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學生對 斯坦福大学 提供的 Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding 的評價和反饋

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Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding was designed for new mothers and the people who support them. This engaging, one-week learning experience, provides participants with everything they need to know to more successfully establish breastfeeding – or support a new mother who has decided to breastfeed. We created the course because we recognize that there is a very small window in which successful, exclusive breastfeeding can be established, and that many new mothers are mastering this skill during a busy and sometimes stressful time. Brought to life by beautiful illustrations and interviews with international mothers, we hope to reach the broadest spectrum of mothers, helping them understand the current recommendations, challenges, benefits and practical considerations around breastfeeding - while simultaneously inspiring them to consider breastfeeding as the first choice for feeding their babies. And now for the legal stuff... Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability THE INFORMATION IN THIS COURSE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION, OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. DIGITAL MEDIC AND STANFORD MEDICINE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF LOSS OR INJURY, OR ANY DAMAGES WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, ARISING FROM USE OF THIS COURSE. This course is not a substitute for the advice, diagnosis or treatment by an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. Copyright 2018 Stanford University. The course videos must be used according to the term of our Creative Commons License available at free distribution with attribution, no commercial use, no derivatives....




This course is very helpful to me to prepare for my baby's arrival. I have learned a lot from the benefits of breastfeeding and will absolutely choose this practice in raising my own child.



Excellent course! The information given in the course is relevant, accurate and very important for the health and future of our babies. Congratulations on the 100% Breastfeeding campaign!


301 - Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding 的 325 個評論(共 364 個)

創建者 Sneha J


Very tastefully done & Wonderful graphics and was beautiful to see women share their breastfeeding journey. I felt that little more should have been highlighted in the practical side - latch, cluster feeds, self care for mother,etc.

創建者 letao l


good courses, but it is too short, if it could add more lectures about different circumstances and more details about breatfeeding like how to solve the baby do not drink long every time etc. it will be great

創建者 Maria S


It was very interesting and useful to know about benefits of a breastfeeding, but I hoped to see more practical tips for new mothers, such as how to overcome pain, how to put baby on the breast...etc.

創建者 Hristina K U


A very good course. I would also like to see more information on breastfeeding practices - pumping milk (how and when), breastfeeding with a silicon nipple (if your nipple is damaged), etc.

創建者 Dominique E


Good basic information. Could be more in depth in terms of technique and best practices. Also would like some informatio on the best way to transition to solid foods once baby is older.

創建者 Kirstin G


Very informative on the benefits of breastfeeding and the risks of not breastfeeding. I would have liked more instruction on latching and the practical skill of breastfeeding.

創建者 Łucja D


I like Maya Adam's courses very much! For me as a medical student this course was a bit less usefull comparing to others I have completed, but still worth compliting.

創建者 Ikdip K B


Relevant information. A lot it I didn't know. I am glad I watched this while pregnant to prepare myself when baby arrives. I will likely see a lactation consultant.

創建者 Sandra A A H


I know it says "short" but this course need more tips to achieve a good technique to a successful breastfeeding. Thank you for the information.

創建者 Bhavini A


The course is nice enough for the beginners . Am interested to go for a detailed one. If there are any such cources please do inform me.

創建者 Karla A N C


I liked the course, it's practical, however I expected to know about what to do to produce more milk and decrease colics to the baby.

創建者 Bettina S


Course is focused on healthcare aspects of breastfeeding rather than breastfeeding process. I alos found the course repetitive

創建者 Nozomi K R


T​hey could introduce more about the infant formula feeding for mothers who are not available to breastfeed for many reasons.

創建者 Margaret m


easy to follow information and good revision for health professionals to know how to communicate information to clients.

創建者 Bárbara C B


Bom principalmente para quem não tenho conhecimentos na área. Pata profissionais de saúde pode ser um pouco básico.

創建者 M B J


en muchas imágenes vi el uso de biberón, lo que esta comprobado científicamente que no es seguro ni recomendable.

創建者 Clare


This was a clearly outlined and informative course. Great for awareness on the topic of breastfeeding.

創建者 Irene T


I found the class to be really helpful but I wish there was a little more information too!

創建者 Maria N


helpful and basic information about breastfeeding that is suitable to all new mothers

創建者 Bhavik D


Not very detailed. I am not a lay-person, so perhaps my opinion is biased.

創建者 Jerome D


I would have expected the course to be more detailed and technical

創建者 Kovalchuk O


Он хорош для ознакомления с Грудным вскармливанием. Но не более.

創建者 SEHA-08179 S V


when completed course succesfully certificate also expected

創建者 Soosai A


Wonderful course for new mom's and interested people

創建者 Christy J L


learnt a lot, thank you!