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Bringing a machine learning model into the real world involves a lot more than just modeling. This Specialization will teach you how to navigate various deployment scenarios and use data more effectively to train your model. In this first course, you’ll train and run machine learning models in any browser using TensorFlow.js. You’ll learn techniques for handling data in the browser, and at the end you’ll build a computer vision project that recognizes and classifies objects from a webcam. This Specialization builds upon our TensorFlow in Practice Specialization. If you are new to TensorFlow, we recommend that you take the TensorFlow in Practice Specialization first. To develop a deeper, foundational understanding of how neural networks work, we recommend that you take the Deep Learning Specialization....



This course is very practical and interesting.\n\nI enjoyed the excitement I got along the way.\n\nIt was modeled to make you pass as long as you want to pass.\n\nThank you Laurence and Andrew.


No doubt, the team of Deeplearning.AI is building best learning resources. We would love to get more and more resources for easy way learning from DeepLearning.AI Team.\n\nThanks to all.


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創建者 Desiré D W


In this course you'll learn how to train and deploy ML model straight in JavaScript, instead of Pythhon e.g. This is helpful for when you want to avoid back-end calls to Python e.g. when building web applications. For small applications, this is great. You also learn how to train the model in Python, and then import it in JS making inferences.

Format is perfect: short videos, assignments are a handfull, especially the last one. The code you'll get is a great reference for later on.

Do note: Javascript is pretty much prerequisite.

創建者 Pavel


The course itsel is a very good introduction how to use Tensorflow models in browser. It will suit well for people with basic JS and ML knowledge. The assignments and projects are quite fun. However there are things to improve:

1) A few questions in quiz are syntax-related and boring. It is absolutelly not fun trying to find difference in bracket or comma

2) Most of the assignments are very similar to the examples, a lot of them could be solved with mere copy-paste without real understanding

3) Final project crashes on Windows if number of samples are > 50. Very frustrating, especially when you collected almost all the samples



When I took this course, I was already familiar with deep learning in Python, but this course helps me a lot to grab the concepts of javascript and using javascript to train the models on the webserver and also helped in the making of some cool project and more cool project ideas. Much Appreciated. Can't wait to do the rest of the courses.

創建者 Zsolt B


Awesome - elegant in its complex simplicity. Clear explanations, logical curriculum structure, nice and knowledgeable code examples. A must-complete course indeed!

創建者 Marcin Z


Exercises in this course are on the monkey level.

創建者 Carlos V


Excellent Course, I have fun !!! implementing the projects, I also enjoy the format with the labs where you need to apply some modifications to what was taught to get an entirely new project, It demonstrates the capabilities of tensorflow and modularized code. Thanks to everyone that worked on this Course, now to the next one.

創建者 Fabrice L


The lecture content is clear, the quizz are not very interesting, and the assignments mostly are copy paste of the exercises, so not much challenge there.

I give 5 starts because despite all that the example applications are really cool!!

創建者 Hrishabh D


Very insightful and helpful course for front end web developers who want to get started with deep learning through TensorFlow. Quizzes and assignments are up to to the mark as well. Can learn a lot through this course. Also pretty good for people who want to learn about transfer learning. That is what grabbed my attention to the course in the first place itself.

創建者 clement L R


A great course to learn how to leverage python tensorflow/keras API with Javascript. Also very nice to be able to build a real Web App, in addition of the typical Data Science process. This is handy to showcase the value of Data Science and Deep Learning for real life scenario.



After spending more than a year learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning, now i'm finally able to deploy my models in very simple and efficient way, which will help me tackle my next professional challenge, which is deploying my internship models using Tensorflow.js !

創建者 Gowthaman S


The course was neat and clear in terms of details on Tensorflow JS. A bit more details on what are the practical area where this is used at the moment could have been useful. But of course, we can find it on our own. :)

創建者 Adnan Z


No doubt, the team of Deeplearning.AI is building best learning resources. We would love to get more and more resources for easy way learning from DeepLearning.AI Team.

Thanks to all.

創建者 Siddhartha P


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and also the programming assignments. It would have been better if the machine requirement for the final assignment was already informed in advance. My humble laptop was not able to execute it and was giving memory error. Fortunately I could borrow a friend's laptop with Nvidia graphic card and could finally finish it. Got to learn a lot! Thanks for developing this course.

創建者 jeff s


The intent to teach DL application in the browser is well scoped. I would suggest more background reading including fundamentals and articles outlining state of the art (challenges and approaches - successful and not), and then additional reference material surrounding related areas such as execution on the edge device. But nothing should excuse coursera or the teachers from technical difficulty experienced by many (dozens of students) with grading. Who is at fault? You wasted my time. And you let dozens of students collide head-on without warning into this problem. You should, at the very least admit to your failure and more importantly compensate me one full course at no charge. Without compensation, i see no reason to trust you. Equally important, Coursera is an off-line teach ing system. I make mistakes. I get so little feedback, your system blocks my learning. There is incredible value in learning what not to do. Again, you need to fix this across all courses - and this goes for all such platforms. Thank you, there is some value in taking a course - we all want more

創建者 Ka M W


A very well structured course with many concepts clearly described and elaborated. Laurence explains the topics very well and is one of the best instructors to share complex concepts in an easy to understand way.

Room for Improvements: The grading mechanisms for weekly exercises can be confusing and difficult to understand why a submission failed. Seems a lot of TensorflowJS and TensorFlow version specific dependencies. Be careful!

創建者 Rick T


I have been waiting for a course like this! Great course, IF you have background in both machine learning and javascript/Web Development. I am training to be a Data Science Application Developer which combines my education as a data scientist and my experience as a web developer. This is the BEST course I have taken on Coursera! And to see Andrew Ng voicing his support for TensorFlow.js is just AWESOME!

創建者 Abhinandan R


I was really struggling how to implement my model in a web interface and this course made it so easy. I came to know about TensorFlow Javascript library which can easily convert the model for use in javascript and we can use our models in a web browser. Thank You for making this course easy and fun. All credits to DeepLearning.AI team.

創建者 Rene A M


Great course. Really concrete! As it is stated on the description it focuses on deployment. You'll have to learn deep learning elsewhere. The course doesn't go into much depth, but I find that it equips with the necessary essentials to go and try interesting projects by yourself. I really recommend it!

創建者 Mo R


This is one of the top courses for deploying Deep Learning models and putting them into production, the material is coherent and easy to understand, and the lectures and very clear and straight forward. Thanks to Laurence Moroney, Andrew Ng, and Coursera!

創建者 Steven J R


Excellent and enlighten-material for me to have this kind of materials available online for everybody to access and contribute to the Machine Learning world, especially through Browser platform. Thanks Google and DeepLearning.AI!

創建者 Christian J R F


I have learned many things in this course. Tensorflow.js is really interesting and here they explain very well how to train, convert and test on the browser the models. The exercises are good and the evaluation a good practice.

創建者 Saumil S


Exceptional Course! Very fun and east to learn! I was so excited that I finished this course in less than a week!!

Cheers to Laurence Moroney, Andrew Ng, and the whole team of, Google Brain, and Coursera!!



Very nicely course composed by Laurence Moroney for running models on the browser using TensorFlow-js with end to end implementation of the project in the final week. Kudos to the entire team for such a good course.

創建者 Harun U F


This course is amazing! This course help me to get better understand about Neural Network in Browser using Tensorflow.js. Special thanks to Laurence Moroney and Andrew Ng for allowing us to get this opportunity.

創建者 Ammar M


As expected, another amazing course from and the instructor, Laurence, gives a great intuition and makes you feel comfortable while taking this course. Will certainly complete the specialization.