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學生對 LearnQuest 提供的 Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101) 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101). Over the next few weeks, we will discuss the basics of Cloud computing: what it is, what it supports, and how it is delivered. We will delve into storage services, Cloud economics, levels of managed infrastructure, and Azure services. We will also explore different deployment models of Cloud computing, as well as several hosting scenarios. Last but not least, we will compare some of the cloud platforms and discuss the future of cloud computing....




This course offers an basic introduction to cloud computing which would be the first step on getting into Cloud concepts. The content is in brief and easy to understand. Highly recommend this course.



Thank you for given opportunity to follow this excellent course, providing financial aid . Thank you every one for helping me

this course helped me to get good knowledge about cloud computing


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創建者 Charles D


The lectures consist of reading off the slides. Most of the slides overused commas and the unusual capitalization of Cloud and the inconsistency of capitalization was distracting. The overall tone was flat and uninspiring. Some of the slides were comprised of unquoted exact paragraphs taken from Wikipedia and various websites. Some of the slides were just links to other websites to read more about the topics. I would probably learn more from free YouTube videos.

創建者 Richard L


The course didn't really go into depth in as much as I hoped. For example, it didn't explain key differences between different cloud offerings. The videos were slides with walls of text and some of the readings are just links to Wikipedia, which didn't add much information. The course would be just as good or even better if it all the videos were readings instead.

創建者 Alan R


Too much focus on vendor product offerings, rather than technologies. The presenter just read the charts, often repeating himself but without adding information that I couldn't read for myself. The transcript was awful. I have taken several courses, both from Coursera and EdX, and the transcript was very accurate, so not sure why this course is different.

創建者 Jaime N


The course offers just a little more value than a good introductory book. The material was transferred to slides (mostly text) and read by the instructor (yes, read). It is very annoying to watch how the instructor reads what is written on the slide. There were no meaningful student homework. One of the worst courses I have taken on Coursera

創建者 Anca N


Overall, pretty boring course, with an "old" vibe to it, as the presenter just reads a couple of white slides with text. It was pretty difficult to digest all the information, as it was presented in such a monotonous way. They also don't mention absolutely anything about Oracle Cloud, although they include all the other competitors. Why?

創建者 Brendan G


A great deal of spelling and grammatical errors on the slides presented, which interrupted with the flow of the instructor and me as the learner.

Material was very dry, with the instructor reading each slide word for word. What could be done to make this more interactive or engaging?

創建者 Neil M


I expected more from a Coursera course. This had few visuals - mostly text on a slide, generic quizzes that were far from thought-provoking. and definitions that did not clarify the meaning. But it did provide a structured syllabus which I used to google and read more about.

創建者 Lorenzo F


The content of the course is very interesting, but the entire material is very poor.

videos are just text only slides with the teacher reading the text, lacking good explanation, lacking good exercises.

Very poorly implemented, it's free right now, but do not spend money on it

創建者 Gourav D


Course is meant for beginner level but then it try to cover too many things while missing the point for purpose it is meant for for. IMO DLT or Serverless computing should be out of scope. while spending more time on pure traditional cloud computing.

創建者 Juan M V


The instructor mostly reads the slides and presents it in a not so interesting way. Perhaps, this can be improved by providing the motivation in learning a module and also with more examples so that we can see the visualization of the concepts.

創建者 Tal D


A glossary for cloud computing terms, with some guidelines here and there. A brief introduction. The course lacks real world examples, analyzing the solution and costs, comparing between different solutions over time, etc.

創建者 Yash S


The teacher is just reading the ppts. more examples required on topics that can be new for students. basic concepts require definitions of the building blocks on what the study is based on, which is mission in many places

創建者 Cinthya B A


I think there should be some more practice available and the material should be different. Majority of the videos is simply the teacher reading the slides. It makes the course's theme very desinteresting.

創建者 monika M


It was quite good for learners who doesn't have ANY IDEA about the cloud I learnt new terminolgies and new concepts but still very basic and the method of explanation was quite boring

創建者 Robert M


Underwhelming course. Quite basic, slides had lots of typos on them, recorded audio playing over them wasn't insightful, and readings primarily pointed to cloud providers' websites.

創建者 Ivan Z


A good thread to follow the basics, unfortunately there are poor slides read by the instructor. A tons of external resources. The forum hasn't support from instructor.

創建者 Mahir A H


The presentation could've been better. Slides are just writings and the reader is just explaining the words without proper visualization that makes it boring.

創建者 M G L


It does only teach you reeeeally basic knowledge. Absolutely nothing's applied to practical examples. Not even creating a Virtual Machine, Load Balancer...

創建者 Iaroslava B


It is very basic, but lacks examples and interactivity crusial for understanding the basics. The course is nothing more than reading from slides.

創建者 Victor R P


It is very interesting but in more occasions that I would expect from a professional course, it looks disorganized and unprepared.