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學生對 阿姆斯特丹大学 提供的 Big History - From the Big Bang until Today 的評價和反饋

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Welcome to this Big History course! In this course, renowned scientists and scholars from the University of Amsterdam and beyond will take you on a journey from the Big Bang until today while addressing key questions in their fields. After completing this journey you will have developed a better understanding of how you and everything around you became the way they are today. You will also have gained an understanding of the underlying mechanisms that have helped shape the history of everything and how they wil help shape the future. Last but not least, you will have developed the skill to use this knowledge to put smaller subjects into a bigger perspective with the aid of the little big history approach, which can help you develop some new ideas on these smaller subjects....




Very exciting topics, interesting lectures, thorough discussions. I couldn't stop listening and was even a bit sad when the course was over. One of the best history courses I've taken, for sure.



Everyone should do this course! The ongoing assignment is challenging but well worth the effort - it will open your eyes to connections that you may never have thought about.


26 - Big History - From the Big Bang until Today 的 50 個評論(共 74 個)

創建者 Gala C


It was different from what I expected, but I really enjoyed ir. Very interesting course, it gives you a better understanding of the world and the universe.

創建者 Rubén G G


Excelente curso, me fascino, gracias a los maestros de la Universidad de Ámsterdam que nos han transmitido sus valiosos conocimientos.

創建者 Sergio I G T


Curso Excelente que ofrece una visión general de la historia a través de un emocionante formato, muy recomendado

創建者 JOHN Q


Great course with a bunch of wonderful and exciting concepts. I totally enjoyed the course! Thanks so much.

創建者 Rachel A


Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The assignment was also very appropriate, I enjoyed the challenge of complet

創建者 Darlene d V


e​xcellent course, lectures, videos and reading - all excelent. I would love to take another course wit

創建者 Gleb S


I was extremely impressed by how smartly the course tutors squeezed the big history into 4 weeks.

創建者 Angelina W


A very good survey of the universe's history without getting too technical about it.

創建者 Maria J M A


I understood that only by knowing the past can we face the challenges of the future

創建者 John O O


An amazing course to understand better our history and how the universe evolution!

創建者 Sankar V


Brilliant and looking forward to a carrying forward of this big bang to future

創建者 Claudia F C


I really enjoy it! In a few weeks make me feel more smart and fulfillful.

創建者 Florian P


Really nice course, especially liked Module 3 about more recent history!

創建者 Michiel G


It was nice to be exposed to new ideas. This course made me think.

創建者 Ricardo C


A ton of information is covered well in a short preiod of time.

創建者 Mila C


Loved this course. Great professors and I really learned a lot.

創建者 Sanjena R


Very good course. Helps learn a lot of new and useful things.

創建者 virginia g s


Es el mejor curso que podia haber y he aprendido mucho con el

創建者 Shalini C


Interesting course, learnt how to create little big-histories

創建者 Pat B


Excellent course really enjoyed it and also learned a lot.

創建者 Emir Ö


I thin it was an incredible experience. İt provided me.

創建者 Li L


Very impressive course, let me think and learn a lots.

創建者 Ang L


Awesome! I'll watch these videos over and over again!

創建者 Jaime L


Fantastic explanation of the History of the World.

創建者 Modesto E


Excellence course, very well done¡¡¡