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學生對 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 提供的 Ordered Data Structures 的評價和反饋

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In this course, you will learn new data structures for efficiently storing and retrieving data that is structured in an ordered sequence. Such data includes an alphabetical list of names, a family tree, a calendar of events or an inventory organized by part numbers. The specific data structures covered by this course include arrays, linked lists, queues, stacks, trees, binary trees, AVL trees, B-trees and heaps. This course also shows, through algorithm complexity analysis, how these structures enable the fastest algorithms to search and sort data....




Really good course so far. Using VSC + git bash on a Windows 10 machine for the programming assignments, and the web-based compiler for the challenges. Really good experiences so far.



My favorite Coursera specialization! Responsive staff, lectures are very clear, assignments are both challenging and educational (closely related to lecture materials). Thank you!


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創建者 Rikard R


I really like the programming exercises but many of the quiz questions are unclear.

Also, please spend some more time making longer videos. I had to resort to finding videos on youtube to understand many of these data structures.

創建者 Zhanzhi J


The audio quality is bad in many of the videos. The content covered in the lectures is too easy compare to the programming assignment. The attempt to deliver knowledge through the comments in the files are not clear and efficient because many details are distracting.

創建者 Trevor S


The first two weeks of this course are as solid as the first course in this specialization, which I would rate somewhere between 4 and 5 stars. The second half of the course, particularly the lectures on B-trees and heaps, were somewhat lacking. Previous lectures included many formal definitions in the slides, with clear examples and implementations in code. The lectures in the second two weeks contained less slides, and less precise definitions/explanations. Time-complexity explanations in particular were breezed over, and I felt like more time could be dedicated to formally determining the algorithmic run times in the examples. Ultimately, I was left wanting more depth, something which I had not felt in the lectures leading up to these last two weeks. Still, I have come away with a good general grasp of the concepts discussed here.

創建者 Yasaman S


I liked the course. But the course was not enough for the material presented.

It needs more explanations and more examples. For someone who is learning it was not complete. The course was like an overview for who knew the subject and needed a refresher.

創建者 Shankari A T


First few lectures are gud and later professor was so fast and explanation was so repeat and confusing

hope he can updates

創建者 Jeffrey C


If you're trying to learn data structures, I would look elsewhere. If you are reviewing data strucutres and had already learned it previously, then this course can function as a quick refresher. The course if far too rushed and lacking in actual exercises to really flesh out the learning experince for those just learning the first time.

創建者 Christian H


Q​uite disappointed in the course - goes from 0 to 1000 immediatly, not enough answers, descriptions aren't very clear. Could be a much better educational experience.

創建者 Pedro G


I learned a lot in this course. Back in the days when I was studying engineering we got up to AVL trees but we never got into coding them: the implementation was considered to much for that course. Here I finally understood how they are implemented and the course went ahead and covered more subject.

The problems were challenging but not impossible, which is great if you care about learning.

創建者 Emil A


The lectures are great, but beware that you need to work on learning the data structures on your own, as the programming assignments won't have you implementing trees or heaps on your own. Code is provided that you can study, but you may want to write your own implementations to fully learn.

創建者 Joshua T


Really good course so far. Using VSC + git bash on a Windows 10 machine for the programming assignments, and the web-based compiler for the challenges. Really good experiences so far.

創建者 Yuyuan L


Good coverage. The lecturer and teaching stuff are knowledgeable and helpful. Would be better if the slides can have more details.

創建者 Difan G


The instructor are not particularly clear about a lot of details make it particularly hard to understand. Also, the course assumes you have previously taken some related courses in other languages and mathematics. It's nowhere close to an intro course. If you want to look for courses that is fundamental to code in C++, you need to find another one. I am giving four stars because the instructor's response in the forum is really quick.

創建者 Nguyen D L


I love how the various programming challenges and project give me the chance to practice may key concepts in data structures. I had always worried about how to correctly handle all the details of getting a double linked-list inserted correctly. Prof. Wade class definitely gives me the confidence to control the computer at this level of detail rather than deferring all the power/manipulation to library code.

I learned a lot and appreciate the quick overview of the CS concepts covered in this class.

I am very eager to take on the last class in the specialization.

Thank you so much Prof. Wade and UIUC teaching team for such a great experience. Nguyen Le

創建者 Adil A


I really like this course... The teacher is excellent, he has a very good teaching style and provides excellent and in-depth explanations... The assignments are very well-thought out... They put a lot of effort into making the assignments manageable and not too intimidating while allowing us to do cool things so we can get the gist of things... The course content is also really good... The teacher covers a lot of the relevant material and in a very good way... I'm very happy with the instructor, the content and the assignments...

創建者 Ernest W


Everything is okay but some things are difficult to understand to be confident building own implementations. Practical assignments are demanding if you're not used to coding algorithms but eventually things looks obvious when you finish them. For each programming assignment there is a lot of boilerplate code that was difficult to understand, however - 99% of students, including myself, would give up on implementing these binary trees from scratch but I think that's not the goal of this "accelerated computer science" course.

創建者 Timothy J T


I learned a ton in this course. Stacks, heaps, trees, more practice with C++, etc. The course is designed very well, and unlike a lot of courses on Coursera, the staff responds fairly quickly so you are not left out in the cold if you get stuck in the course. The programming assignments, problems, quizzes, etc. do a great (but challenging) job of making sure you actually learned what you were supposed to.

創建者 Aren T


Another excellent course in this specialisation; well thought out quizzes that consolidate your knowledge with tricky questions, and really interesting and useful programming assignments to put the theory into practice. The fact that C++ is the main language used is a massive bonus too, given its critical importance as the major systems/large scale software engineering language of choice.

創建者 Jhan C


Wade is an excellent teacher who explains abstract concepts extremely well. The course material is thorough and the exercises are challenging yet enjoyable. The forums seems to be not very active now, so I advise this course for those with some CS and C++ fundamentals already, namely basic C++ syntax and some understanding of the Big-Oh time complexity and sorting algorithms.

創建者 Ayesha N


I used to be very intimidated by Data Structures and Algorithms. Can't believe I actually finished 2 of these courses. These courses make it look pretty easy. It's probably because there the code is mostly spoon-fed. Either way, I'm happy with this course because it minimized how difficult I thought all these concepts were.

創建者 Jinyun L


Excellent course!

As I mentioned in last in the series, the course is very clear, and there is only one thing that is different from a course project in my university, that is there are more reading than coding in the project here. You may take this as an advantage, as well as disadvantage, according to your own stands.

創建者 Le T H


The video content is just right for me, and there is a whole lot of reading material inside the working file which are perfectly example for the detail implementation of the exercises. Also i found it very helpful to check out the comments in discussion forums while i got stuck. Highly recommend!

創建者 Thierry S


An excellent survey of LinkedLists, Stacks, Queues, and Trees. The homework and quizzes are rigorous but don't attempt to trick or mislead the student. While much of the homework code is already written for you, the important parts are left for the student to implement. Highly recommended.

創建者 Bijoy K B


It was a great course to learn about various ordered data structures. With this you get a basic understanding about them, and about their implementation details. Its Programming Assignments were a little tough and challenging as well. I really enjoyed taking this course.

創建者 Christoph H


Especially after looking into other, similar coursera and/or online courses, I have to say that the course quality and teaching quality of this course and the other two courses, is by far the best. Thanks, it was a lot of fun & I learned a lot!

創建者 Suhas A B


The weekly projects are the most challenging but a lot of the code has been built by the professor. I fear i may not be learning how to code but instead just writing if else conditions in functions. I hope that is not the case in the real world