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CODAPPS: Coding mobile apps for entrepreneurs, emlyon business school

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UPDATE: CODAPPS: Coding mobile apps for entrepreneurs will close for new learner enrollment on December 16th, 2018. This course is closing because the instructor no longer has the resources necessary to maintain the course. This course will teach you how to create mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. No prerequisite in coding knowledge is required. In progressive steps, we will first learn how to create a simple and useful app: your own curriculum vitae. We will discover how to test the app on phones, and how to distribute it on the Play Store, Apple's App Store and the Windows Store. Later in the course, we will also cover the basics of coding, because it will enable us to create richer apps with more functions: storing text and data on the phone, connecting to the Internet, and other useful features. This course is created to make you able to create your own apps, fully functional and for all major mobile platforms. This is useful if you have a business project which involves launching an app, or to get acquainted with mobile technologies in an easy and hands-on manner....

38 個審閱

創建者 Christopher Banisch

Jul 31, 2018

This course offers a great introduction into mobile application development. The professor is fun and friendly and provides a great environment for all learners. I highly recommend it!


May 16, 2018


創建者 Mella D. Coleman

Sep 23, 2017

This course was phenomenal, it gave me the insight on building apps from scratch. This is just the beginning of my learning for mobile apps. In reading the instructions and going though the material, it's best to have a quiet place to work. Happy Learning everyone

創建者 Hamzah

Aug 16, 2017

This was my first course on coursera and I was really impressed with the way information is taught. Although I would add more challenges, practicals or activities for learners to practice the work.

創建者 Gerard McCarthy

Aug 06, 2017

Very enjoyable - big issue when dealing with project development has always been which route to take and this is a neat and encouraging introduction to a productive path. Thanks


Jul 24, 2017

Really nice starting base for anyone interested in being abl

創建者 Md Masum Billah

May 26, 2017

This course is very helpful to build mobile app

創建者 Javit Adame

May 08, 2017

An excellent course

創建者 Naval Kishore Pandey

Feb 12, 2017

good for people who don't have any background about coding, and want to build a prototype of an app

創建者 Helen Stuart

Jan 27, 2017

I do not recommend this course. It did not fill my expectations. I am not able to create application for mobile phone after finishing it.

First 4 modules were somehow useful but since module 5 onward it is just waste of time, I did not learn anything useful, I did not learn how to code. Advices for sources were very shallow and it was not shown how to work with them. I could gain same information with basic search engine request.

The teacher is nice and willing to give information to students. But unfortunatelly he did not prepare for recordings of videos. His speeches lacked structure and focus. Very often he was lost in talking and he often re-explained (in detail) staff which was already explained in previous videos. This caused that videos were too long considering the amount of knowledge that was provided to students and watching them was waste of time.

The course was shallow, information did not go deep. Students participation was not supported (nor required) after 1 module.