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Welcome to AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk! This course will give you an overview of security best practices when developing and managing applications on AWS. The course, created by AWS experts and delivered by AWS Solutions Architects, uses video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes to dive deep on concepts about security on AWS. You will learn about the concept of “least privilege” and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, as well as view demonstrations of Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Secrets Manager, and cross-account access. We encourage IT professionals and leaders who are interested in learning about best practices for securing an AWS environment and applications developed on AWS to enroll in this course. Before taking this course, we recommend you complete AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud Native ( Class forums will also allow you to ask questions and interact with AWS training instructors....




The course covers a lot of content and there is a lot of supplementary information that is part of the reading material and must be covered to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.



Excellent Experience. Couldn't expect anything better. Both the instructors were cheerful throughout the duration of the course and made me build my colony on MARS. Thanks from Elon Musk as well.


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創建者 Daniel H


For me as a non-native speaker, it was extremely difficult to follow the course content. This is very frustrating considering the importance of the topic and the extremely high technical skills of the speakers. The story was certainly meant to be funny, but it distracted a lot from the content, the puns are usually not understood by a foreigner, and the buzzing of the bees was annoying. I would be very happy if there was a remake at some point, which could then also be supplemented with practical exercises, as with the other courses in this series.

創建者 Ali I A


Thank you for this course, however I find myself have to says that there was so much talking and less demos, the first course was much better at this honestly.

Please also note that your audience are adults and interested in the knowledge it self, so examples of bees and honey was not the right approach. and this is also the same thing in the first course where they had "labs and coats", but at least they did not do it that much.

創建者 Aditya G


The course material was good but was not presented in an effective manner by the instructors. The lectures were highly theoretical and lacked practical approach, Also there was accent problem with one of the instructors. The first course was way better than this one. Hopefully the next one in this specialization will be better.

創建者 Werner B


compared with the "Going Cloud Native" course, this one was somehow optimizable. Content is really tricky (and important) but I had a hard time to understand it. I would like to see more hands on labs/exercises and maybe a little better explanation. I felt sometimes if someone was just reading from the teleprompter.

創建者 Scott M R


Good overview. Some difficult concepts covered. Some of the explanations could have been a little more in depth. In some videos the AWS Service names came too thick and fast to make any sense of but I appreciate that some of the services are vast fields in their own right. Thank you for putting this together.

創建者 José A Z d N


Perhaps because the first course of specialization was so well produced, it did not meet expectations. There is practically no Lab, the examples given and the attempt to make humor do not help. And many of the questions in the quiz are not spoken at any time.

創建者 Benjamin S


A lot of information!!

Way too many topics thrown at you (like in marketing videos) and not enough hands-on examples to them.

This supposed to be a "Security with marketing within reason"-course not "Marketing Security stuff in AWS"-course....

創建者 Rustam A


Many sections were not cecovred within the videos, some quizzes questions where asked weeks before were explained..

Overall, I had to read much in order to be able to pass, so, thanks :)

創建者 Vladyslav B


Couse is ok. I think that there was a lot of work behind the scenes. However, due to a large capacity of AWS services, its difficult to learn all information about each one

創建者 Ying T


General concepts related to aws security are introduced in this course, however, the downside is there weren't too many demos or examples for real world cases.

創建者 Jeffrey H


Content was excellent. The instructors were not good because there English was horrible. The examples with bees was very distracting from the content.

創建者 Vasil M H S


The course needs to include more demo videos in their syllabus. Too much of theory, less of practical makes it tough to understand concepts.

創建者 Widasun W


Good course. but i think it might be included more practical lab and sample scenario. Thank you very much instructor , AWS and COL-Canada

創建者 Zacharie E


Cours intéressant, mais avec des lectures très courtes, renvoyant fréquemment à des approfondissements via des liens URL

創建者 Rohit P


There was a lot of detail completed, i would have liked to see more demos and illustrations. It was lot of wordy

創建者 Vincent C


E​xposed you with the needed security topics. Could use some improvement on explanation of the details

創建者 Ferran G P


The content is interesting but I would be interesting to have the opportunity to do some exercises.

創建者 Mazen A K


The girl's accent was not clear to me, I was struggling to understand most of her videos



Overall course was satisfactory. Hands on practice would have been a better experience.

創建者 Avishka A


Content is not the best and lacks visual representations of what is being presented.