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學生對 Brightline Initiative 提供的 Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery 的評價和反饋

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Remember to get your voucher before starting the course to earn your Brightline® Initiative certificate using this link: In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. Only 1 out of 10 executives based on a global survey admit that their organizations successfully deliver all of their strategic initiatives. This course will help you as a leader of your organization to bridge the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery. You will learn how external and internal factors impact the organizations’ capability to implement strategies. You will understand Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles and see how these can help bridge the strategy-implementation gap based on real-world examples from the profit-, non-profit- and government sectors. We bring you interviews from global leaders and experts to share their experiences and examples in strategy implementation. You will also analyze a fictional case and create a strategic action plan following the Brightline’s 10 Guiding Principles. After completing this course, you will comprehend how the 10 Guiding Principles can address and resolve your organization’s challenges to successfully achieve its strategic goals....




Great program from PMI and its partners ; Interviews with experts on strategy design and implementation are very insightful. Besides this program also provided access to rich collection of HBR papers.



An excellent course and nicely articulated and delivered by Ricardo Vargas. Really liked the idea of strategy delivery and execution with 10 principles as mentioned in the Brightline initiative...


126 - Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery 的 150 個評論(共 293 個)

創建者 Brijesh S


Thank you so much Recardo for such awesome principles. Its indeed help emergent leadership to give pragmatic learning for Strategy

創建者 Mikkel M


Recommended course for getting and understanding of this very important link in the strategy field: Linking design with execution.

創建者 Samy R


A very good course with fresh theory and many practical examples. The interviews with most of the experts were very inisightful.

創建者 Sushant K S


Very appropriate course with strict Guiding Principles. To be applied to any Organisation seeking strategy Design and delivery.

創建者 Asheesh V


Fabulous content. Great way of conducting a online course. One of the best in my life.... Great Work and Kudos to all team !!!!

創建者 Maksim D


One of the best strategy course. Explicit and bold. Sharing a lot of experience. Thanks to Brightline team and Ricardo Vargas!

創建者 Melissa C


Concrete and extremely realistic approach to cover the basics in how to take your strategic plans from idea to implementation!

創建者 Amine A


R​eally bright content from Brightline. I enjoyed all the course from start to finish. Thank you for your relentless efforts.

創建者 naveenkumar


Course is well organised and is shaped in a generic way which can be understood by the people from any type of background.

創建者 Gottfried A


Great course highlighting the key issues involved in executing strategy, and how to ensure successful delivery of strategy.

創建者 Cesar R


Excellent source of information. Very complete and challenging course. Enriching knowledge to continue to the next level.

創建者 Richard J


Another exemplary course, the fact that we more or less work within the course by ourselves, then peer review, excellent.

創建者 Jiten C


Interesting course with insightful lessons. I would recommend to all project management and / or strategy professionals.

創建者 Carmen d P C R


Excellent course, with examples and cases very current and very interesting, aligned to what dealt with in each topic.

創建者 Mandrila B


Very crisp step by step knowledge impartation. The peer review was beneficial in understanding different perspectives.

創建者 Mohamed A


I really enjoyed the course and it is very professional and practical that added a true value in my career path.

創建者 Amjad A


Great course for anyone interested in effective strategy implementation. Thank you Brightline and PMI for this.

創建者 V S


This course is fantastic and provides good opportunity to hear from some global leaders and their experiences.

創建者 Sandip K


Excellent Course for CEO, COO, or any senior management who are involved in Strategy design and/or execution.

創建者 enrico f


GTD - Get Things Done! In these 3 words, we can find a great resume for this course.

Thank you so much.


創建者 Carlos A F


The course presents a contemporary vision on Strategy that all organizations in the world need to understand.

創建者 Ericka O M R


Fue un excelente curso, me permitió aprender las habilidades que un lider debe conocer sobre la estrategia.

創建者 Teboho M


Greatly informative with really informative expects who speaks frankly and offer transformative insights.

創建者 Nguyen T T


The course is very detailed, give clear case study on each principle and the assignments are very usefull

創建者 Alejandro R S


Excelente curso, muy recomendable para todos aquellos que quieran perfeccionar sus habilidades directivas