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學生對 开普敦大学 提供的 Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries 的評價和反饋

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This course challenges you to consider how one might lift societies out of poverty while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. We explore the inherent complexity of developing country governments wanting to grow their economies in a climate friendly way. You will be introduced to an approach with which to address this challenge. The approach consists of a facilitated process whereby academic researchers and high-level influential actors within society co-produce knowledge. You will track this process in four Latin American countries - Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and South Africa. You will hear from various professionals about their contexts and the different challenges and opportunities the process includes. This course will cover topics such as facilitation process techniques, energy modeling, scenario building, innovation and policy making. You will have the opportunity to respond to these topics with ideas and reflection from your own context. Whether you are a climate change practitioner, work in development or are simply curious about how climate mitigation is understood, this course will give you insights into the complexity of how countries from the South pursue development goals while addressing climate mitigation. The course is free to enroll and take. You will be offered the option of purchasing a certificate of completion, which you become eligible for if you successfully complete the course requirements. This can be an excellent way of staying motivated! Financial Aid is also available....




Super-awesome course that taught me about the super-wicked problem of our time and how to effectively achieve climate change mitigation and development objectives from developing countries context



The course has been very insightful to me as a climate change scientist. It has been very detailed and it has given me input that from a perspective that i had not thought of before. Thank you.


126 - Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries 的 150 個評論(共 152 個)

創建者 Faith C C


It was my first but certainly will not be my last course. So grateful to Harald and the entire MAPS team for taking time out of their busy schedule to share their knowledge and skills with us! It was informative and well presented throughout. I especially appreciated ng able to interact with my peers as we would in a classroom.. Fantastic!

創建者 Josaia U


This course puts into perspective the correlation between the co-production of knowledge, innovation, technology, community towards the development and establishment of a country's policy towards climate change and its effect on developments. I definitely have learnt a lot from other context especially other developing countries.

創建者 Hiba J J J


It explains the issue of how developing countries are facing climate change and on that aspect it presents the information not only the way they deal with it but the obstacles they encounter in the process. It also introduced very interesting concepts that could be used outside of this course.

創建者 Livia W


W​hat I particularly liked were the essays we wrote, as wording a write-up on a specific topic brings the relevant topic this way much closer.

W​hat I would have liked more that there are presentation materials, that can be saved and later re-read. Unfortunately there were none.

創建者 Arjun P


I find the course very useful to those who are working in climate change field. Topics and the processes included in the course will help provide a guide to the students, bureaucrats and development practitioners engaged in environmental management and climate change.

創建者 Crystal H G


Este curso me ayudo a comprender de una mejor manera como podemos reducir la huella de carbono en diferentes aspectos sociales y personales.

This course helped me to better understand how we can reduce our carbon footprint in different social and personal aspects.

創建者 Wareenun L


This is my first course and it's a great course. All of the modules are well organized and linked with real-life examples. The peer-graded assignment allows me to see other perspectives but sometimes this can be biased and delay your schedule.

創建者 Carlos E M R


Es un gran curso para comprender los retos que enfrentamos para lograr mitigar el cambio climático, así mismo brinda una visión de las herramientas necesarias para lograr una mayor divulgación de conocimientos relacionados con el tema.

創建者 Sroeurng L


If people can mitigation a climate change the world will be solve the problems . I hope this course can make me clear about climate change in the world . why's climate change ? what's the problems ?



Thank you for the course. In order to improve it further I suggest- 1. Session wise summary of the lectures 2. To keep sessions in flow . These help in better grasping and minimize the redundancy

創建者 Sreelatha V


Very practical course that explains the ground-level reality about climate change and how research organizations cope with government, society and industries to get policies implemented.

創建者 Andre D


I learned a lot! What prevent me from giving 5 stars is that the last data mentioned are from 2017 and we are now, 3 years later, in a deeply changed world....

創建者 Carlos R C G


Excellent course, however this needs more practical videos like activities in the field that is why I only watch speakers explaining about the process.

創建者 Juan M F L


Muy interesante!!!, me ayudó mucho para poder integrar conceptos y a generar ideas acerca de la mitigación climática

創建者 Bla Y A


r​eally interesting course, i learned so much. I feel much more equipped to work in a climate change related field

創建者 Martins O


It bridged the gap between conceptions about adverse effect of climate change and practical mitigation.

創建者 Fébé P


Course very useful for an introduction to climate change issues and policy.

創建者 Zumrad S


Gives a good idea of what is MAPS through various country experiences.

創建者 Rahul W



創建者 Katya V C S






創建者 Edyth M



創建者 Legakwa M



創建者 Grace A M R


Sugiero que las clases sean mas visuales, es decir que puedan tener mayor contenido visual, ya que es bueno escuchar las experiencias, pero hay escasas presentaciones y videos, lo cual haría mas ameno el curso

創建者 Lucía V I


Their experience on MAPS is interesting to learn but the way of communicating with just interviews makes it tedious