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學生對 国立托木斯克大学(National Research Tomsk State University) 提供的 不断变化的北极 的評價和反饋

142 個評分
42 條評論


What will I learn? After taking this course you will have an understanding of Arctic landscapes, how they were formed and how they are changing. You will also learn how scientists from countries around the North are working together to understand how these changes will affect the People of the North and the global community. You will experience a range of scientific topics, up-to-date-methods for understanding our environment, and the current consensus views on the future of the Arctic environment. Do I need prior knowledge? No prior knowledge is needed for this course; participants should only come equipped with natural curiosity and a willingness to invest time in understanding an environmental issue of global concern. The terms and concepts are targeted at an educated public, not specialists, but resources will be provided so those who are motivated can explore some issues in more depth....



Everyone should take this course! A wonderful exploration of a breathtaking region. Presented by an eminent polar scientist who has contributed much field research to extend our understanding.


Great information from the lectures and great photo's of the Arctic, the free downloadable book is an extra bonus and helps with the quiz questions, well done Terry and team..


26 - 不断变化的北极 的 42 個評論(共 42 個)

創建者 Alice Z


Week one quiz answer is in week 5 conclusion. This speaks to a serious lack of integrity in the course and so I will seek another course that teaches rather than perhaps just sell their ebook.

Coursera needs to check their courses.

Thank being said there is a lot of information - basic but worthwhile

創建者 Ryan W


Please improve those questions. I believe you can see from the discussion forum, most of the students have complained about it, which is stupidity and torture. But, the course's knowledge is still of good quality. Hope that you can make an improvement in it. Best.

創建者 Melanie V K


I enjoyed the course very much, though having a background in biology and environmental sciences I would described it as an introduction/101 course and thus information touched only the surface of the matter. The literature given was helpful and interesting.

創建者 Juan F C


The course is awesome, very interesting, lectures are very engaging and it's been an honour to have a course with professor Callaghan. However, quizes are terrible, the open questions should be searched in the book or the forums

創建者 Erwin N


Excellent Presentations! Answers for Quizzes are typically not provided in the lectures and extremely hard to find in the textbook or challenging to enter.

創建者 Mescola G


Great media support (video and Interact Book) with teacher's quality for explanations and course's structure

創建者 Gunhild J


This was a very interesting course. I only wish it could be made deeper and extended a bit!

創建者 Richard H


Great course, but there is a problem with 2 of the exams not accepting correct answers.

創建者 Bruce w


info good, photos way too small, would be nice if they were full screen

創建者 Emil


A short course. One can describe it as introductory course.

創建者 Joy S


This rating system seems to be broken

創建者 Francine


Interesting subject matter, but offered in an insufficient way. Bad transcripts, for example: AND THE POTENTIAL IMPACT COULD BE SERIOUS FOR LOCAL POPULATIONS AND THE GLOBAL COMMUNIST, THAT MEANS YOU – am I a global communist? And quizzes with questions that cannot be answered from the course texts. There are far better courses on this subject, from the University of Alberta (Coursera) or the University of British Columbia (edX).

創建者 Christopher D


The course presents a wealth of information in a digestible form. The instructor is clearly very knowledgeable in his field of study and his enthusiasm comes through clearly. The only thing that lets the course down are the very variable audio quality in the lectures and the frustratingly difficult assignments.

創建者 Brent L


npt bad

創建者 Jonathan G


I didn't get the point of this course. It was boring as hell.

創建者 elatwra k


no real assignments , but mind games ! I want a refund

創建者 Gara M M


This is a very bad course