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學生對 加州艺术学院 提供的 Brand New Brand 的評價和反饋

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This course is the culmination of the Graphic Design Specialization and gives you an opportunity to tie together your knowledge and skills into a single project: a brand development guide for a company you will invent. This course takes you through the entire design process, from ideation to creation to presentation. Through the guide, you will be creating and giving a visual identity to an imaginary start-up company, and applying that visual identity to a number of forms. You will also develop a logotype and accompanying graphic palette to visually represent your company, as well as apply that design to a number of different applications to see it at work. Note: Only learners who have earned a certificate in the four previous courses in the Specialization are eligible to take the Capstone....



It was great in terms of working on closer to a long-term project and even learning what a branding guide is. Plus it added to my portfolio and I got a lot more working experience with my programs.


I thought it was great, I could definitely make use of this and apply it to the real world. Thank you for your instruction. I have a long way to go but I'm excited. Thank you for your teaching.


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創建者 Sonja S


The course itself (the materials, the way it's designed etc.) is great. But the one big problem is the peer review system – very, very seldom someone actually writes /critiques something; mostly it's just a "good job" or similar, which is not very helpful.

創建者 Louise O


I have loved the whole experience! After learning all of the basics and experimenting within the other elements of this specialism, I enjoyed being able to use all of the them in a big project. It was easy to follow and what comes out of it can surprise!

創建者 Eva H


Excelent course. Plenty of material and resources . Very good explanations and useful capstone project where we create a complete brand development guide that shows our design and problem-solving skills. Thanks to the teachers!

Very recommendable!


創建者 Salem F A


That's really very good experience to get a challenge with yourself to finish a bath learning

I enjoyed all 5 courses in this specialization of Graphic design.

making a new brand or developing it from zero such as making a real company in real world.

創建者 Mina P


Really great course! Definitely recommend to take this course if you'd like to get the basics of graphic design down. This doesn't focus on the skills you need to acquire to learn a certain program, but to learn the process and thinking itself.



I am thankful for everythink i learned. This course is already too informative, and it will help me to upgrade my education to a higher level. Overall, course helped me to gain a new job path that i plan to do. Great instructor and great tips!

創建者 Guthrie A


Absolutely an amazing course! The capstone project was incredibly fun and challenging and I got a lot out of this. I'm eager to take my new skills with me towards a new career and I'm thankful for the confidence this has course inspired.

創建者 Bushra K A


The whole Graphic Design Specialization is great.All teachers is very nice and there way of teaching is very effective.It has changed the way I see visual art and branding.Thank to everyone who has teach us this course very well

創建者 Rosa P M V


I loved this course. I learned how to apply all the things that I learned in all the other previous classes for the Design Specialization. I created my own Brand Guide! and I received the certificate. I couldn't be happier.

創建者 Nicholas S H


This course has helped me learn a lot about the presentation of brand design and overall concepts within the graphic design field. I'm very excited to start utilizing all I learned within my new professional start-up!

創建者 Leroy S


The Brand New Brand course has been simply amazing and easily the most fun of the specialization courses. I was really hoping they would allow us to be openly creative on this and they certainly have. Great course!

創建者 Nicole A


Simplemente me encantó el curso, si bien creo que debe haber como una supervisión en las calificacioes pero en algunos cursos se me calificaba un puntito menos pero, no entendía el porque. Solo eso y amé el curso.

創建者 Haider A


The Graphic Design specialization has been an amazing learning experience for me, I cannot recommend these courses enough especially "Brand New Brand," This one is really interesting and full of great information.

創建者 Valeriya G


The best course ever. The most useful I have taken. Thank you so much, I got a lot of fun during the course and during interaction with other students. I look at the design at the completely different angle now.

創建者 Amy B K


I learned a lot of guiding principles for brand identity development, including typeface, logo type, mood boards, and color pallets. It was a great class to combine all of my skills from the earlier classes.

創建者 Tereza M


I highly recommend this last course of graphic design specialization. It gives you the experience of the whole process of development with a great guide and advice. I really enjoy it. So grateful! Thank you.

創建者 Jessica W


Such a fun course! I really learned a lot , gained new skills and was able to adapt some older skills that I had forgotten I had! Simply brilliant course and offers such a range of opportunities! Amen!!

創建者 Mag D


Excellent and very practical course. I am sure it will help me with further developing my skills in graphic design and create a professional portfolio based on the final Brand New Brand assignment.

創建者 Tomás G D


a very complete course and it is good to know the ideas of colleagues and their opinions about our work, I was very satisfied with this development, thank you very much to all the developers of it

創建者 Rose G


I thought it was great, I could definitely make use of this and apply it to the real world. Thank you for your instruction. I have a long way to go but I'm excited. Thank you for your teaching.

創建者 AMAN S


A great way to culminate the Graphic Design Specialization. It lets you put to use all the things learned so far. A must, if you are willing to try your skills in Graphic Designing.

創建者 Rebecca A


It’s a great course the material is well presented it’s good for whoever wants to learn the basics of graphic design even for those who wants to review and go back to remember.

創建者 Jonathan T


This capstone course is very very useful and informational. It change the way I design my logo and it really needs the knowledge of all the courses from this specialization

創建者 Muhammad U


Designing of this specialization is brilliant and I would really recommend others to attend this course. There are a lot many things for every graphic designing student.

創建者 Maya R


Love how the capstone project is broken down into manageable parts and how this last course of the specialization refers to the other four courses in certain chapters.