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學生對 ESSEC商学院 提供的 Mediation and Conflict Resolution 的評價和反饋

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Mediation is a crucial means to reaching peaceful and agreed solutions in today’s world – on an international, political, industrial, peace-keeping or social level. With the course you will be able to choose and lead a mediation process. You will gain a deeper understanding of workplace and international conflict resolution. Fundamentals of Negotiation are required to complete this MOOC. You can acquire them through our MOOC "Negotiation Fundamentals". After this course, you will be able to: Define what a mediation is and choose when to use it; List different types of mediation; Identify typical challenges and difficulties that most mediators face; Choose the adequate strategies within a repertoire of options; Identify the do’s and don’ts in mediation. This MOOC offers video lectures from leading experts, interactive questions, case studies, practice and graded quizzes. Designed as a logical follow on from the suite of ESSEC IRENE online courses in negotiation, this course about mediation and conflict resolution teaches a whole set of additional skills and approaches. Developed by one of Europe’s leading institutes of research and education in negotiation and mediation, ESSEC IRENE, this course provides you with a meaningful and effective bouquet of practical cases, tools, approaches and skills to put your mediation into high-impact practice....



Very useful content explained in best possible way by bullet points and further narration - thanks to the faculty for preparing these modules


I learned a great deal about what things I was during incorrectly. I am so glad I took this class,


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Content is too theoretical and conceptual for me. I would have appreciated more practical examples, testimonials and tips & trics of how to mediate. For example, when workplace and international conflicts and mediation were discussed, this would have been highly beneficial. Secondly, I found the pedagogical approach of this e-learning outdated. What is the benefit of looking at a video of a professor reading text, over reading the text yourself? I would have appreciated much more dynamic ways to bring the content: examples, testimonials, casestudies and tips with different mediators, more visual videos, etc.

創建者 Fabio C


It is a very interesting course. Now I have some tools that can help me to mediate with success!

創建者 Pascal U E


As the first courses of this serie, this is also a great class that teach skills each professional should have.

創建者 Rajeshri s


systematic Learning of the Program with proper Test to check whether we have learned correctly

創建者 Pedro B


A Good course!

創建者 Kristine G


More exercises to practice are needed.

創建者 Parameswaran C


The course offers intense learning on such an important topic. As all of us interface such situation in real life, This is where the course helps. It equips us with the skills to know these concepts and complex issues better and enables us to deftly handle such matters in our life. Great tutors and had a wonderful time too.

創建者 Andreas


Very good course! Insightful and well conducted. I would recommend to provide some additional materials (papers, web links etc.) for those learners who want to get deeper into the topics. However, wonderful experience! Thank you so much!

創建者 Monika S


Very well structured and executed. It helped build on the ADR class I took in law school and I found it stimulating and interesting. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in dispute resolution.

創建者 Mario O


as the previous ones of these certifications, straight to the point, mix of theory and practical example, frequent checks of understanding. thanks

創建者 Rohit S


Very interesting course with content that is helpful & relevant for the professional environment.

創建者 Michael P


Excellent first approach on what is mediation and on how to carry it out successfully.

創建者 DeLise V


This course along with all the others of the specialization has been a very good experience. It's given me some important skills and I also wanted to learn about new ways to apply my cross-cultural competencies, knowledge, and skills. This specialization has been phenomenal for me.

創建者 Jindřiška S


T​his is an amazing, practicallly-oriented course which provides learners both with tools and a clear framework to mediate and solve conflicts. It is very well structured and the assignments make sure course materials have been properly understood.

創建者 Lindy A R


The videos are not long and drawn out, it is perfect timing. It required you to pay attention to what is being conveyed because all the answer for the quizzes are said by the lecturers in their presentation.

創建者 Luis M


Excelente especialización. El diseño de las clases y su metodo de enseñanza es excelente. Mi inmensa gratitud por permitirme adquirir nuevas competencias y una preparación profesional sobresaliente.

創建者 DIpesh M


Very useful content explained in best possible way by bullet points and further narration - thanks to the faculty for preparing these modules

創建者 Pierina G L


Es un curso muy completo, todo lo que se abarca en los módulos se explican bien con los casos que brinda. Fue muy interesante llevarlo.

創建者 Oyindamola B


I​ really enjoyed this course and i look forward to applying what i learnt at my job. Thank you to coursera and ESSEC Business school.

創建者 Roberto G J


This course, gives me issues to understand and put in practice the mediation in my job as a other activities. Is is useful.

創建者 Michael J H


I learned a great deal about what things I was during incorrectly. I am so glad I took this class,

創建者 Carlos A B S


The teachers are awesome! They are full of negotiation experiences. I like their methodology :)

創建者 Guy G


Peaceful conflict resolution. We all need more of that. That should be a mandatory course ;-)



it was a great time learning the concept of mediation and conciliation on a whole new level

創建者 Maria A G J


Un curso muy proactivo, te ayuda a realizar casos de vida real y a analizar mucho más