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This course provides an overview of essential oil therapy and current aromatherapy practices in clinical settings and gives you the skills to bring aromatherapy into your own practice. By the end of the course, you will be able to: a) explain what essential oils are to a patient and how they work; b) assess if an essential oil might be beneficial to a patient, considering patient preference and the research evidence, as well as any safety issues or contraindications; and c) suggest a protocol for use in a clinical setting. Continuing Education Credits This course has been designed to meet Minnesota Board of Nursing continuing education requirements for 15 contact hours and may be eligible for CE credit from other professional boards that allow self-documenting of continuing education activities. It is your responsibility to check with your regulatory board to confirm this course meets your local requirements and, if necessary, to provide them with the certificate of completion you get if you pay for and fulfill all the requirements of this course....



Great course. I learned a lot and have become interested in incorporating the use of essential oils into my practice. I believe I have a good foundation upon which to build my knowledge and training.


Excellent overview of aromatherapy and some of its major uses, safety considerations, and supporting evidence. I look forward to using what I learned in my clinical practice but also my daily life!


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創建者 Hannah M


This class was well organized and involved the perfect blend of listening and participation. It was a perfect introduction to essential oils especially for those working in clinical settings.

創建者 Rizlekica Z


This course was incredible! :) It taught me a lot, instructor was great, interesting and even though English isn't my mother tongue, I understood everything. This is awesome start for the topic about Aromatherapy. :)

If there will be an Aromatherapy second course, I'm certainly going to take that class asap.

創建者 Margaret C


Good course. Difficult to navigate back to review information already presented. It would be ehlpful to have a drop down for Week 1, Week 2 etc

創建者 Marian ( S


Excellent course! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy. It was great for beginners and experienced users too. The pace and flow were spot on.

創建者 Susan F


I loved this course! I have been involved with EO's for many years, but only for my own use. I have always purchased them already blended and have not known how to blend them myself or different delivery methods. I am very happy to have learned all the things I learned from this course as I plan to volunteer at Hospice and I can use this alternative comfort care on patients if they decide they want it as another tool to help them. Thank you so much for this great course!!!!!

創建者 Terri L M


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have been using essential oils for many year but mostly when I take a de-stress bubble bath. I am happy I now know about phototoxic issues with some essential oils since I am often in the sun. I had no idea of this issue. My mother is 91 and I would like to use aromatherapy with her and now that I am more informed, I may offer her massage or inhalation suggestions. Thank you.

創建者 Alyssa M O


Excellent overview of aromatherapy and some of its major uses, safety considerations, and supporting evidence. I look forward to using what I learned in my clinical practice but also my daily life!

創建者 Rebecca W


Enjoyed the class, particularly the chemistry behind how essential oils interact with the body.

創建者 Ma T T I


It has been a very satisfying time to learn in this course. It allowed me to learn how to be more professional in approaching the use of essential oils in as a non-pharmacological adjunct to address health issues. It has given more confidence in helping those who are really interested in using aromatherapy as an assistance to their medical issues. The research results presented gave me a confidence boost to promote its use in a very safe way. As an engineer who is very conscious of safety I am highly encouraged to fiercely promote and advocate safe practices. And the certificate will certainly provide me with more authority to discuss its safe use. My deepest gratitude for this opportunity. I hope there is more advance course dealing with the chemistry of essential oils; biochemistry of essential oils?

創建者 Giselle M


Janet Tomaino is an educator in the broadest sense of the word. She conducts the course with the perfect balance between softness, objectivity and generosity of content, so that at the end of the course, the student is very confident about the content learned. I am very grateful for providing guidance on how to implement an aromatherapy program in an institution.

創建者 Chie M


Every video lessons were easy to understand for me, beginner of aromatherapy. I learned a lot about aromatherapy that will help with my and my family's healthcare. Thank you very much!!

創建者 Leonila A K


Thank you so much for this great opportunity offered to us from DOST Philippine and special thanks to my professor for her expertise Janet Tomaino, DNP and Coursera management.

創建者 刘岳鹏


I think i got basic knewledge and uesful technique about aromatherapy in clinic and i can’t wait to practice them in my real life. Thanks.

創建者 Dominic G


Great introduction, various area of the subject covered. Even first time EO users may learn more than scratching on YouTube.

創建者 Anne-Claire L


A wonderful course, truly. I learnt and integrated way more than I thought I would. Many thanks to the Coursera Community!

創建者 Sasikarn B


The course is really good. All important knowledge that you can use in everyday life and provide to others. But there's no feedback from teacher,nor asking question. Only have student discussion group. This is the only thing i think should be improve.

創建者 Barbara B


I found this course interesting and the instructor seems very enthusiastic about this field of study. I wish more universities in the United States could catch up on this area of study. I learned a great amount of information. Anyone taking this course should put the appropriate time into learning this material if they are serious about pursuing a career where they will use this information. There was important safety information and instructions on correct use of the essential oils. There were research studies to look at to follow the evidence. This instructor was wonderful and the course was well organized and thorough!

創建者 Vema K


I liked the way the course is planned. The efforts of the Professors are to be appreciated to great extent. before taking the course i am from among those group of people who have heard about aromatherapy and know nothing about the therapy. the use of essential oils were slowly injected and the pharmacological effects were explained with great care. the case studies were at the extreme end. they explained the application part. thank you course era and a very big thank to the Professor/ Tutor of the course.

創建者 Salvatore B


While I do not work in a clinical setting, I found this course highly useful as an essential oils user. I was made better aware of the safety precautions one must follow, as well as the clinically studied benefits to using EOs. The instructor has a kind and calm demeanour, and presents the information in a clear and accessible way. I plan to keep all my course notes for future use. After completing this course, I feel more confident recommending certain essential oils to friends and family.

創建者 Stephanie R


The course was well laid out and the content was easily understood and explained in a way that did not require the student to have a specific health/medical background. The course was user friendly and the instructor was very good at presenting the content weekly and relating it back to content already learned. I enjoyed the PDF 'handouts' as well, as they helped to solidify the course content in a form that we could look back and read while listening to the lectures.

創建者 Nicole J B


This was a fantastic and useful introduction to clinical aromatherapy that has inspired me to learn more! The course is well-structured and well-presented, and very easy to navigate and understand. The course presents just enough information to make me feel like I understand how I might use the oils discussed in class - but also showed me that there is a lot more to understand about aromatherapy, and I am eager to explore it all! Thank-you!

創建者 Cintia M N


"Aromatherapy:clinical use of essential oils" was very didatic and instructivelly prepared. The lecture papers and references given were very helpful for constructing a responsible way of puting aromatherapy in practice with safety and ethics. So I would like to thank everyone involved in the course elaboration.

創建者 Mary S


I enjoyed this course a lot! and would recommend it to anyone who is exploring or wants to know more about essential oils.

I just wanted there to be more information about ingestion of EO's from medical & clinical point of view to cover all of my questions as there's a lot of diverse information on the internet.

創建者 Marina M


The course provided valuable information which I have already put into use in an acute care hospital setting with excellent reception from patients and observed benefits. I also appreciated the flexibility as I am working full-time and also taking Biochemistry. I would highly recommend this course!

創建者 Amanda C


I really enjoyed this course. It's both given me a healthy respect for the potency of essential oils and exercising caution when using them, at the same time an appreciation of just how beneficial they can be. I'll use them but make sure I read up and have my monographs at hand first! Thank you