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學生對 明尼苏达大学 提供的 Managing Employee Compensation 的評價和反饋

1,378 個評分
335 條評論


Whether you're writing paychecks or wondering where yours comes from, this course is for you! We begin by asking: "To succeed, what kind of a person does your organization need to attract, retain, and motivate?" From there, we'll explain how to align your organization's objectives, its pay philosophy, and ultimately the way it designs and implements its salary structure, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, and benefits. Interested in learning more about the technical aspects of compensation, but don't know where to begin? We'll give an overview of key the key technical skills: compliance with pay regulations, understanding stock options, shopping for health insurance and pension providers, and designing incentive plans. Lastly, we'll discuss non-monetary methods of motivating employees. Upon completing the course, you should be able to have an understanding of compensation both strategically and technically. Learners will also gain introductory familiarity with pay regulation in the US....



This is a very useful course for any HR professional who wants to have an overview on Employee Compensation and Benefits. Thanks for detailed and thought- through lectures and the great opportunity.


Both the professors were amazing! However, I would like to point out that since everyone undertaking this course is from the USA, it's better to skip out on the portion about US Law and compliance.


276 - Managing Employee Compensation 的 300 個評論(共 333 個)

創建者 Dhanesh J


Compensation course generally was good in the beginning but little dull when it came to non monetary. i felt more time was not necessary for non monetary aspects

創建者 Mauvalee R


Very good course. The first set of videos were very low and I had a challenge following but it got better in the end. I totally enjoyed doing this course.

創建者 Sarah G


The most useful parts were salary benchmarking and explanation of stock options. I think there could be more details on how these small parts expand into

創建者 Вишневская И А


Good course for newcomers in the profession. But some topics are actually only for US specialists, but you need to learn them to finish the course.

創建者 José L R M


I loved this module. Thus, I want to thank the teacher and the Minnesota University for offering me the chance to keep learning on this matter!



Insightful & Informative, this was my first online course and it delivered thoroughly enjoyed this self-paced style of learning. Great Class!

創建者 Dariush D


I did learn more from the last module of the course, non-monetary rewards. I believe that it happened because it had a greater mentor.

創建者 Sharan S


Course was to the point and videos' length were almost the right size. Learned a lot of new things. Thank you to the professors.

創建者 Aman A


The compliance part should be customised a bit, or maybe not be graded as different countries has different compliance rules.

創建者 Giang T P M


Very good and useful course, especially for those who is working in US, since the course mentions mostly the Law in US.

創建者 Atena N


Generally very informative- however mostly tailored for US laws and practices. Thus perhaps not as practical for Europe

創建者 Rudra P D


The content of the course is good but the language of model 1 to 3 teachers was difficult to understand sometimes.

創建者 Margarita C


Detailed, but easy to understand. For topics that need more research, references are provided. Thanks!

創建者 Anaya J


Amazing course! Neatly designed, can gather good knowledge and good assignments & quizes to improve.

創建者 Mário B


Very well thought course, could have showed other process of compensation. Overall good job

創建者 john f


Really Detailed and focussed approach towards Compensation in USA and North America

創建者 Ellen I


I enjoyed this course it was simple yet very informative. Kept my attention.

創建者 Maria J


You'll love the experienced teacher, the younger one... maybe not that much.

創建者 Loi S M


The course is clearly designed to reflect the learning outcome purpose.

創建者 Dr A B


Some more practical examples in the course will be better for learners

創建者 Neha P


The course content was really good.Both the professors were great

創建者 Дмитрий Л


Good course, but a lot info here is about the USA labor system.



it was bit confusing in the starting but later it got well

創建者 Daniela C N


Not the most confident teacher, but good classes

創建者 Felicia G


This course was challenging but very insightful.