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學生對 卫斯连大学 提供的 数据分析工具 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will develop and test hypotheses about your data. You will learn a variety of statistical tests, as well as strategies to know how to apply the appropriate one to your specific data and question. Using your choice of two powerful statistical software packages (SAS or Python), you will explore ANOVA, Chi-Square, and Pearson correlation analysis. This course will guide you through basic statistical principles to give you the tools to answer questions you have developed. Throughout the course, you will share your progress with others to gain valuable feedback and provide insight to other learners about their work....



Dec 20, 2015

Again, with no formal SAS training and minimal statistics background. I found taking the first course and then this course - week after week my knowledge grew in a consistent and organized fashion.


Dec 03, 2015

Very good for beginners. concept explanation as well as coding were great. doesn't take too long to finish. I enrolled regression modeling course by Wesleyan and waiting to start.


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創建者 Mukkesh G

Jan 14, 2019

I had no idea that the mundane statistical methods that I had learned in my college would be SO powerful in real life! This course is amazing. If you have a bit of a statistical background, you're gonna fall in love with this course. The instructors have ensures that every concept is covered, and by the end of the course, you are well versed in basic data analysis

創建者 Victoria

Jun 14, 2016

too mechanistic. not much creative modules.

創建者 Jason M

May 21, 2016

The material itself isn't bad, but the course instructors never respond to questions. What's the point of the class if I can't get my questions answered?


Dec 02, 2018

Data Analytics Tools are keep for Data Science.

創建者 Shwathi S

Aug 09, 2016

Really good!

創建者 Ruben D S P

Jul 21, 2017

It is an amazing course where you can learn about manage tools, to analyze data. You can learn properly, it is a class made step by step. I recommend this a lot

創建者 Hisham Z S

Jun 06, 2017

I want SAS

創建者 Nitin K

Aug 17, 2016

Nice Course Thanks :)

創建者 Saint-Clair d C L

Aug 08, 2017

This is an awesome course (as well as all of the courses in the Specialization I've taken so far).

I definitely recommend it to anyone with interest in data science.

創建者 Md M H

Feb 18, 2017



Feb 22, 2016

Awesome course. Thanks Prof.

創建者 Xie Q

Aug 12, 2016

A great course! Thanks.

創建者 acampagnolo

Nov 28, 2015


創建者 Degninou Y M

Jan 04, 2016

Complicated mathematical concepts explained in a very simple way.

創建者 Ricardo M

Aug 14, 2016

It is not very deep, but it certainly helps to understand / consolidate some basic analysis / statistical tools.

創建者 Vijai K S

Dec 17, 2015

I am just starting. But i like how peer review is made the core model of the entire specialization though :)

創建者 Guillermo R

Oct 05, 2017

Just love this whole specialisation! videos are great, lessons are great... it's just a great course! highly recommended to anyone looking to dive into the field of data analysis!

創建者 Sally T

Aug 07, 2017

Great information presented very clearly with many learning aids provided.

創建者 Alex S

Nov 18, 2015

This is a good basic intro to both statistical concepts (correlations, analysis of variance (ANOVA) ), but also presents the methods for coding these tools in Python or SAS in a very accessible and easy to follow way.

創建者 Juan C Z T

Oct 27, 2015

An excellent class. I really enjoy all lectures.

創建者 Alankar M

Dec 03, 2015

Very good for beginners. concept explanation as well as coding were great. doesn't take too long to finish. I enrolled regression modeling course by Wesleyan and waiting to start.

創建者 Anupama P V

Dec 17, 2015

Quick, easy and Practical way to learning statistical programming and data analysis with SAS/ Python.

創建者 Arnold A

Jun 09, 2016

Very nice!

創建者 bijith k

Oct 22, 2016

Good Course , simple but effective videos

創建者 ngoduyvu

Feb 16, 2016