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學生對 艾莫利大学 提供的 圣经的史前史,目的和政治前景 的評價和反饋

263 個評分


With its walls razed to ground by Babylon’s armies, Jerusalem joined a long line of ancient vanquished cities—from Ur and Nineveh and Persepolis to Babylon itself. While some recovered from the destruction, others did not. But none responded to political catastrophe by fashioning the kind of elaborate and enduring monument to their own downfall that we find in the Bible. Most conquered populations viewed their subjugation as a source of shame. They consigned it to oblivion, opting instead to extol the golden ages of the past. The biblical authors in contrast reacted to loss by composing extensive writings that acknowledge collective failure, reflect deeply upon its causes, and discover thereby a ground for collective hope. Working through colorful biblical and ancient Near Eastern texts, and drawing on an array of comparative examples, the course illustrates the thoroughgoing manner with which biblical authors responded to defeat by advancing a demotic agenda that places the community at the center. The aim of the biblical authors was to create a nation, and they sought to realize this goal via a shared text, which includes stories and songs, wisdom and laws. This corpus of writings belongs, without a doubt, to humanity’s greatest achievements. Whereas the great civilizations of the Near East invested their energies and resources into monuments of stone that could be destroyed by invading armies, the biblical authors left a literary legacy that has been intensively studied until the present day. More important, these authors’ visionary response to defeat brought to light a radical new wisdom: the notion that a people is greater than the state which governs it, and that a community can survive collapse when all of its members can claim a piece of the pie and therefore have a reason to take an active part in its collective life....




The course develops ways of considering the Hebrew Bible that empowers a believer in another faith tradition with a greater scope to look beyond assumptions about literal truths and polemic tropes.



It's a very good course if you want to know how the bible came into being, events that happened from the very beginning and how the bible continues to remain and be read even today. Wonderful!


26 - 圣经的史前史,目的和政治前景 的 50 個評論(共 91 個)

創建者 David H


This course is very involved but logical and follows a nice path of learning. Anyone wishing to see and understand how life was and how it was perceived and reported is quite interesting and gets the grey matter working. Thoroughly enjoyable.

創建者 Randall L T


Really fantastic. A lot of great information and insight and interesting interpertations. A lot of superb thoughts to think about. Very well taught. Kept my interest through the entire series. Professor was easy to follow. A lot for me to

創建者 Kimberly H


I thought I'd enrolled in a course to fill in some gaps in my concepts of early world history and religious history. Instead, what I found was a solid foundation for a program in the Humanities that will keep me inquiring for years.

創建者 Helene S


I just started this class this morning and Professor Wright is great. Usually I find the professors in a one on one lecture such as this, either speaking too fast or just boring. He is terrific. I have enjoyed the lessons very much.

創建者 周润泽


It helped me so much not only in interpretation of Bible but also in my understanding of formation of Nationalism. It even helped me to study early North American history and New England colonists' psychology and life.

創建者 Sonia S K


I found this course rich with content and excellent in providing a new perspective. Dr. Wright describes everything really well. The interviews with the experts were informative, too. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

創建者 Harvey W


Enjoyed the historical context of the creation of Biblical texts and their redaction. Interesting perspective on the fundamental purpose of the texts from our vantage point 2.5 millennia down the pipe.



Excellent course, I strongly recommend it for everyone. I didn´t have previous knowledge about the topic and I learn a lot and manage to pass it. Excellent videos with subtitles in different languages.

創建者 Diane T


E​xcellent course. Professor Wright integrated alot of material. The discussions with other professors were an amazing reference point, and uniquely valuable when reflecting on the course.

創建者 Lucy I D L R T


El profesor es muy dinámico y ayuda a ver la situación geo-política de Israel, las ventajas y desventajas de estar en el cruce de camino de dos potencias rivales.

創建者 Linda H


I have now taken this course several times. Each time I go a little deeper and study a little more. This is truly an excellent course. Highly recommended!!

創建者 Patricia N (


The first of many classes I intend to take on this subject. Please have others.

A great class that brought many new thoughts and many revelations.

創建者 Dina R


Very interesting discussion about the writing of the Hebrew Bible. Particularly enjoyed the interviews with experts in the field.

創建者 Clifton L


This is one of the best courses I have taken with Coursera. the lectures were excellent and the readings were also wonderful.

創建者 Teague F


Opened my eyes to the value of the Old Testament not just for my faith but for society. Recommend this course to all.

創建者 David K


I found this course very interesting, and learnt a great deal about how and why the Bible came to be written.

創建者 Robert T K


This is a good introduction to Old Testament archaeology and analysis of the development of its scriptures.

創建者 Luís M G d S A


Very interesting course to get a full insight in the topic and on the different research paths.

創建者 Lim K B J


Have given me more historical and objective approach to the Bible, great course ! Thank you !

創建者 Richard H


I like Dr. Wright's observation of the Levant bridge between the 2 main powers of the day.

創建者 Sissi D


Excellent study, I will be taking more from Emory University! Thank you very much!

創建者 JOHN Q


Great course! As a non christian I learn a lot about western culture and history

創建者 Macx S


Very great course for believers and non belivers, packed with useful information

創建者 jorge e j d


Muy Bueno. Gracias por este excelente curso. un abrazo desde Bogotá , Colombia

創建者 Russil A


Excellent course! Professor Wright is passionate, warm and engaging. Loved it!