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學生對 IBM 技能网络 提供的 Building AI Powered Chatbots Without Programming 的評價和反饋

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This course will teach you how to create useful chatbots without the need to write any code. Leveraging IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing capabilities, you'll learn how to plan, implement, test, and deploy chatbots that delight your users, rather than frustrate them. True to our promise of not requiring any code, you'll learn how to visually create chatbots with Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) and how to deploy them on your own website through a handy WordPress plugin. Don't have a website? No worries, one will be provided to you. Chatbots are a hot topic in our industry and are about to go big. New jobs requiring this specific skill are being added every day, consultants demand premium rates, and the interest in chatbots is quickly exploding. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with the enterprise will be through automated means (that's chatbots and related technologies). Here is your chance to learn this highly in demand set of skills with a gentle introduction to the topic that leaves no stone unturned....




Very informative course, logically laid out and well presented. I appreciated the step-by-step instruction as this is the first time I've tried this type of build. I look forward to learning more.



The course was amazing! I enjoyed this course as I learned a new skill of how to create chatbots without a single line of code on IBM Watson Assistant. I would recommend this course to others.


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創建者 Tanmaya C


Before taking this course I don't know how to build chat bots & how they really work , after going through this course I am able to understand the core concepts of the chat bots that what are chat bots , what are the key concepts & key components of it. Now I am able to understand the complete work flow or dialogue flow of the chat bot using Watson Assistant Service of IBM Watson.

Thanks A Billion To Antonio Cangiano

創建者 Diego A A G


I Just love the teacher, he is really funny. I'm really grateful to him because with this course I take my first steps in order to learn artificial intelligence and make real chatbots is amazing even if they are simple ones is an engaging and inspiring experience. I'm looking forward to being part of this new industry. Thank you very much IBM and Coursera for giving me the tools to do it.

創建者 Pranjal S


It's a very exciting excellent must-do course. I enjoyed it like no other course. The content is explained so clearly and nothing is missing that we need to hit & try. The course content is so systematic & the voice over is just perfect to understand at the very first go itself. Thoroughly enjoyed it & will keep revisiting when I start my actual chatbot. Thanks, Prof John Doe !!



Good Day ,

I sincerely thank Coursera and IBM for this opportunity .

I am extremely grateful .

Thanks and Warm Regards.ABHIJIT SENGUPTAKolkata , IndiaWebsite : www.pactolianconsulting.comE - Mail : abhijit@pactolianconsulting.comPortfolio URL : : abhijit.sengupta357Ph. : +91 33 25907110Cell : +91 9163863607




A great course to delve into the world of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Talking about the "Ease of Doing Business", businesses can not only do this through chatbots but constantly innovate and upgrade their chatbots through slots, context variables, digressions and analytics. Both the business and customer would be winners.

創建者 Evelyn C


I really appreciate the course instructor Antonio took the time and efforts to record videos by himself and created the step-by-step instructions for the labs. This course is very useful as a beginner guide to chatbot fundamentals. I'd recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand how chatbot operates.

創建者 Naman C


The course was very amazing and interesting. It also has so many applications in real life and will help me in building my career in Artificial Intelligence. It boosted a whole new level of confidence in me. I want to thank Coursera and IBM for offering such useful courses for us students.

創建者 Jayson F


This was without a question the most fun and most motivating of the courses I have taken in this specialization so far. I ended the endeavor with a tangible project that functioned. I feel like I could take this to a client now and give them some value added to their current operations.

創建者 Marius K


I always believe that when the materials is great, we need a great messenger as well. This course overall is great from the first to the last lecture. Instructor Antonio is well knowledgable in all aspect. I would highly recommend this course for everyone looking to learn chatbot.

創建者 hindsatya


Very detailed and step-by-step guide. This was my first course on chatbot that I completed. Only reason that I completed was simplicity of the flow and the way it explains the concepts with detailed steps on how to perform the exercises. I learnt by doing. Kudos!!

創建者 Anmar M K A


I really liked this course because it taught me how to create chatbots, as well as how to develop my skills. It is really a fun and useful course. Thank you to IBM and all its employees for all the information and knowledge you gave me about robotics...Anmar.

創建者 Arda T


Readings could have been done via videos to trim the time required to complete the labs. Other than that, a very well designed course for people without any programming skills. People who have high computer skills should not do this course as it is so simple.

創建者 Alessandro B


This is a great course, well structured and explained with a very good mix of theoretical explanations and practical examples. I highly recommend this course to everybody interested in the subject. Thank you for the opportunity to take and finish this course

創建者 Süheyla Ç Ç


It's a simple course for widening your understanding of chatbots. You don't need to know any programming and you will understand the concept of how chatbots work. You can build your own chatbot and deploy it to your own website. It was a really good course.

創建者 Christopher W


I found the hands-on nature of this course really engaging. Having completed it, I have the skills to create a chatbot for a real-world purpose, and have the confidence to explore more of what Watson Assistant can offer, without any coding experience.

創建者 Saka R


This is Truly Brilliant. I've learned how to build a Chatbot Without programming.Being a Normal Student I always wanted to improve my skills further , I took this as a task and I'm really proud that I Completed this Course.Thanks Team Coursera & IBM

創建者 Suman R


Really this is a great course for me. It provided me strong understanding about Watson feature, scope , Chatbot design ant other things related to Watson and chatbot. Now I can professionally make a chatbot for any client, friends or my company.



This is an Amazing Course for who want to create a Chatbot without knowing anything about programming. and you'll get a good idea about how IBM Watson works.You'll create a chatbot and Deployed into a Wordpress Website. Enjoy'd this Course.

創建者 Cynthia C


I really enjoyed the labs in which I learned how to build, deploy, and test a chatbot! A well-organized course with practical labs and clear instructions on how to build a functioning AI chatbot using Watson Assistant. Thank you!

創建者 Uma R R


Excellent Course. Everything has been explained very well and even a person with detailed images whereever necessary. As the course was more hands on it was very interesting. Enjoyed building a chatbot. Thanks Antonio Cangiano

創建者 Kasiviswanathan R


Very well guided course with clear guidelines. Impressed with the way this course is structured. Started with very basic stuff & then moved on with complex features to modify the previously built chatbot with advanced features

創建者 Aditya D


This is really a great and informative course which I would recommend to all interested in chatbots. All the contents are explained in a lucid manner enabling easy learning and finally giving a great learning experience.

創建者 Kristina L


This course was lots of fun! I had a great time with the hands-on approach and exercises. It is very easy to use and familiarize yourself with the Virtual Assistant while building a chatbot (and I am not a programmer).

創建者 Rohit B


Excellent introductory course to IBM Watson Assistant and Chatbot development in general. I would highly recommend it whether you are an IBM solutions fan or not, just because the concepts in this course are so cool!

創建者 SYED M A F


This course was my very first step into building chatbots. I honestly didn't think that chatbots could be so easy, yet so much fun to make! And now I guess this might be my new hobby, thanks to Coursera and IBM.