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Business Strategies for Emerging Markets, 国立高等经济大学

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The course aims to transfer the fundamental knowledge and to form the basic competencies necessary for the development and the implementation of a business strategy in an emerging market. The students are going to improve their analyzing, decision making, and planning skills as well as the ability to recognize strategic opportunities and threats. The course requires the knowledge of basic economics concepts as the pre-requisite. It is preferable that the students have some practical entrepreneurial or marketing experience, but this is not obligatory. The course has a distinct stress to the practice of strategic management. Although a few fundamental theories are mentioned, the bulk of the ideas are based on simple though efficient applied model that are easy to understand and convenient to use. The multitude of examples and stories from the personal consulting and managerial experience of the author are the hallmark of the course. The author’s original drawings make the key concepts well memorable ad cozy to deal with....


創建者 VM

Feb 28, 2017

Very good course, extensive information, examples to form a clear picture on business strategies in general and in particular in emergent market like Russia.

創建者 ED

Apr 16, 2019

Excellent research in creating this course. The material is detailed and extensive. Not at all an easy task to complete


18 個審閱

創建者 Emina D'Costa

Apr 16, 2019

Excellent research in creating this course. The material is detailed and extensive. Not at all an easy task to complete

創建者 Drishya Mani

Mar 07, 2019

Coursera is a platform that unites students and professors from all over the world. In spite of this being a computer- based course, it gave me an all- round aspect of Business in various emerging markets. It has definitely made markets a very simple aspect to understand.

創建者 رضا بن علي حاج درويش

Jan 20, 2019

قلبي لكم

創建者 Кулыгина Марина Михайловна

Jan 14, 2019


創建者 Fakhar Ghayur

Jan 14, 2019

Very informative course, and the instructor' way of teaching is exceptional.

創建者 Demetria Zwierzynski

Sep 10, 2018

Brilliant course... practical application for all new ventures.

創建者 KT

Aug 26, 2018

This course is very effective for people who already "get business" but can use an 8 week intensive refresher at a higher level, with points about business strategies for emerging markets interwoven within the course. I was surprised by how in depth the professor gets and the course was harder than I thought (which is good). Well structured and affordable.

創建者 Mohd Shaik abdulla

Jul 08, 2018

Am a marketing professional and this course helped me in acknowledging the changing trends within the emerging markets and the best practices to control the demand and supply. Very helpful for growth hackers.

創建者 Adrian Ionica

Jul 01, 2018

Excellent course! Offers a deep and comprehensive insight in the tools needed to approach in a professional way the business not only in emerging markets but knowledge to be applied in daily business challenges.

創建者 Chirag Chheda

Jun 18, 2018

One of Difficult and Amazing courses I have gone though. Highly Knowledgeable.