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Convolutional Neural Networks,

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This course will teach you how to build convolutional neural networks and apply it to image data. Thanks to deep learning, computer vision is working far better than just two years ago, and this is enabling numerous exciting applications ranging from safe autonomous driving, to accurate face recognition, to automatic reading of radiology images. You will: - Understand how to build a convolutional neural network, including recent variations such as residual networks. - Know how to apply convolutional networks to visual detection and recognition tasks. - Know to use neural style transfer to generate art. - Be able to apply these algorithms to a variety of image, video, and other 2D or 3D data. This is the fourth course of the Deep Learning Specialization....


創建者 AG

Jan 13, 2019

Great course for kickoff into the world of CNN's. Gives a nice overview of existing architectures and certain applications of CNN's as well as giving some solid background in how they work internally.

創建者 FH

Jan 12, 2019

Amazing! Feels like AI is getting tamed in my hands. Course lectures , assignments are excellent. To those who are not well versed with python - numpy and tensorflow , it would be better to brush up.


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創建者 chee yeo

Apr 22, 2019

Very detailed and thorough course on CNNs. The difficult concepts are presented in an easy to understand manner and the practical exercises allow you to gain a better understanding of using the various CNN networks.

創建者 Devjyoti Mitra

Apr 22, 2019

This is one of the best courses for CNNs. This gives a very deep understanding of the concepts and helps to understand the brains behind the CNNs and their working in application based environments.

創建者 Suchandan Guha

Apr 22, 2019

Excellent course!

創建者 Jeyabalaji Subramanian

Apr 21, 2019

A tough but valuable course that teaches us real world deep learning. Solid basics for Image based AI.

創建者 Jayant Rane

Apr 20, 2019

Learned a lot!!

創建者 Sherif Mehralivand

Apr 19, 2019

Again a great course by Andrew Ng and his great team. Convolutional neural networks are the reason for the recent Deep Learning revolution or let's say better renaissance. Andrew does a great job in explaining the theory, math and application fields of CNNs while also telling about the history of recent advances in CNN algorithms and architectures.

Great job!

創建者 Patty

Apr 19, 2019

Nice courses. The programming assignments are quite good for me to get knowledge quickly.

創建者 Yash Nigam

Apr 19, 2019

Super challenging and Super fun course! Totally recommend it!

創建者 Huijun Park

Apr 18, 2019

Great lectures but the programming assignments feel as if it is testing your proficiency with tensorflow which is neither formally covered in the lecture nor the most intuitive framework to understand so you'll spend so much time digging through convoluted tensorflow documents and qna and whatnot to debug your codes that you would rather learn tensorflow formally first and then take this course and still end up finishing it faster than only going through this course only but it is only the programming assignments that basically assume that you are already familiar with the tensorflow framework so if you are only going to go over the video lectures it gives a great overview of how CNN works and many useful algorithms which can applied to a assortment of situations

創建者 eren atmaca

Apr 16, 2019

pretty helpful for the begineers