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As an expert in infectious diseases, editor of the Journal of Infectious Diseases and author of the textbook Infectious Diseases: A clinical short course, McGraw-Hill April 2020, I have been concerned about the misinformation being shared about the COVID-19 epidemic. How did this disease develop? Where did it come from? How does it cause diseases? The answers to these questions will be answered in the first video of module 1. The world has been startled and frightened by the rapid spread of this virus throughout the world. In Video 2 the epidemiology as presently understood is reviewed. This video will be periodically updated recognizing the rapid progression of the pandemic. Many want to know how does this disease present, what are the symptoms associated with COVID-19? How dangerous is COVID-19? Who is at risk of dying? All these questions are answered in Video 3. And finally how is this disease best treated and how can we slow the spread of the infection? These questions are answered in video 4. In addition to the videos multiple choice questions are included to test your understanding and there is an epidemiology peer reviewed exercise designed to teach you how this infection is spread and to show the power of the tracing of cases and isolating those who are infected. The second peer review exercise will encourage you to create a campaign to shift your countries culture to embrace behaviors that can lead to suppression of the epidemic, behaviors that will save lives. After completing this course you will be armed with the knowledge and skills to make a difference and help to bend the curve....



Hellow I am samruddhi and glad to tell you that I had recive the good grades in this course and completed it. This course has taught me many new things and this is very helpful for my future.


Excellent material, eminent faculties and wonderfully presented all throughout. It kept me engaged scientifically over the last couple of months. Kudos!!


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創建者 Nitish K (


why you didn't gave me certificate .....i've completed the course with a good grade

創建者 Mohammad a


I hadn't receive a certificate, I've completed this course, what's the problem?

創建者 Ashraful I


An excellent course, really indepth information of latest pandemic. I have passed with a very good grade. Is there any way I can get a certificate? Certificates are proof of my participation. Please let me know. Thanks

創建者 Jezreel D D N


A very informative course regarding the ongoing pandemic! Although it just needed some update due to recent data and studies. The instructor is great!

創建者 Stephen G


This course gave a good overview of COVID-19 from a clinician point of view. This complements another COVID-19 course I took with COursera

創建者 Adrosis N S S


I highly recommend this course from University of Florida. It's very interesting and useful course , it explains all important clinical updates about COVID_19 in a very simple way that everyone can understand 🙂 thanks alot Coursera team , University of Florida and Dr. Fredrech for this amazing course..

創建者 Pedro M S


Coming from Dr. Southpick it was not surprising to see such an eye-catching course, professionally addressed, well designed and organized.

創建者 Hadeel E B


very informative regading the methods of diagnosis , what is upto date regarding treatments and why staying at home matters

創建者 Gerardo G M


Good up to date knowledge.

I like how you make it so interactive and didactic with the assignments.

I highly recommend!

創建者 A Y G


Thank all of this course preparators.

創建者 ASMA B A


very useful and learning-friendly

創建者 Cecyra B C M


Fantastic! Thank you!

創建者 Sunil M



創建者 Alison H


This course is great for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding about COVID-19 in a short time period.It puts together all the main points in a coherent, easy to understand way. I really learnt a lot from this course and recommend everyone to try it.

創建者 Nigel P


I liked and appreciated the focus on public health issues and not just the medical and epidemiological factors of the disease. And excellent short course. Many thanks for preparing this.

創建者 Safwan N


This course is really instructive and interesting.Very well designed and organized.It could be improved by giving more in-depth knowledge. Thankyou!

創建者 Giovanni C


The course offers relevant and significant information. However, in could be improved by giving more specific and in-depth knowledge.

Regardless I am grateful to the organizers for giving me this learning opportunity

創建者 Christopher A


Very detailed summary of Covid-19 knowledge to date of course (late spring 2020). Presentations included excellent graphics which truly enhanced the learning process. Instruction provided by top notch professionals and experts in theirs fields. An awesome learning experience!

創建者 Consuelo H


A really great course to update the Knowledge about COVID - 19! It is important to complement the other courses that have been previously taken! A good thing to improve would be in the first peer review assignment to enable the way to upload pdf or word files for correction!

創建者 Dr. A S M


I have learnt about the pandemic covid 19, various terms related to disease spread for example R sub zero, suppression, mitigation, death rate, campaigning, disinformation, clinical trials for various treatment strategies, prevention of spread of disease.

創建者 Gurpreet K


This course is very informative, supportive and interesting. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies. Frederick is an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough . I am very pleasant to learn this course .

創建者 Diana K M C


The course is very interesting and important. I learned a lot and cleared doubts I had about this pandemic (COVID-19). Thanks to instructor Dr. Fred for making his videos dynamic so we can learn and co-understand better.

創建者 peejau


I liked this course very much. I learned a lot about Covid-19, and the project to make a campaign to support proper prevention measures was fun. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Covid-19.

創建者 Bác s L


The course provided a completely overview about Covid-19. However, It's quite difficult for me at the Week 4 as a non-english native speaker. Sincerely appreciate to all professors and mentors in the course.



Hellow I am samruddhi and glad to tell you that I had recive the good grades in this course and completed it. This course has taught me many new things and this is very helpful for my future.