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Welcome to the fifth and final course in the Cisco Networking Basics Specialization. In the first four courses of this specialization, you were focused on understanding how computer networks work and how to access the network. Now that you have a firm grasp of how to build and secure a wireless home network, you will be introduced to the basics of adding Cisco routers and switches to networks that are typically deployed in small to medium sized businesses. You will perform the basic setup and configuration steps needed to get switches and routers connected in a small network. You will also learn how to configure the router and the switch for remote access. You will use two different types of simulation tools to practice configuration steps. After completing required configuration tasks, you will use various show commands to verify configurations and use the ping command to verify basic connectivity between devices. Expect lots of opportunities for practicing Cisco device configuration. This course requires the use of Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate the network environment. You will need to download and use Cisco Packet Tracer throughout the course. At the end of this course, you will be able to: 1. Describe the features and functions of various Cisco devices installed in a typical simple computer network. 2. Use the Packet Tracer simulation software to practice configuration tasks using the command line interface. 3. Connect and configure a Cisco switch and small business router in order to provide network connectivity in a small LAN environment. 4. Use a structured troubleshooting strategy to identify and fix network connectivity issues. 5. Enter and view the results of common Cisco CLI commands. 6. Use best practices to secure Cisco networking devices from unauthorized access. 7. Use command line utilities to test and verify network connectivity. 8. Use common network utilities to test connectivity between network attached devices. 9. Explain issues that can cause Internet connectivity problems. 10. Describe how to report problems and assist in troubleshooting connections with an ISP help desk....



Apr 13, 2018

Great opportunity to take a basic knowledge about network. And how it works. I am already using that in my job as a system administrator of SOHO.


Aug 23, 2019

t contains knowledge I can apply to my everyday life at work and that broadens my understanding of the web. Good course and very informative. I


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創建者 Ammad M

Feb 22, 2018

I am a Network administrator and mainly work with Juniper Devices. This course was a wonderful informative for me in the Cisco world

創建者 arman

Mar 06, 2019

I cannot describe how much I loved every bit of this course. All the contents in it has been organized in a way that anyone can comprehend those easily. All the quizzes and activities have made me to think like a real networking professional. Although very little but the video lectures from Patty and Rick were influential. I would love to get more advanced training from them. Thanks Cisco and Coursera for this awesome course.

創建者 LouAnn L

Oct 12, 2018

This class was fun and challenging at the same time! It fed my curiosity and made me more interested in continuing my Cisco education.

創建者 Waseem A

Oct 14, 2018

What can I say? Simply, superb experience here. I like its step wise approach explaining each term form the very basics. Thanks

創建者 Ruslan K

Apr 13, 2018

Great opportunity to take a basic knowledge about network. And how it works. I am already using that in my job as a system administrator of SOHO.

創建者 Sataym

Jan 31, 2019

This is a really good for beginners.

創建者 Mahendra N Y

Feb 04, 2019

very good intro of Cisco switch

創建者 Bashaer M A

Feb 20, 2019

thank you :)

創建者 Anoop K C

Feb 24, 2019

very good stuff to understand network and connectivity


Feb 09, 2019

Best course to start preparation for CCNA certification

創建者 Danish

Mar 07, 2019

It was great course and i love it....

創建者 Khattabi M

Mar 18, 2019

thank you

創建者 Sejan R C

Mar 23, 2019

cisco i love it


Mar 23, 2019

Very informative and wel organized course. I really enjoyed this course.

創建者 vijay k a

Dec 20, 2018

excellent course

創建者 Mohammed F A

Dec 03, 2018

Thank you!

創建者 Salman D E

Dec 08, 2018

like always best course thanks.

創建者 Navid R E

Apr 04, 2019

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

創建者 Ширшин А С

Apr 10, 2019

Great course.

創建者 Jamal S

Jan 25, 2018

This course and the whole Specialisation was thrilling!

The activity allowed me to demonstrate to myself how much I've learned throughout this course ad specialisation. It was so satisfying and rewarding in equal measure.

Thank you, Cisco for Putting THIS All Together!


Jan 06, 2018

Best course.Troubleshooting technique explanations and the quiz were paragon.I rate this 10 out of 5 and yes you read me correct.

創建者 Sayed A

Oct 23, 2017

Very helpful to know cisco devices and configuration. It is very important to know cisco devices. Cisco has more than 70 percent share in enterprise and Business networking. So if networking interests you, most likely you will work with cisco devices.

創建者 Akshay B

Feb 12, 2018

Amazing Course

創建者 Imo O

Jan 14, 2018

It amazing studying Cisco Network course.

創建者 Art Z

Mar 19, 2018

The course was informative and gave me a better understanding of the technology we use everyday.