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學生對 亚马逊网络服务系统 提供的 AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications 的評價和反饋

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This course will introduce you to Amazon Web Services (AWS) serverless architecture. Through demonstrations and hands-on exercises you'll learn skills in building and deploying serverless solutions. Using real-world examples of a serverless website and chat bot, you'll build upon your existing knowledge of the AWS cloud to take advantage of the benefits of modern architectures for greater agility, innovation, and lower total cost of ownership across a range of AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Lex. In this course, you'll have the option to complete hands-on exercises. We strongly suggest you take advantage of the AWS Free Tier to follow the lab exercises provided by throughout the course. Be aware that any services used outside of the free tier may result in you incurring charges through your AWS account. Class forums will also allow you to ask questions and interact with AWS training instructors. After completing this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to build serverless solutions on AWS. This course has been developed by AWS, and is delivered by AWS technical instructors who teach cloud computing courses around the globe....




Informative course wherein you will get an idea about various services used in AWS. I would highly recommend you to take up this work and read all the exercises. They are informative. Thank You!



Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed the hands-on. However a high-level flow digram of hands-on would have been beneficial to understand it much better and for quick reference.


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The course has been nicely developed. You don't need to be cloud compute expert to take this course.

You can add a section for "Frequent Errors" and their resolution.

In my case, At some points, I got lambda function error for non existing resource "WeatherChatBot". This can easily be fixed by correct the region variable in the lambda function code. The region in lambda function should be same as that appearing in URL of lex console. Variable names (slot names) in Lex and lambda functions should also match.

創建者 Ramsha Z


Overall, this course provided a very clear and understandable approach with detail videos, instructor explanations, and demonstrating the assignment/tasks. Moreover, they have step-by-step guides to assignments. The only thing I had an issue with is getting replies back to questions, however, other than that I had no other issues. Great course and explanations! Thank you.

創建者 Abdo M


It was good for me, I learned about Serverless Applications but lab was not good at all, Please consider for each video manual lab should be present in order the student will get more benefit and confident any pay more interest for learning the service, so that I am given four star.

創建者 Tetiana H


Thanks a lot for the course! It really helped me to get understanding about the main AWS services. I believe this is a great start!

I wish the instructions in the course were up to date (matching the latest ui), sometimes it was hard to follow.

Besides tat the course is amazing!

創建者 Dave B


Good coverage of a broad range of serverless services. Unable to complete the final lab due to permission errors with Polly. No instructions for tearing down the application (and eliminating future billing beyond "Figure it out amongst yourselves!"

創建者 François G


Very interesting course but the labs are not updated and this makes quite harder to follow the steps as if it was feasible on my side. Some improvements & bugs were sent to the helpdesk. 5 starts will be done without this bad point.

創建者 Casey M


Covers multiple AWS features and integrating them. Pretty neat introductory course with relatively easy walkthrough. It may be nice to have a follow up course specifically for coders who could learn more by not copying and pasting.

創建者 Brijesh G


Instructors were amazing. Amazon should reward them. Course 2 and 3 instructors are very bad in was fundamentals specialization.

Also, please provide free lab access at least for the exercises. Don't be so much greedy and miser :)

創建者 Lakshminarasimhan P


Great course for learning fundamentals of building serverless applications on AWS. Lot of components and services covered especially LEX was very interesting along with DynamLambda and API gateway components.

創建者 Chinduluri C


nice explanation of all sirs that chinese mam is not explaining us well teaching something useless and asking the quiz the other things which they didn't taught please change mam videos

創建者 Alejandro N


If you already have some experience in AWS, dont do this course. Do it if you wanna start using it and have practically no experience in it. It is a very simple course.

創建者 Deepak D


This course shortly covers the AWS spectrum of tools but does not dig deeper. The instructors have put their effort and is easy to understand. But, I wish we had more.

創建者 Siddhant S


Content is very basic, they need to provide at least explain the topics in depth. But the overall course is really good apart for the depth in topics.

創建者 Robert C


Great class. Informative practical exercise. Time conscious development and training. Well worth time either for overview / review or to learn.

創建者 Indrajit P


This course was very informative, Lab sessions are truly guided, I would have preferred little more explanations on doings in lab sessions

創建者 Fred X


I enjoy the instructors, but the course material in exercises sometimes don't load correctly, and that causes it hard to follow sometimes.

創建者 Khaled E Z


This course is very good, it touches a very good portion of AWS services, and helps visualizing and designing future projects

創建者 Carlos M F


Excellent course, I have only one issue.

The screenshots showed in the exercises didn´t match with the AWS console

創建者 Dinkar B


Very well presented, except I think Week 4 was rushed. Could have presented a smaller subset of the topics.