that you must pay the course fee by January 31, 2021....

1 - Data in Database 的 9 個評論(共 9 個)

創建者 Sayed S A Z


There should be a guidance on how to properly deploy PostgreSQL on server. There Week 2 assignment question must be written clearly, so that students can differentiate in what is to be submitted in assignment and what is to be done for our own practice.

創建者 Martin H


This course taught me basics about SQL and the entitiy relationship model, including theories about indexing and transactions. But from my perspective there are several drawbacks:

1) SQL Functions, Procedures were not taught at all

2) Transactions were not part of an assignment or practially shown. There is e.g. still one question left, if a single SQL Query is a Transaction on its own or not

3) For the assignments many things were unclear, like alias for columns with (AS) and Joining data

4) JOIN was not taught at all, neither was OUTER, INNER, FULL or CROSS JOIN

5) Pl/pgSQL was not taught at all

6) The course is just a plain copy of the older course "Core Database Concepts" without any improvent of wrong content on the slides, like missing semicolons or typos. Which is even worse as this course was offered as compensation due to the other 4 courses of the older 5-course specialisation were no more available. Also the Assigments were identical with the other course.

7) The support in the form was really week, several people wer left alone with their problems.

8) The course claimed you would be able to setup a database server after completion, but the server setup process was never part of the course, nor taught at all. If I would not have known how to start postgres as docker container, I would not have known how to test my assignment on my own.

I did other courses on Coursera taught by the John Hopkins University, which had a far better support, well elaborated assignments fitting the taught content, not expecting half to be googled out be oneself, probably found wrong on the net AND the whole course followed one idea, a red line clearly visible throughout the lectures, guiding you to the assigments which built up on each other. This was totally missing here. A Youtube tutorial on Databases would probably have taught me the same (besides the theorertical background, which was not taught why it is important to know, if the database already handles it? I assume there is a reason, but I don't know where in my database planning I should care for that)

創建者 Victor P


Bad quality videos, poor material, worst exercises...

創建者 Md A M


course content was excellent. I have learnt something new in this course.

However, It would be nice to have assignment solution for the students to compare their submission and find out is there any error.

創建者 Luis W D M


I have really enjoyed this course. As a beginner is SQL, I believe it has brought me a lot of usefull information, mainly because I had to spend a lot more hours studying than what is indicated in the course. These extra hours were due to the assignments proposed, which were prepared to give a good introduction in database design and SQL queries and in my opinion are absolutely great.

On the other hand, this is one course with very little interaction among students themselves and teaching staff, the reason why I rated four stars.

In overall, it is a great course worth taking! Congratulations to all the team involved in the course design and teaching staff.

創建者 Fernando L B P


Course content is interesting, ideal for starting studies on databases

The presentation is clear and objective.

However, I had a little work on adjusting the assigments, because some issues were not considered correct in the first shipments


創建者 Allison R


Great course. One start subtracted because many of the assignment materials were not covered at all in the course. Lots of time googling what might be meant in the exercises.

創建者 Emilson O A G


More practice exercises

創建者 Stephen W


There are several inconsistencies in several videos. The auto grader for assignment 1 is too sensitive to a specific solution and caused a waste of time.