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學生對 路德维希马克西米利安慕尼黑大学 提供的 竞争策略 的評價和反饋

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In this six-module course, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors' profits and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyse how businesses choose strategies to attain competitive advantage. This course is also available in Chinese. Please go to our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy....



Sep 23, 2016

It's a course that will develop your capacity of watch the company's decisions for a theoretical way, and be able to understand their choices.\n\nThese decisions will be needed for a sustainable firm.


Jan 11, 2016

I have no previous business experience and I really enjoyed this class. It gave me insight into game theory and marketing and product development concepts. Good pace and good explanation of topics.


251 - 竞争策略 的 275 個評論(共 412 個)

創建者 Jesus O

Oct 17, 2015

Excellent course! Strategies were clearly explained.

創建者 Fernando E M P L

Sep 24, 2015

Great course, I highly recommend it. I thank to the LMU for creating such a tremendous course with great contents and excellent teaching techniques.

創建者 Claudia E

Nov 12, 2015

The course is very practicall and easy to understand. It provides a lot of examples and its separared in small 10 minutes lectures that make it more pleseant to diggest. Also, wonderful teacher, very clear and also fun.

創建者 Bernard D V

Oct 09, 2017

A good introduction to competitive strategy through "games". Warning, it can be very theoritical sometimes, so prepare yourself.

創建者 Dmitry M

Feb 13, 2016

Thank you for new approach for the strategy! Great!

創建者 Steffi y

Jul 04, 2017

easy understand but useful

創建者 Siting Z

Apr 10, 2016

运用浅显易懂的例子让你很快明白它的basic concepts,然后会及时的出一些quiz让你active participating rather than passive listening

創建者 Hans B

Aug 18, 2016

well structured, engaging, educating with good use of modern communicaton tools


May 10, 2018


創建者 Markus R

Mar 12, 2016

great course, great content and awesome professor.

創建者 Fernando E M P L

Sep 11, 2015

This course is amazing, the structure and contents are planned in an outstanding way. I am very glad that I found it. It fulfills my expectation way further. Congratulations to every member, professor and the team that made it possible.

創建者 Burhan C A

Mar 03, 2016

Thank you for this course

創建者 claudio v

Jul 23, 2016

In order to be more clear with the exposition, the course started with a game theory introduction and that works a lot for me. Then the course become more strategic and more apllied. Great course!

創建者 Tope O

Jun 08, 2016

well structured course for every learner.

創建者 Jacques H

Jan 05, 2017

This is an exellent course with a lot of exercises. I ve learnt more during this than when I studied Strategy at school

創建者 Parashar T

Jun 01, 2016

Awesome learning experience.. Best course.. :D

創建者 许帆语

Oct 14, 2016

Very good

創建者 Bruno M A M R

Jan 23, 2017

Hello. Just noticed the new Competitive Strategy Specialization. Very much interested. Loved the first course. Made sense of all my old microeconomics classes.

Nevertheless, I've already done Competitive Strategy Course with success and was already in the advanced one.

If I do Specialization will I already receive a specific certificate for the course I did? Will I be able to pay a smaller fee for having done one course already?

Final question, does the specialization have some specific certification from LMU?

Thanks again.

創建者 Benigno C S

Jul 24, 2017

Solid content and learning opportunities!

創建者 Matej D

Aug 16, 2016

Great course.

創建者 Sarosh E

Apr 04, 2017

The content was very nicely put together. The delivery was excellent, examples pertinent and course takeaways very relevant. Any one who is looking to understand how to analyse and interpret market competition, New entry threats and Game theory need not look any further.

創建者 Flora

Feb 22, 2018

Interesting course! Very clearly!

創建者 Supun M R

Jan 22, 2017

An interesting course with real life examples and engaging content. The Professor's style of delivery and thorough use of examples made this an informative and easy to understand course, whilst maintaining a reasonable level of detail for an introductory course. Highly recommended as a starting point to understand competitive behaviour and strategies

創建者 Vitor R P

Oct 05, 2017

Brilliant course! Professor Kretschmer is very clear and precise in his explanations. The course's light-hearted approach makes even challenging concepts easy to understand, the slides are very helpful and the in-video quizzes are great to keep track of what one has learned.

創建者 Deibelis G A D

Nov 13, 2016

EXCELENTE. Solo recomiendo activar los subtítulos en español para todas las semanas. Y si activasen los quiz en español, sería lo máximo. Saludos.