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學生對 明尼苏达大学 提供的 如何创造性解决问题 的評價和反饋

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This course deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems. Through a series of creativity building exercises, short lectures, and readings, learners develop both an understanding of creativity and increase their own ability. This course will help you understand the role of creativity and innovation in your own work and in other disciplines. It will challenge you to move outside of your existing comfort zone and to recognize the value of that exploration. This course will help you understand the importance of diverse ideas, and to convey that understanding to others. The principal learning activity in the course is a series of "differents" where you are challenged to identify and change your own cultural, habitual, and normal patterns of behavior. Beginning with a prompt, e.g. "eat something different", you will begin to recognize your own = limits and to overcome them. In addition, you are encouraged to understand that creativity is based on societal norms, and that by it's nature, it will differ from and be discouraged by society. In this course, the persistence of the creative person is developed through practice. At the same time, these exercises are constrained by concerns of safety, legality, and economics, which are addressed in their creative process....




I really enjoyed this course, it was very informative and easy to follow. The videos were clear and the graded sections were great. The course as a whole was enjoyable and would recommend to others.



SO INTERESTING AND FUN. Have you ever took a stranger'S secret and propose another stranger to take that secret in exchange of one of his? This course is an opportunity to do crazy stuff like that!


626 - 如何创造性解决问题 的 650 個評論(共 657 個)

創建者 Dore B


The course video content is very poor and the instructor is not very engaging. This can benefit from an update.

創建者 Abhishek G


Could have been better. It was little boring when this type of course should be super exciting

創建者 Andrea M


I do not like this course because of boring lessons and strange tests

創建者 Deleted A


Me resultó aburrido y no pude continuarlo.

創建者 Augustine Q


I don't like pay to submit courses.

創建者 Islom G


Npy quite engaging.

創建者 Sulaiman A


The only unique thing about this course is the general scientific information you get about creative thinking, in that it really isn't unique and can be accessed through books written by scientists. You can get more in depth information from these said books and research papers, actual peer reviewed data. Not some wishy washy number about creativity increasing after people took this course. We should ask how they came by such data that the course works.

Also the dsd's are just ridiculous people do not increase creativity by eating new foods, giving somebody something and doing what you used to do as a child. Also I think you really cannot gauge the performance of students through the internet. Even if this guy honkason is legit(I researched him and did not find much) the course seems like a total waste of time.

Also why am i quizzed on irrelevant information like where a specific research took place. What matters is if the research methods were upto to the standards, the research were peer reviewed or not. The quizzes seemed useless.

創建者 Belozerova I V


This course is not about CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, it's about doing some silly and almost stupid things and watching videos with creepy photos. I mean, the teacher said that in this course we will be taught to be creative, and then we watches a 16-minutes video of the PROPER way to take photos. And did I ask of video someone brushing their teeth?

創建者 Chantel P


Lesson 1 - no longer available via PC

Lesson 1 no longer exist to do via PC on internet.Sugggested . It has been removed. Cannot go ahead without having the Lesson 1 information.

創建者 Revathi R


Not a course that helps you solve wicked problems which do not have solutions that will come suddenly one fine day and ones that require more thought effort and brainstorming.

創建者 Angel E


Creativity without a reason, without a real problem/question. Divergent thinking per se. Try to be divergent just to be divergent. Too simplistic, doesn't worth your time.

創建者 Gabriela M


I don't see how the assignments would make me a more creative person. Some of the content was new and interesting but overall I din't think it was a good use of my time.

創建者 Sumaira


what I was thinking about this course it's not like that at all. I didn't find it useful so I am going to unsubscribe myself just after completed the first two weeks :(

創建者 Sholanki G


Took this course for personal interest. I guess the professor was lecturing in a very boring way, made me lose interest in the process.

創建者 Elshafey M S


first week is bad and tried to answer the quiz more than 7 times but still. Q7 and 8 wrong. I don't know why ?

創建者 Joanna A T


Awareness of of own "creativity" is not problem solving

Wrong title, the course does not interest me

創建者 Michael N


This is a weird way to run a course. It was not what I was expecting and do not want to continue.

創建者 Ali A Q


The assignment seems very childish, Isn't something everyone may be comfortable doing.

創建者 Mario A


MOOC about creativity had not been thought in any creative way.

創建者 Stefano B


It doesnt have anything to do with real life problem solving.

創建者 Alex M


elementary school level program, not college or university

創建者 Emin V


The worst course ever had. Dont waste your time/money.

創建者 Md W


I think this course might be better than that.

創建者 Ariel


tiene un problema para ser ejecutado en la pc.

創建者 Dolagy M M


waste of time , i don't know how to unroll