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The aim of the course is to provide you with a comprehensive framework for understanding both the traditional principles of management inside companies today as well as the alternative principles that are becoming increasingly important. It provides both theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in today’s organisations....



May 29, 2016

I really enjoyed the course. Lots of information. The professor knows what he is talking about and he is very interesting to listen. Most of all, I enjoyed the case studies in the end of every module.


Aug 14, 2020

It was a great course which help you to gain knowledge about how to run the company in a good manner and the readings are in a good quality as well as sir. julian birkinshaw was explaining so clearly


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Sep 02, 2016

The course is a wonderful

But the idea of a peer and the final assignment a very bad

You need to wait ... for several days and a waste of your time in order to be assessed by other people

These people may be incompetent and give you a zero for no reason

And lost your effort and your time

創建者 Kattia C

Oct 03, 2016

I learned so much, about the right way to present a case analysis! Very meticulous and the community really care about what you put in your answers. This course deserves to be taken seriously!

創建者 Xing M W

Feb 21, 2016

This course and the professor was definitely worth spending time on and learning from. For those that are looking for more certificate, I believe London Business School has a good name, the course title and course knowledge is strong. My rating 10 out 10 and can't wait for the next one.

創建者 Nicholas R

Jan 27, 2019

Really enjoyed this course, I have provided a more detailed review, as well as for other coursera courses on my blog as linked below:

創建者 Kanan A

May 29, 2016

I really enjoyed the course. Lots of information. The professor knows what he is talking about and he is very interesting to listen. Most of all, I enjoyed the case studies in the end of every module.

創建者 Sadaf A

May 08, 2020

I truly relished the time I spent studying this course. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, this course was not only just a prediction of how the Company of the Future would work, but it was also more like a commentary on a documentary covering how we are transitioning into the new era of management. Thanks to e-learning and crowd-sourcing tools, I could use a highly remarkable program by The University of London and London Business School. I profoundly suggest this course for my fellow management enthusiasts. Sending my gratitude to Professor Julian Birkinshaw for his fast-paced speeches and well-defined lectures that helped me to stick to this course until the end and earn my first online certificate.

Also, thanks to my peers who not only reviewed my assignment but took the time to put encouraging comments too. Cheers to Collective Wisdom and Crowd-sourcing!


Jun 27, 2020

The course content is well articulated and in a sequential manner.

The examples given describe real-world scenarios.

The professor's style of teaching and delivering the lecture is very good.

創建者 Edward B

Jul 08, 2020

For insightful perspective on business management as whole from where it's been to where it's trying to go. The coursework from University of London was something I know I will benefit greatly from.

創建者 Fozi S

May 03, 2020

I really enjoyed the course so much. I gained enormous knowledge, and learnt new things where is not in my area of work at the moment. But I am sure as an employee, I can use a lot of it in my workplace. I thank you professor Julian who made very interesting through out the entire course. He is very good in giving examples, and how to put all parts of various companies’ stories together in very comprehensive and simple understandable way.

創建者 Maria I

May 11, 2020

I learned a lot from this course... It gave me new ideas to put in practice at my job, and the professor is really good...!! He explain everything very well :( I really had fun in this course.

創建者 Mariana R K

Mar 05, 2018

The course was interesting and a good way to approach a subject I was not familiar with. I do have to say that it repeats itself WAY TOO MUCH. The concepts are stretched far beyond what's necessary. The concepts could likely be explained in about half the time the videos and lectures take. It is because of this sloooow pace that I'm giving it 3 starts. Julian Birkinshaw is clear in how he explains the concepts but not the most entertaining professor of the cloud.

創建者 Irfan A

Apr 28, 2020

Best course to understand the management and future of management. A lot can be learned , even though you belong to any field if you want to be successful as manager this course is a must.

創建者 Colin C

Jun 13, 2018

A+++ Great lecturer, and succinct approach, to portraying everything in a concise and provocative manner. I can trust this Prof. where as many localized profs. lack insight and knowledge.

創建者 Angga D

Sep 15, 2017

Very helpful, it thoroughly describe the transition between traditional management into more modern alternative management approach which cope up with the recent condition of industry.

創建者 Reynaldo M

Jun 17, 2020

Many thanks to the instructor! The course was very informative. I like the combination of videos, examples, readings and case studies. This course is highly recommended to everyone!

創建者 Cynthia E H

Apr 25, 2020

Dr. Julian is amazing. I loved the amount of information i gained and how much Dr. Julian gives examples in order to explain the modules. Thank you for everything.

創建者 Olufemi A F

May 11, 2020

Prof B teaches passionately and carries you along the trend of thoughts easily. Great course to help think deeply about evolving management models.

創建者 Ian

Apr 25, 2020

This course is so exciting, especially the peer assignment part. It was so thrilling. Love it!

創建者 Martin B

Apr 05, 2020

I enjoyed the way this course explained new ideas of management. The comparison of traditional methods of management against new methods was especially useful, breaking down management styles into specific actions and choices.

However, there were some aspects that made the course a bit frustrating:

1) The course videos were belabored, for example taking a long time to define basic concepts.

2) The lectures focused significantly on terminology, rather than the concepts. This was reflected in the quizzes and final assessment, which seemed more concerned with whether a particular word was used rather than if we could successfully reason about management.

3) Management by nature poses open-ended questions and gray areas, but this course took a very black-and-white view towards some concepts (e.g. whether linear alignment is better or worse, etc) that don't necessary reflect the dynamic nature of reality.

All this being said, I enjoyed learning many of the concepts in this course. I would recommend it for those who want to think about the future of business management, especially in technology. The case studies referenced were particularly helpful in getting gears turning along management lines.

創建者 Salil B

May 15, 2020

I have taken the opportunity offered by the lockdown in Nepal to register for couple of courses on Coursera.Of the courses I am taking or have completed, yours was maybe the most insightful in terms of relating the principles and knowledge to my current organization. Although I work in a traditional organization (a bank), with hierarchies and bureaucracy guiding our daily lives and objectives traditionally set through linear alignment, our working model has drastically changed with the recent change in management.Our targets are still backwards calculated based on the returns (in terms of %) we seek to provide to the shareholders, but the employees, apart from few at the top, do not see that. Our annual budget meets are now highlighted by project teams that focus around areas such as:effective brandingcost rationalizing (not cutting)product development, etc.Annual meets, that were enveloped by each branch’s numbers and performance indicators of target achievement, etc. are now fun. Linear alignment is not at all visible for most of the employees in the bank.

This course has helped me gain insight about the changes that I am seeing in my organization and maybe provide better feedback on the same.

創建者 Rejoice E

Jul 21, 2020

The course gives a clearer picture on how companies should strategize ,manage,lead and create room for creative individuals and emerging technologies who are ready to create new innovations and also sustain the company in the competitive world of business while also making profit and achieving company's set aims and goals through provisions of creating needed products and rendering valuable services to their environs and the world at large.

Thank to Professor Julian Birkinshaw, who made it simple and easier with words,tables and diagrams,these made it easy for one to understand managing the company of the future perfectly.

Thanks to Coursera,The University of London and London Business School for this great opportunity to learn a very powerful and Knowledgeable course.

創建者 Bhavya B

May 11, 2020

This course has introduced me to mentor Julian Birkinshawlike. His expertise and immense knowledge in management innovation, strategic agility, making innovation happen has opened a new dimension to reinventing management by connecting with network of visionaries including Gary Hamel, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ricardo Semler, forums; understanding long-term business success in organizations like Google, W.L. Gore, Whole Foods, Adobe and many more; also dwell deep to understand the learning from failures which few of the organizations had tried. Thank you Julian, University of London, London Business School and Coursera.

創建者 Agnieszka K - K

Jun 25, 2020

A very good and informative course with a great instructor. I really enjoyed all the videos and learnt a lot. The only thing I found a bit annoying is the fact that 50% of the score is a project that is graded by other learners. Maybe it is me but i learn for myself, not the others so I'd rather take an exam to check my knowledge than spend my time answering questions that are than graded by an unknown learner and reading the answers of others. Nevertheless apparently on coursera it is a common practice. Apart from that I am very happy to have taken the course and I highly recommend it!

創建者 DADA O E

Apr 22, 2020

The course Managing the company of the future is well detailed and Management being my course of study, it's has given me more insight to ways of changing the traditional model of management to the Alternative model which is more acceptable to the generation Y. It has reiterated the ways of becoming a better boss and understanding my biases as a manager.

Being a good manager doesn't come naturally, i have to make conscious effort and work very hard to the needful and the expected as a manager, see and do things differently, make out time for works that matter and commit to my plan.

創建者 Aditi A v

Aug 25, 2020

It was really a great and nice exprencie with this because i got more knowledge about MANAGING THE COMPANY OF THE FUTURE ................... Really it was very very great thing and it was my fortune to learn this subject from the foreign university like UNIVERSITY OF LONDON .................. I would like to thank them for giving us a chance of learning and knowing this subject in detail .................. Thank You all for such a great efforts that you all have taken for all of us .......................... Thank You Once Again