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學生對 香港科技大学 提供的 Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4 的評價和反饋

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This course will give you an overview of client-side web UI frameworks, in particular Bootstrap 4. You will learn about grids and responsive design, Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components. You will learn about CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass. You will also learn the basics of Node.js and NPM and task runners like Grunt and Gulp. At the end of this course, you will be able to a)Set up, design and style a web page using Bootstrap 4 and its components, b) Create a responsive web page design, and c) Make use of web tools to setup and manage web sites. This course also includes an honors track that enables you to work on your own project developing a website using Bootstrap 4. Students enrolling in this course should have prior good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript....



Excellent course for anyone who is familiar with html, css, but cannot organise the subject in their mind. This course excellently teaches you the what is what, and how to do things in the correct way


This is course is amazing given ou already know some html, css and javascript. People say Bootstrap is easy but after this course I realized many wrong things I have been doing. Recommend it for sure!


1976 - Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4 的 2000 個評論(共 2,217 個)

創建者 ING K


A comprehensive course overviewing but not up to date which can cause errors and incompatibity when using some npm modules updated to their latest version.

創建者 Baneen A M


The course is well organized and it is fulfill to our needs in the reality but it needs more details especially when presenting Bootstrap Grid system.

創建者 Awais M


First Of all I want to thanks out University (Riphah International University i-14 Islamabad)

Who give us this opportunity to Learn from this platform

創建者 Adhney N


last part of grunt and gulp was full of errors in mine even if I simply copy pasted sir's code. So, sorry for that 1 star less, you rock nevertheless

創建者 Martin F


I started course and found everything to be explained well. Unfortunately it is outdated as Bootstrap has had a major upgrade since Bootstrap 4.

創建者 Rishabh S


It's a good course for somebody who is somewhat familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript,it unfolds to learn about jquery,bootstrap4, and sass.

創建者 Robert B


I would like to recommend this course and at the same time encourage the lecturer to update the last part according to newer versions of Gulp.

創建者 Praveena


One of the best course which helped me a lot to learn more about bootstrap.

Lectures of this course are easy to understand and mold you better.

創建者 vishnugupthaa


i could have given 5 but the problem was with the versions you could have mentioned newer bcz of some updated firmware problems and bug fixes

創建者 Mamé A


I really enjoyed it during the course but the assignments can be long and tricky for exercises. In my opinion, the assignments are easy.

創建者 Naveen S


quite beneficial but contents should be update many of tools installation give errors because of outdated version and many other issues

創建者 Steve S


There are a few spots where the instructor glosses over things that I wished had more detail but overall a good intro into Bootstrap.

創建者 Thibault P


Really good course, sometimes a bit difficult to stay focus, few things weren't working for me but the forum is really well managed

創建者 Abel D S


Very Great course to learn Bootstrap implementation with JQuery. Also to learn basic NPM modules and scripts with GULP and GRUNT.

創建者 Gonzalo T


I like it, but i spend a lot of time correcting other works and i don't feel that the feedbacks from my work was good enough.

創建者 Dinesh B


It should be 4.5 stars, Good content, step by step explanation by instructor is nice. I have completed 2.5 weeks of learning.

創建者 Fenil P


Great to learn bootstrap . But before starting this course you should have good knowledge about html css and JavaScript.

創建者 Amulya S


course was very intresting and i learned many front end frameworks which helped me to complete very intresting assignments

創建者 Young J J


Overall great course for beginner to intermediate front-end web developers. I wish that the course covered react as well.



Simple, yet effective. I recommended this course for someone who already knows HTML, CSS, and the basics of Javascript.

創建者 Sarvesh M


It is a good course to enroll if you want to work with Bootstrap and also they will teach you to use Git commands.

創建者 Satyam S


This course was very useful, it helped me to get a basic idea of bootstrap4 and how responsive web design works.

創建者 Cristian D L G


Se enseñan de manera adecuada los conceptos y las actividades permiten excelente refuerzo de los conocimientos.

創建者 Chinmaya B


A great course for beginners to get into responsive website designing and to learn git and github and npm