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學生對 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 Arduino 平台与 C 语言程序设计 的評價和反饋

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The Arduino is an open-source computer hardware/software platform for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world around them. In this class you will learn how the Arduino platform works in terms of the physical board and libraries and the IDE (integrated development environment). You will also learn about shields, which are smaller boards that plug into the main Arduino board to perform other functions such as sensing light, heat, GPS tracking, or providing a user interface display. The course will also cover programming the Arduino using C code and accessing the pins on the board via the software to control external devices. Please note that this course does not include discussion forums. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Outline the composition of the Arduino development board 2. Describe what it means to program the board's firmware 3. Read board schematics 4. Install Arduino IDE 5. Describe what "shields" are and how they are used 6. Specify the role of libraries in the use of shields 7. Compile and run a program 8. Name C Variables and Types 9. Name common C operators 10. Use conditionals and loops 11. Explain functions, their definition and invocation 12. Explain the implications of global variables 13. Undertake the Arduino build process 14. Describe the role of the tools behind the IDE 15. Describe how to invoke functions in classes 16. Explain the structure of an Arduino sketch 17. Access the pins of the Arduino 18. Differentiate between digital and analog pin 19. Debug embedded software 20. Explain the importance of controllability and observability in the debugging process 21. Describe common debugging architectures for embedded systems 22. Explain how the UART Serial communication protocol works 23. Describe how the Arduino Serial library performs serial communication...




A very good course to teach you the basics of Arduino platform and IDE. It'll help you get started on how to code your programs and lets you build up on it. I'd definitely recommend for a beginner.



very good course to have basic understanding of C programming software , Arduino software which is explained in a very simple language where i was finding difficult before attending this course


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創建者 Eric C M


Way too basic for a University level course. On the other hand, it can be completed within one day with little to no effort.

創建者 Korinne L N


Not much examples, inadequate teaching materials, and the lecturer is just giving us links from the main websites but not really elaborating on it during the lecture. There are no discussion forums which means that if you are stuck in an assignment/lecture, you're on your own. The peer grading review only delays your progress since you have to wait for a classmate's review which may take a while(not much available reviewers).

創建者 Theodore A




創建者 Mohammad A R


A very good course to teach you the basics of Arduino platform and IDE. It'll help you get started on how to code your programs and lets you build up on it. I'd definitely recommend for a beginner.

創建者 Jesús S


Not what I was expecting. Professor speaks too fast and many things can not be understood because it requires previous knowledge. Although the assignments are very easy and anyone can do them.

創建者 craig c


GOOD place to start THe arduino intro is good but little short on c but its only 4 weeks not enough for me to grasp right off the bat anyway so i back off to next session then catch up more C then finish its only a couple short c videos then your asked to write programs with little or no knowledge basicly 3- 7 min lectures on the language EASY TO BE KINDA LOST AT FIRST IM 60 yrs old not twenty !!! From what im reading online LIBRARIES ARE TOTALLY LIMITED ON ARDUINOS IDE nd ITS NOT REALLY C its ARDUINO C because a lot of the workings of the arduino ide are easier for new people alot of the inner workings are hidden tough to learn the inner workings unlike a full featured IDE GOOD Platform to start on AFTER BASICS HERE with tidbits Id rather go later to C++ and spend the time there then get on better platform ARM PIC boards with real ides and REAL C + something you can use in the real world for bigger programs and I can see staying here at arduino too long and not going on to other platforms could cause bad programing habits to start with writing limited code just seems more productive after you get your electronics down coding and some hardwhare experience to go right to the real deal Pic arm or any of the other boards with a MUCH steeper learning curve GREAT to Figure out and learn electronics get some hardwhare experience here of course on ARDUINO and from what im seeing from some pros Even if there on more advanced platforms that run bigger faster programs dont have the bootloader many pros use arduino for a first layout to test circuits here first GOOD COURSE gets you DIGGING AND THINKING This is where to start you certainly cant start on advanced platforms right off its really almost impossible without a lot more skill to obtain first

創建者 Claude H


Great beginner course for Arduino. People that are experienced with programming will probably end up zipping through some of the videos pretty fast or skipping some of them because the programming is very basic, that aside I found the lessons very interesting and would recommend them for anyone new to Arduino or wanting a refresher

創建者 Shehab M S


Need more practice and more examples

創建者 MN K


very good course to have basic understanding of C programming software , Arduino software which is explained in a very simple language where i was finding difficult before attending this course

創建者 Shubham Y


Course was great and interesting to learn. Explanation of concepts was nice and easy to grasp. After Completion of Course worth checking out the next Course in series of specialization.

創建者 vikas c


course was good but have to improve some more projects and practical knowledge

創建者 Moza A A


A very good course to give yourself a start in the world of embedded systems. The content is very focused, straight to the point and organized. I loved it and I would recommend it for you.

創建者 Enrico L


Good to learn the basics of Arduino, but poor on the C Language part. If your main objective is to learn the basics of Arduino programming, I recommend that you watch some Youtube videos and read about it. I watched the entire modules of this course twice and it wasn't enough to get the job done. The "end of module peer reviews" are simple programs like turning a LED on, but even for that I had watch Youtube videos to learn how it is done, because I coudn't learn it in this course.



If you want an in in the embedded world, then this course is built for you. The content is carefully curated and flawlessly delivered. Once you are through this course, your basics will be as clear as a crystal. The accompanying course readings were really helpful.

創建者 Ricardo A d C S


Nice course. The platform and programming is explained in a simple way. If you are already a C or C++ programmer, only the topics dealing with the Arduino platform will be important.

創建者 Deleted A


It is such an awesome and helpful course for the students.

創建者 sudarshan g


Could have being much better course if examples would have being explained .only slides shows and reading them could have also being possible doing google.sorry but seriously can be improved because we invest time to get resulatant outcome.there is a possibilty i might be dumb not to understand , but thats what i felt.

創建者 Vitali N


I had a problem with error on the peer graded assignment of week 2 for 20 days and only then another student gave me an idea how to solve it on the forum (Blank screen). video lessons are ok. but some assignments, where you have to copy paste into the text field are organized very bad. hard to input ahd hard to check.

創建者 Ravi R


Its a good course but will not recommended for begginers

創建者 Loic B


The classes is a bit poor. It bring some of the basic in few lectures. But most of the information are given linked to other websites. I could have get them before, which I did as I found much more interresting classes on Arduino, with exemples and practice on Free MOOC. So I am a bit deasapointed here. The first "Week" on C++ is asking to install gcc or Eclipse with no explaination on how to go with it. You do one exercice with it and then it is useless for the rest of the classes. No description. You are on your own and the classes isn't bringing much.

Positive point however. I got to learn a little bit on a larger spot than just Arduino basics.

創建者 Shreeniket J


There is just lot of knowledge about how things are, rather than how to do things. There should be more experiments.

創建者 Mike B


One week of this course was only marginally relevant to the subject. The instructor even said as much.

創建者 Sai S S


Very useful course for beginners who want to start learning embedded systems. This intro course to arduino is 'THE' place to start your embedded learning. Professor Harris is great, he explained everything in detail, maintained the clarity while explaining the concepts and kept it simple, just introduced to what we need to know to get started. Thanks to Dr. Harris and UC Irvine for offering such a great course for free, it was really useful for me. I highly recommend this course for beginners.

創建者 Soumyamoy D


Sir is wonderful. The course is very precise but yes upto the mark and enough for having a clear picture of Arduino BASICS. Those who are not well acquainted with programming, they can also get some conception in C++ programming from this course.

Really, one should get enrolled in these kind of courses!!

[But I think that in Week 4 Module, instead of focussing on Arduino/Serial Debugger, some more advanced architectural features of Arduino and its IDE could have been explored.]

創建者 mortada m r


My name Mortada and I am recently I get certificate in coursera but im electric engineer 22 years old from Iraq and I am working in factory with 300$ per month with 70 hour per week and when I back to home I study I am working just for collect money and go to USA really im suffering I love the science I wanna give my soul and time for science and I wanna study master in USA so can you help me I beg I am begging your humanity