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學生對 宾夕法尼亚州立大学 提供的 乳制品生产和管理 的評價和反饋

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With the world's first MOOOOO-C, you will gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of dairy management such as genetics, nutrition, reproduction, animal health, farm economics, and sustainability of dairy production systems. There's something here for everyone whether you are just looking for the basics or have years of experience in the dairy industry. This is an eight-week course. Each week consists of four to nine video lectures, additional reading materials, and a multiple-choice questions quiz. Estimated study time is between three and five hours per week. Learners have the option to purchase a Course Certificate for 49.00 USD. The certificate can be purchased at any time, but you must verify your identify before taking the course quizzes in order to be eligible. For those who cannot afford the certificate fee, financial aid is available through Coursera. Why is producing milk efficiently and sustainably so important? Milk provides humans with over 16 essential nutrients, such as: Energy, Protein and Essential Amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, several B vitamins, including B12, Pantothenic and Folic acids, and essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, as well as other minerals. Did you know that one glass of milk provides a 5-year old child with 21% of his/her daily protein requirements and 8% of their energy needs? Most milk in the world, about 85%, is produced from cattle. However, water buffaloes, goats, sheep, and camel are also dairy animals. The United States, India, the European Union, Brazil, and New Zealand are among the largest dairy producers in the world. Yet among these dairy-producing countries there are varied methods to generate milk with highly variable productivity and efficiency. Dairy production is vital for the survival of billions of people. Globally, around 150 million small-scale dairy households, equivalent to 750 million people, are engaged in milk production. The number and size of dairy farms varies among countries, but in India alone, there are estimated 78 million dairy farms! In the United States, one of the leading milk-producing countries in the world, total milk production has been steadily increasing in the last decades, reaching over 205 billion pounds (93 billion kilograms) in 2014. This was accompanied by a steady increase in average milk yield per cow, reaching 22,260 lb (over 10,100 kg) per lactation in 2014. How has this efficiency been achieved? What methods are necessary to ensure production of high quality milk? How do we balance milk production efficiency with animal health and environmental protection? This course will provide the student with information to better understand dairy production systems and their role in feeding the world population. In this MOOOOO-C, you will learn about the dairy enterprise from internationally recognized dairy science professors who have delivered highly regarded dairy education programs within the United States and internationally. Course lectures are translated into Portuguese and Chinese; PDF files of these translations can be found under each course week. The Dairy MOOC team thanks Dr. Antonio Branco (Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil) and Ms. Yuanyuan Zhang (Pennsylvania State University) for translating the lecture materials. Course Sponsors This course was supported by the generous contributions of Innovation Center for US Dairy at Silver Level and Pancosma North America, RP Nutrients, Inc. and Arm and Hammer, which provided funding support at a Bronze Level. The Pennsylvania State University has final responsibility for the academic content of this course....



Overall good but in health sections more diseases should be discussed with their treatment. Feed management should be simplified like how much forage, grain, feed needed for per 100 kg of weight etc.


The course gave a clear and detailed view of all the compartments of the dairy industry with specific number and studies that give a clear message of the development and the cycle of the industry,


1 - 乳制品生产和管理 的 25 個評論(共 320 個)

創建者 Cynthia T


I've been working on dairy farms over forty years. There's always something to learn. Love this course. Great informational videos and reading.

創建者 Thevakugan N


I am extremely grateful for this course and the hardworking people behind it. The amount of detailed information and research that has been included is great and I appreciate it very much.

創建者 Ed H


Proporciona buenas bases para comprender el manejo del ganado lechero, asi como criterios y puntos vista para administrar la granja lechera, su economía y la comercialización de los productos lácteos en generl

Gracias a las interesantes participaciones de los instructores de este curso, ahora tengo una visión mas amplia y una mayor confianza en el manejo de una granja lechera.

創建者 Mahmoud A


The course is very informative and covering diverse aspects of dairy production and management, moreover it provides a lot of medical knowledge which necessary for keeping the cow healthy and efficiently productive. Nutrition also is covered in a detailed and illustrated way.

創建者 Wolf


This was actually incredibly interesting. As someone who has been a farm milker for 5 years now I thought this was only going to revise my current knowledge but nope it gave me so much more then I knew. I love it! Great videos and really interesting content. Thank you!

創建者 Badri P N


Dear Professors and Coursera team,

I really loved going through this course as part of my personal interest to know in detail about cows. My wish is to rear a cow and calf as a pet animal in my home and I am confident that I can very well procure a cow now with the help of knowledge that you all professors imparted to me about the cows, calfs, heifers, its feed, management, impact to environment and many more in this course.

My heartfelt thanks to Coursera and its team, all professors for their great efforts!

Best regards, Badri

創建者 Aarons C


This is an excellent course. I was thinking I knew the art and science of a dairy until I went through this course. I am now confident that I can run a dairy farm very successfully. I would like to share detailed feedback to the instructors in a separate email.

創建者 Noreen H


This is an excellent course that provides a great overview of dairy production and management. I took the course to expand my knowledge of the dairy industry. I came away with a deep appreciation for dairy farming and the

創建者 Munawar A


This course was very much fruitful for me and i am happy that I got a chance to learn from dairy experts. I wish coursera arrange these types of courses more and more and really thankful to coursera from core of my heart.

創建者 Nicola C


I've loved this course since the first lecture. All the arguments are treated very well and the information provided are essential! Thank you Penn State University for this great course!

創建者 Srishti M


It was really informative course and I learnt a lot about dairy management which I wasn't aware of. Really vast information and highly recommend for pursuing if needed.

創建者 Amit G


Thank you for this great course, however, I was disappointed to learn that during the entire course, particularly the heat detection segment, the use of pedometers and other technology to assist with heat detection was not mentioned. also that there are computerized management systems that make the life of the farmer much easier. I know that the dairy farm at Penn State uses Afimilk systems to collect data and to manage the data in order to take care of heat detection and manage herd health. Thank you

創建者 Munafahemad K S


Very useful for the dairy managers. This course had added tremendous value to my knowledge base although I am not a qualified Dairy professional. As a pioneer MOOC on dairy management, this course is setting very high standards of distant education. The course material is thorough, relevant and rich which proves that the team members are highly educated and experienced. They all are experts in their respective fields. Thanks for putting such efforts behind it. I will look forward to one such course on Dairy Manufacturing if made available.



An exceptional course guided by professors -"workers" who plentifully contribute to global bibliography. Update of knowledge on the topic, Organization, Prioritization, Intervention needed by various professionists engaged to cow dairying at the first stages and very good index of bibliography might be used at the ongoing stages of the occupations related to dairy farming. Besides that, the presence of Dr Van Saun in the course is a "MUST" to take it.

創建者 Thabo C M


This is the best course ever,I knew nothing about dairy farm and I was overlooking it,but after this course I really know a lot about Dairy farm and management as well,I wish a lot of courses like this were offered here in South Africa that cover Dairy Farming to such lengths. This will help me one day when time goes by when I get my own farm and assist the community from what I learnt from the course. Thanks to Coursera and Penn State for the course.

創建者 Kehan Y


This is a very good course for the people interested in dairy farming or for those who want to start a career in dairy farming. Though I am only taking this course for personal interest, it gives me more ideas of commercial farming and might be helpful for me to raise animal welfare course. Thanks for the detailed scripts and hardworking people behind it. That really makes my life easier as the video takes a long-time loading.

創建者 Aruneswar M


This course gave me the clear idea on Dairy Production & Management. The course is having excellent content & the great faculties who explain the subject clearly. Agriculture Extension Workers, Dairy Farmers , Dairy Farm managers & all who wants to learn Dairy Farming can take this course confidently. After completed the course you will gain an expert knowledge Dairy Production & Management

創建者 Diah T W


I already have knowledge about the production and reproduction of dairy cattle. however, by attending this course my understanding of dairy production and management has improved, and this will contribute well to my career development. One more thing, taking this course during work from home, then I can improve my knowledge during the pandemic and I enjoy it

創建者 brianviyof


Exceptional and very informative. I feel like a professional now. I have learn a lot of skills which will enable me improve on my small dairy farm in Cameroon precisely in Buea - SWR (the only dairy farm in the region). Thanks a Lot PENN State University for this ground breaking course. Please, we need a course on mushroom cultivation and spawn production.

創建者 Sufol B


I am really pleased to attend this course. in this course module, I have learned about various sections of dairy production. This knowledge will help me further implementation on the production sector in my veterinary carrier. Thank you so much to all course instructors for designing this beautiful course. Also thanks to Pennsylvania State University!

創建者 Akuha N L


This is a comprehensive and holistic approach to dairy cattle production and management. The detailed course materials has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in modern day dairy cattle production. Thank you Penn State University, Thank you distinguished Professors for been my instructors through out this Dairy MOOC.



It 'is my first amazing Mooc that i' learn from them a good knowledge in Dairy production and management .I hope to work with what i learn nearly . thank you to penn state université and for all the teacher staff in the mooc . Thank you so much for coursera that he give me this opportunities to learn from all the world . TAHA

創建者 Maria s


This was an excellent course. It was extremely well thought out and contained a wide range of material at an appropriate level, with some excellent extension resources. The professors were engaging and knowledgeable and the modules were well broken down and well timed. Nice work and thank you very much. Very inspiring.

創建者 Muhammad B


It is great privilege for me to review for this course. During the situation of Covid, it is excellent opportunity for vetnerian, farmers and all stack holders linked with dairy industry. This course covered all aspects of dairy farming. I will highly recommend this course for all persons working with dairy sector

創建者 Adiba A


The entire course was really amazing. It provides plenty of information about the dairy industry and management. The professors really taught well with proper understanding of each and every topic. This course has enhanced my practical knowledge regarding this industry which will surely help me in future.