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Career Success Project, University of California, Irvine

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The purpose of the Capstone Project in the Career Success Specialization is for you to apply the methods and techniques you learned in the series of courses to a personal experience, giving you a way to communicate your value to potential employers. You’ll focus your communication, management, negotiation, problem solving, business writing, time management, finance, entrepreneurship, and project management skills into a single project that demonstrates your career readiness. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Apply the methods, techniques and skills you have learned throughout the Specialization to add value, every day, to your organization by effectively gathering, synthesizing, analyzing and presenting information 2. Develop and hone your critical thinking skills as you evaluate ideas, concepts, approaches and assumptions to arrive at a practical, yet innovative, solution to an organizational problem 3. Learn to skillfully use a powerful strategic planning tool 4. Effectively communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to senior-level decision makers...


創建者 RR

Feb 06, 2016

Excellent, Nothing better than this to brush up your basic Management skills. in my opinion every manager should enroll for this Course

創建者 BI

Feb 10, 2016

Great way to showcase your newly learned skills. Extreme variety of projects reviewing other people's work. Very rewarding!


12 個審閱

創建者 Bernard De Villepin

Nov 02, 2018

The final course of the 'Career Success Specialization'. You will have only lectures and a final project with a SWOT analysis, report & presentation. Nice way to end :)

創建者 Joshen Vk

May 30, 2018


創建者 Cristiano Borges de Oliveira

Dec 09, 2017

I appreciated the pratice exercises to learn SWOT Matrix!

創建者 Mario Julian Ramón Montoya

Nov 17, 2017

Congratulations The Career Success Project, The Project, Assignments, SWOT, SWOT, CAPSTONE, Forums, Assessments, was very Special, Thank you for your kind service

創建者 Rafat Abdul Aziz

Sep 27, 2017


創建者 Mauy Martins Sousa

Oct 13, 2016


創建者 Benjie Lee

Aug 06, 2016

Excellent. Thank you.

創建者 Diego Alfaro

Mar 30, 2016

No TA, staff or instructor presence during the whole course. Students are left to their own devices.

創建者 Brian Itscovich

Feb 10, 2016

Great way to showcase your newly learned skills. Extreme variety of projects reviewing other people's work. Very rewarding!

創建者 Davide

Feb 09, 2016

This is the rating for the whole specialization.

1) Some course are nice and well done, but probably only 2-3 of the 9 (The entrepreneur one is really well done). But most of them are simply useless.

2) It's too long. For the same amount of knowledge, I could have done just 3 WELL DONE courses.

3) Most of courses are just things people read in front of a screen, without any passion or interest. And the concept are so easy I am wandering if they need to be teached at all.

4) The exam are just sloppy. Even a monkey that didn't watch the video could answer them (sometimes I try to do the same and it works. If I already know what you will ask me, which kind of knowledge are you supposed to teach me?),

5) About this project, the instructions are messed up.

In the end, I finish it because it was my first specialization, and I was lucky enough to do the interesting one at the beginning, so I feel compelled to end it, but really, I am not sure It was worth my time.