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获取和整理数据, 约翰霍普金斯大学

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Before you can work with data you have to get some. This course will cover the basic ways that data can be obtained. The course will cover obtaining data from the web, from APIs, from databases and from colleagues in various formats. It will also cover the basics of data cleaning and how to make data “tidy”. Tidy data dramatically speed downstream data analysis tasks. The course will also cover the components of a complete data set including raw data, processing instructions, codebooks, and processed data. The course will cover the basics needed for collecting, cleaning, and sharing data....


創建者 DH

Feb 02, 2016

Easy, mostly instructive Course. The Assignments and quizzes are quite good, and illustrates the lessons very well.\n\nSee the videos for general presentation, but use the energy on the excersizes.

創建者 BE

Oct 26, 2016

This course is really a challenging and compulsory for any one who wants to be a data scientist or working in any sort of data. It teaches you how to make very palatable data-set fro ma messy data.


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創建者 Joseph DiNoto

Apr 15, 2019

Forums! Use the forums. Read them before you start the week's lectures because they often include pinned topics that correct minor errors like broken links and outdated commands, as well as interesting and thoughtful supplementary material. Overall this was a very enjoyable course, Dr. Leek's lectures are straightforward and full of useful examples. I learned about just some of the power of "The Tidyverse" through this course and I'm very grateful for that.

創建者 Akansha Kapoor

Apr 12, 2019

Great course and easy to understand for a beginner.

創建者 Diego Berriel

Apr 10, 2019

Really constructive and nice course

創建者 María Andreina Da Silva Cabral

Apr 09, 2019

Muy interesante, bastante información y todo muy bien explicado

創建者 Stefan Hille

Apr 09, 2019

pretty good examples, good guidance. However again it would be more helpful to start learning from a PROBLEM statement first, moving to an EXAMPLE on how to solve it and then explain how the new information helps you with this in THEORY. it makes learning so much easier and i don't understand teachers that don't follow this human problem solving approach for better understanding and learning.

創建者 Patrícia Alves Fernandes

Apr 06, 2019

Great Course for you to learn in more detail how data processing works in Data Science.

創建者 Bhawesh Singhania

Apr 04, 2019

The course is good but the only problem is there is no explanation on how to solve different problems. there should be a live example of problems so people who have some trouble can get through

創建者 Atman Brahmachari

Apr 01, 2019

This course is one important step towards becoming a Data Scientist.


Mar 22, 2019

Very vaguely explained.Not much information in the slides about the topics covered.

創建者 Rodrigo Olivares

Mar 15, 2019

Excellent course