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學生對 麦考瑞大学 提供的 大历史:连接知识 的評價和反饋

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We currently face unprecedented challenges on a global scale. These problems do not neatly fall into disciplines. They are complicated, complex, and connected. Join us on this epic journey of 13.8 billion years starting at the Big Bang and travelling through time all the way to the future. Discover the connections in our world, the power of collective learning, how our universe and our world has evolved from incredible simplicity to ever-increasing complexity. Experience our modern scientific origin story through Big History and discover the important links between past, current, and future events. You will find two different types of lectures. ‘Zooming In’ lectures from multiple specialists enable you to understand key concepts through the lens of different disciplines, whilst David Christian's ‘Big History Framework’ lectures provide the connective overview for a journey through eight thresholds of Big History....




I absolutely LOVED Big History! It's so interesting and insightful!! I highly recommend everyone to take this course, you will learn a lot about the world! Thank you Professor Christian and Baker!! :)



Finally! A creation myth based on evidence and multiple scientific disciplines for all humans is here! The time for stories based on speculation and superstition for the chosen group is finally over.


76 - 大历史:连接知识 的 100 個評論(共 448 個)

創建者 Manojkumar P S


As a student of History, the course on Big History: Connecting Knowledge gave me fresh insights regarding the sources we can use while learning, writing and engaging with History. I am indebted for the team for taking me to fresh arenas of historical researches and conceptualizations. Thank You.

創建者 Gabriella


A well-taught, mind-expanding, perspective-altering course. Everything is presented in an interesting and understandable way, even complex topics such as cosmology and chemistry. I can't rate the Big History course highly enough - it has inspired me so much and I can't wait to keep learning.

創建者 Ella K


Incredible course in every way: Highly competent lecturers, excellent video quality in both content and production, great pacing and delivery of information and dozens of links to engaging resource material.

One of the best MOOCs I have ever participated in: fun, informative and intriguing!

創建者 Kseniia K


Amazing course that ties together various concepts and sciences to provide a holistic approach to the understanding of our Universe. Perfect for general knowledge and improving transdisciplinary skills. Special thanks to the Pr. David Christian - one of the best lecturers on Coursera!

創建者 Hassan H


Such an amazing experience for me.

I have always loved history and appreciated the sciences. This is the first I get exposed to the concpt of both being part of a bigger thing.

Big History has connected the dots between the different academic fields. Totally recommend it to all humans.

創建者 Joey S


This course taught me a new appreciation for the natural sciences by grounding them in a fascinating, evidence-based narrative. Anyone with a naturally historical mind who wishes to gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of science will have their life changed by Big History.

創建者 Mel F


I thoroughly enjoyed this course, I have always been interested i the "Big Picture" of history and the Universe and this course fit the bill. Easy to understand and very well done. My sincere thanks to the teachers that put their time and effort into making this course great!

創建者 Clifford L B


this course combines theories and ideas from many different disciplines to produce a coherent picture of the world we live in today. The picture does appear to match the real world far better than what we see when just using a single discipline. It is joined up thinking

創建者 madeleine d


Riveting lectures. Weaves knowledge from astronomy, physics, chemistry, economics, anthropology, genetics, geology, etc. into history. Enthusiastic presenters, unique assembly of knowledge, comprehensive coverage, entertaining and informative. Highly recommended.

創建者 Paul S


A very interesting and broad introduction to a new and exciting form of interdisciplinary form of history, that gives a wide perspective on a big range of sciences from biology and cosmology, to social and historical sciences. Would easily recommend for everyone.

創建者 Matej A B


This course exceeded my expectations. It didn't only grasp the topic of history, but also geology, astrophysics and much more. I don't see a reason why someone would not want to take this course, it will generate interesting thoughts beyond today's society.

創建者 N J


It's an amazing course. I took this course on account of curiosity. It change my whole way thinking about world. I learned so much and most importantly I learned how different subjects helped to change the world. I think everyone should take this course.

創建者 Mariana C


I'm impress and very amazed, with this course. I'm just starting, but I have my first insights and connections to the things I've written and research before, to help people, and our enviroment as well, through science, and now, BIG HISTORY <3 love it...

創建者 Yeghaneh V F


I​ loved learning about this course and found more information about our past, current and future and how the earth was developed in-depth. now having a clear understanding and knowledge, I can talk about it with people around me and express my interest

創建者 Pamela H


Best course I have ever done! It has enabled me to become scientifically literate in a short space of time. It has provided me with a scientific world view and given me the tools to make informed choices about how to face the challenges of the future.

創建者 Michael A S H


This course is engaging, informative and enlightening. It will broaden your views of yourself, the cosmos, humans, the environment and the world on a whole. I highly recommend anyone to enrol in this journey of discovery known as Big History!

創建者 Abelardo Q F J


A very pleasant narrative from our story from the Big Band to present days connecting many areas of knwoledeg from astrophysics to genetics, passing through geology, archeology, anthropology, ancient and modern history, economy amomg others.

創建者 bill w


Really enjoyed the course. In particular, the concepts of increasing complexity, thresholds and Goldilocks conditions and the knowledge testing tools gave me a very useful framework for organising my knowledge and for further learning.

創建者 Rohit A


Absolutely love this course. I would say this is the mother of all courses. It provides a very elegant framework to information and knowledge one may acquire. I am loving it. Apparently this course helped Bill Gates become a Polymath.

創建者 Patricia K


A great survey of the last 13.8 billion years of our universe touching on the sciences--physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology all viewed through the lens of history. A thought-provoking overview that whets the appetite for more.

創建者 Emilio C C


The course is very well designed, and it offer all kind of resources to think deeply on those aspects that involve big history. Videos are an excellent tool that resume information to, then, go deeper with a handful of texts.

創建者 NJriki


One of the best courses I've ever studied. The trans-disciplinary approach is amazing. It simplifies things, yet it opens windows to other fields. I now know more about universe, about life and most importantly about myself.

創建者 Cordelia M


This is a fantastic course that teaches about the history of the universe through a combination of science and history, it teaches complex scientific and historical terms through various forms inlcuding videos and readings.

創建者 Johannes G A B


Nice course to have a decent understanding of the history of the universe up until modern societies. Does a nice job at linking events in history and explaining the importance of the big picture. David Christian is great.

創建者 Billy P


I really think every single person should do this course. It gives you a very necessary overview of human knowledge. This is our origin story and it is still being written. And, most importantly, it is based on science.