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學生對 Google 云端平台 提供的 Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process 的評價和反饋

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685 條評論


This course equips students to build highly reliable and efficient solutions on Google Cloud using proven design patterns. It is a continuation of the Architecting with Google Compute Engine or Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine courses and assumes hands-on experience with the technologies covered in either of those courses. Through a combination of presentations, design activities, and hands-on labs, participants learn to define and balance business and technical requirements to design Google Cloud deployments that are highly reliable, highly available, secure, and cost-effective....




Thanks Phillip! Excellent feed back after practice, always show new way how!\n\nReally good material, is a real open door for a Google concepts! Is a way to start to thinking in Google Cloud Architect



It was a wonderful course were I got to understand principles involved in business logic, determining youreaSLA, SLI and SLO and so many other design principles relevant for an end product scale.


676 - Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process 的 687 個評論(共 687 個)

創建者 LAGS


The instructor has a lot of knowledge about the subject but lacks about how to teach. It explains too fast, does not make any pause and makes hard to follow the slides.

創建者 Jorge T


A repetition of other courses in the track, good for reinforcement however no new information is provided

創建者 Aff H


This course is really important and detail. But the audio volume was low and inconsistent.

創建者 David R


The experience with the labas could be improved a lot.

創建者 Ting


Lab was completed but the system did not reflect that.

創建者 William K


90% repeat of prior course content.

創建者 David M


Worthless class for anyone who has experience as a software engineer or systems administrator. The labs are just making sure you can copy paste (since they don't want admins to learn how to code), and the only GCP-specific information is either advertising for Google or information we learned in previous lessons. I'm glad my company is paying me to do this, because otherwise it would've been a waste of my time.

創建者 Daniel G


After completing other courses already, this course starts with an introduction to Qwikilabs!? Most of it is just boringly useless or obsolete as the lengthened videos are indicating

創建者 Oleksandr G


Course gives very basic and obvious principles. It is better to review 4 example companies designs and why they was used in this course. Lab is a mess. container image obsolete.

創建者 Marco M


Honestly, it is not the best , just a few labs , a lot of short videos of less than 30 seconds. You can do better google!

創建者 Celine G


Facing lot of technical issue with Lab.

創建者 Jorge Y M M


Good course