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Designing for an organization, while requiring technical skill, is not just about knowing how to use a pagination program such as InDesign or manipulate photos using Photoshop. A designer is a visual storyteller, a person who pairs words with images and typography to best convey information to an audience. Good design evokes emotion and presents the news of the day with clarity and the proper tone. A business card, brochure, or website that has good design provides content that is more inviting, more easily comprehensible and is faster to process. Design isn’t about “making it look pretty,” it’s also about content, layout and audience analysis....




Thank you for making such a good online course. Designing is my hobby, I didn't know what's behind the good, simple and eye-catchy designs, but I know some of the basic principles know. Thanks.



It is really full of knowledge that they shared and lots of articles that contain relevant topics that help me to add my knowledge and wisdom about design. Thank you DOST! Thank you, Coursera!


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創建者 Oybek S


Thank you for making such a good online course. Designing is my hobby, I didn't know what's behind the good, simple and eye-catchy designs, but I know some of the basic principles know. Thanks.

創建者 Lim J L


A​n informative course that gives you a better understanding on the elements needed when it comes to design. If you need to refresh your graphic design, you won't regret taking this course.

創建者 Vipin K


I have learned the element and principle of design and how can we design a brochure, pamphlet invitation card, etc. with the help of software. this course is beneficial for me.

創建者 Carol S


This course met my expectations for a basic intro course. It would be great at the end to see recommendations for next courses to take to continue learning more about design.

創建者 Areli C


I learned a lot from this course and I loved that I was able to adapt it to my schedule, it was very easy to understand and put into practice everything I learned in class

創建者 Annel R


This course is great for beginners regarding design principles but if you're looking for more applications on design, you may need to check tutorials or other references.

創建者 Elmark J M


The course gives you a more stable foundation about Elements of Design. I am self-taught in terms of arts, but I still find this course valuable to take. Thank you!

創建者 Dianne Y


This course was very interested and has thought me every thing I needed to know about the Principle of Graphic Designs ,It was a great pleasure. Thank you

創建者 akansha m


This has been a wonderful opportunity and journey, one of learning how to tap into innate skills of creativity, inspiration and penmanship.

Thank you.

創建者 Gil D N


I like how the course is smooth sailing and the length of the videos are concise but comprehensive! I have learned so much about this course.

創建者 Diana G V A


Thank you so much for this great opportunity and I am so happy that I was able to finish this course. Once again Thank you so much!

創建者 Lemuel T G


As someone who is still new in graphic design, I could say that this course is really informative. A great help for us beginners.

創建者 Jackie S


I'm so overwhelmed seeing that every time I start doing something I always end up not finishing,and especially doing what I love

創建者 Kruti P


Really enjoyed it! it was just the basics yet felt so good and knowledgeable. Can't wait to move forward in the specialization.

創建者 Carlos H


Thanks for the experience, to refresh some concepts, and for those that I did not know. Thanks also to my sponsor in Colombia.

創建者 Paula J E


This is a very helpful course especially for the people like me who are learning new things. Thank you! I enjoyed it also.

創建者 Peter C K E


For beginners, this is a very good course to take. If you want to learn Graphic Design, this definitely is a must to take.

創建者 Crystal L


I like this course, where I've learned the key design principles for creating a piece of design. It's a good introduction.

創建者 Ma. D M


Thanks for this course. It's simple and enlightening. I hope there are more visual samples. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

創建者 Patrick L


Great course for people just starting out. Even if you have some experience, the assignments are still great practice!

創建者 Luisa F R D


Nos brinda una visión muy general de las áreas que se trabajan y deben tener en cuenta en el mundo del diseño gráfico

創建者 Melanie L


Great to brush up on the basics of graphic design and get to create something to be critiqued so one can improve

創建者 Giovanna C


Great course! I learned a ton of valuable things and if you're just starting out, this is a must-do course!

創建者 Enushka A K R


Loved this course! All the videos were very interesting and easy to understand. I definitely learnt a lot.

創建者 Alicia J


Everything was clear. The teaching was very good and some of the test which helps to see how much you know