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Understanding the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their implications for behavior, learning and the ability to process information is critical for anyone working or interacting with those on the spectrum -- educators, clinicians, counselors, therapists, medical staff, family and employers. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of what ASD is, how it is diagnosed, the primary areas of impairment, and why prevalence is increasing. Examine the developmental and sensori-motor differences that may impact academic, play, social and self-help skills at different stages of life, including the transition to higher education and employment. Gain a clear understanding of how sensory regulation differs for individuals on the spectrum, and explore practical tools for identifying triggers and communicating feelings. Learn to use evidence-based practices to provide effective interventions and explore typical strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the spectrum in relation to identified impairments. The course culminates with a description of the ASD system of care, an overview of the National Standards Report studies and treatments, and an explanation of how evidence-based practices are established and implemented. Those seeking a more in-depth, instructor-led experience are encouraged to check out the Professional Concentration in Autism offered by UC Davis Extension:



Feb 14, 2016

Very interesting and informative. I taught children with special needs for 33 years. I think this course would be very helpful to new teachers and anyone interested in learning basic info on ASD.


Sep 15, 2017

Loved the videos, lots of good material. Wish there had been more discussion, but I was so busy, I might not have been able to participate very much. Overall helpful and useful in my profession.


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Aug 28, 2020

It has the information necessary to learn about ASD and in what ways to identify it. Thanks to this I hope to be able to apply it in the future.

創建者 Mercedes F

Mar 25, 2020

First-class information and professionals. I really recommend this course for those interested on ASD. Both parents and learning professionals.

創建者 Donna B

Dec 24, 2017

Very informative. I work in a group home with Autistic adults. I'm taking this course to expand my knowledge. I have really enjoyed class.

創建者 Susan G

Jul 20, 2020

Well-designed and engaging. Patricia Schetter was personable and blended pertinent readings and videos into the course. Highly recommend.

創建者 Yu Y

Jan 19, 2020

A good introduction on Autism and related treatment. It provides right information resource and mindset to take care of kids with autism.

創建者 Sasha D

Apr 19, 2017

Great starter course for understanding Autism. My 2 year old son was just diagnosed with a mild case of Autism and this was a lifesaver!

創建者 Michelle V

May 03, 2020

Excellent information that was not only beneficial to my career but put together in such a way to be easily understood...always a bonus!

創建者 Isabella V A d O

Jul 21, 2019

Ótimo curso introdutório! Denso em informações e me permitiu aprender muito sobre como identificar sinais presentes do Espectro Autista.

創建者 Natália M C

Apr 24, 2018

congratulations and thank you for the classes! I learned too much and the websites suggested by the course are great and very helpfull.

創建者 Lauren P A

Jul 30, 2020

Este curso ha sido muy interesante para mi ejercicio profesional, te permite tener claridad sobre los aspectos generales del autismo.


Aug 06, 2017

This course was a nice overview of individuals with Autism and how to best support them in the most effective and evidence based way.

創建者 Feha M

Aug 02, 2020

Very useful. All the lectures were very informative. Thankyou team UC Davis for giving me an opportunity to learn much about this.

創建者 Lizbeth M

Oct 10, 2016

Hi, im from Puerto Rico and i speck Spanish. This class for me is so simple, taking on mind that i dont know a perfect English.

創建者 Analia a

Sep 08, 2020

Muy bueno el curso me encantó aprender más sobre esta condición especial. Ya que tengo un niño con Autismo... Muy bueno todo..

創建者 Ramola T

Jul 26, 2020

An excellent course! Would like to do a follow up course that would give me deeper insights into the autism spectrum disorder.

創建者 Jazmin O

May 02, 2020

I learned so much more then I thought I was. I definitely recommend this class. The videos are helpful and will help you pass!

創建者 Licia R

Jun 15, 2016

This was an extremely informative course on ASD. It allows me to assess and design interventions more effectively. Thank you.

創建者 Zoila T

Sep 28, 2019

This course gave me all the information I needed to continue working on my goal to be a Registered Behavioral Technician.

創建者 Sammi C

Jun 23, 2020

Very professional and informational introduction to the autism spectrum disorder and how it is being treated currently.

創建者 Natalia G

Aug 05, 2020

I loved this course, i learned a lot of ASD and how i can help patients from my profesional area. I´m really grateful.

創建者 Jordan O

Mar 29, 2020

Great condensed overview of ASD and ABA as it related to autism services! Well worth the little bit of time and money.

創建者 Alen J T

Jun 19, 2020

Very brief and informative. Looking forward to more courses from the Mind Institute on similar conditions. Thank you.

創建者 Maria G

May 05, 2020

Loved it! One of the most complete and scientific/ research based courses I know.

I learned a lot! Thank you so much!

創建者 Gary D

Dec 16, 2016

This is an excellent course for understanding the basics of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The information is invaluable.

創建者 JOHN Q

Dec 20, 2015

What a wonderful course and great review of the new information on Autism and Aspbergers Syndrome. Thanks so much.