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學生對 新教师中心 提供的 混合式学习:对学生进行个性化教育 的評價和反饋

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Plenty of buzz exists about blended learning and its transformational potential. But what does blended learning really mean? In this course we will explore the different models of blended learning and dive into key issues that impact students, teachers, and schools. Specifically, we will look at these issues through the lens of three high-performing schools that each use a different type of blended learning. A few of the key topics will include: - The role of the student and how to support students in the transition from traditional to blended learning - Implications for teachers in their day-to-day work and overall role - Impact on the way schools are designed including staffing models, use of time, hardware/software selection, and the use of data - Implementation challenges, potential solutions, and the remaining open questions We will live by the attributes of blended learning in this course, encouraging students to take quizzes at the beginning of the module to assess their understanding and skip material they already know. Overall, we will take a hand-on approach and the course will culminate in participants prototyping their own blended learning model. If you are interested in learning more about how to best leverage technology in education and rethink the way we run schools, join this MOOC and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Become a part of this growing movement and learn first-hand how blended learning can help provide students a more personalized learning experience....



Very interesting course that enables any educator to obtain a great understanding of the Blended Learning approach. this is an approach that can bring a great difference to the teaching environment.


The course was full of necessary information to be ready to switch to blended learning models. Additional materials provided will give full insights about the topic.


1 - 混合式学习:对学生进行个性化教育 的 25 個評論(共 42 個)

創建者 Ashot A


The course was full of necessary information to be ready to switch to blended learning models. Additional materials provided will give full insights about the topic.



When I signed up for Coursera I did not think much of it. Assuming it will be like any other correspondence or distance learning course with many written assignment submissions to earn credits, which was one of the reasons I enrolled much later as I was still deliberating over it. But after enrolling I was pleasantly surprised by the way the whole module is designed.

Firstly we did not have a whole barrage of content to go through which would have been difficult anyways with the dearth of time. All the instructions were delivered via videos. Many videos included were of actual sites where the practices were already implemented or being piloted so we got to see the application, we got to hear about their challenges and successes which was highly inspiring.

It gave me a lot of clarity on the Blended Learning model, I will be now able to create a functional prototype for my class. So thank you Coursera .

創建者 Jennifer A


I enjoyed this course because Blended Learning was a new concept to me prior to taking it. The way the tutors explained the concepts with real life examples and the engagement with teachers and students using these concepts made it easier to understand. I also enjoyed the pop-up quizzes and how even after choosing a wrong answer, you're given multiple chances to get it right and an explanation is given.

However some content is missing as on at least 2 occasions, the instructors mentioned an assignment coming up, but it was never given. Please look into it.



This is one of the best online courses that I have taken. They have explained Blended Learning in depth with many interactive videos and quizzes and assignments. I liked the peer review system of grading assignments. This course gave me in-depth knowledge about blended learning and I have created a prototype for my classroom and I can't wait to apply my learning and planning. A big Thank you to the instructors and everyone who created such an amazing course.

創建者 Allison M H


This course encapsulates the strategies necessary for educators to ensure personalizing education for students through Blended Learning. The schools showcased and the guidance and motivation from Michael, Brian and Robert exemplify the qualities for successful implementation. The format and structure of the course has given me the impetus to go out and share, create and build an environment that is student centered to facilitate life long learners.

Thank you.

創建者 Biju B K N


It was an amazing course which helped me to build a thorough understanding about the Blended Learning Concept. The way of course content delivery was the one attracted me the most. The theory being taught in the course was exactly applied in the delivery, where all the positive elements of a Blended Learning environment were available for the learners. Thanks a lot to all my Teachers and peers.

創建者 Nicholas R


This is a thought-provoking, relevant and interesting course for anyone who wants to learn how to teach using a blended curriculum. Highly recommended! Practical and useful to both experienced and new educators.

創建者 Mandy G


Very interesting course that enables any educator to obtain a great understanding of the Blended Learning approach. this is an approach that can bring a great difference to the teaching environment.

創建者 Maureen C


This was quite a lot of information but worthwhile and very informative

創建者 fitri a


This course give explanation from the basic concept into practical things. They show various model with direct example from their protagonist school. I really had a good time learning this course and really hope i can implemented this knowledge i have in my class or furthermore in school level. Thank you so much for all the lecturers :)

創建者 Alaa M M


It's a very informative course. You will find yourself happy about the effort and time you're spending on this course. Before taking this course, I was dreaming to build an engaging environment in my classroom. Currently, I dream to implement personalized Education in a school. I'm so grateful for this interesting experience. Thank you.

創建者 Ebanna E


This course was very useful for me. It gave me a new outlook on Education. Blended learning is one of the most innovative and interactive ways of learning. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is pursuing a career in Education.

創建者 Claudio R C A


It's great, clear and well organized, and provides several resourses. It help me a lot to understand and apply the blended learning model to my teaching. I will certainly use everything I learned to foster my students engagement.

創建者 Enrique B


Excellent online course to learn the basics of blended learning and be able to conduct a practical assignment based on your own context/needs. Thank you for the wonderful learning journey and insights.

創建者 Patricia V H


Amazing course. It is the first one I have taken in Coursera and it exceeded my expectations. One of the best courses I have taken in my life.

創建者 Carolina J A C


It changes my mind completely, I'm looking forward to share all this learning with colleagues and apply it into my classroom.

創建者 Sushmita S


Its really fun and innovative to learn from the experts and they have really put in lot of efforts. Thank you so much

創建者 Dr. V A D o P S


Amazing course. Provided a systematic Learning on blended learning techniques. Thanks to co-ordinators

創建者 B K


I have learnt so much in this course. It was worth the trouble. The instructors were great!

創建者 mohamed E


Amazing New idea to improve the way student learn And keep up with New technology

創建者 Mohamed A


W​hat a great Course with more benefits from great instructors Really Valuable

創建者 Ansari A


Excellent course for a student-teacher or a teacher one should do it

創建者 Имантай Д И


очень спасибо курсу,познавательно ,интересно, много полезного

創建者 Shobhna A


Very sufficing of the needs. Empowering and accomplishing.

創建者 Sherzod K


Thank you for amazing course about blended learning.