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Machine Learning With Big Data, University of California San Diego

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Want to make sense of the volumes of data you have collected? Need to incorporate data-driven decisions into your process? This course provides an overview of machine learning techniques to explore, analyze, and leverage data. You will be introduced to tools and algorithms you can use to create machine learning models that learn from data, and to scale those models up to big data problems. At the end of the course, you will be able to: • Design an approach to leverage data using the steps in the machine learning process. • Apply machine learning techniques to explore and prepare data for modeling. • Identify the type of machine learning problem in order to apply the appropriate set of techniques. • Construct models that learn from data using widely available open source tools. • Analyze big data problems using scalable machine learning algorithms on Spark. Software Requirements: Cloudera VM, KNIME, Spark...


創建者 PR

Jul 19, 2018

Excellent course, I learned a lot about machine learning with big data, but most importantly I feel ready to take it into more complex level although I realized there is lots to learn.

創建者 RC

Sep 01, 2018

Amazing training on ML for people starting their first experiences with the topic. Practical and easy to understand examples that can be further extended by the student.


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創建者 Bhola Nath Rajwar

Dec 18, 2018

Very Good Course with an excellent Trainer, it was well designed and right pace. Thank you Mai Nguyen

創建者 Jude Ofili

Dec 16, 2018

This course is quite good and easy to follow

創建者 John Canessa

Dec 09, 2018

Interesting material. Ran into several issues with the hands on that could have been avoided. Loved learning more about Neo4J. The section on Spark needed more time and additional descriptions.

創建者 Sajeed Kazi

Nov 25, 2018


創建者 Kartik Kumar

Nov 23, 2018

The course should cover more topics about Machine Learning.

創建者 Sudipta Saha Shubha

Nov 06, 2018

Great Course!

創建者 Jürgen Brust

Oct 31, 2018

Reasonable overview. The VM environment is a major challenge for my hardware. Takes more time to make it work than it should. I am wondering if a cloud solution e.g. GCP would be better.

創建者 Sai Likhith Kotha

Oct 31, 2018

The Hands-On exercises are particularly challenging and interesting

創建者 Hardik Vikramsinh Udeshi

Oct 27, 2018

Nice Course for revising concepts on Machine Learning and adding a nice flavour of Big Data on it.

創建者 Jamiil Touré ALI

Oct 22, 2018

Awesome!!! it's a very hands-on driven course with so much concepts to takeaway and expand on... I loved it...