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Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative and constructive inquiry process that searches for everything that gives life to organizations, communities, and larger human systems when they are most alive, effective, creative and healthy in their interconnected ecology of relationships. To appreciate, quite simply, means to value and to recognize that which has value—it is a way of knowing and valuing the best in life. In the language of Positive Organizational Scholarship it means a research focus—a positive bias—seeking fresh understanding of dynamics described by words like excellence, thriving, abundance, resilience, or exceptional and life-giving. In this context the word appreciate means to value those things of value—it is a mode of knowing often connected to the idea of esthetic appreciation in the arts. To appreciate also means to be grateful or thankful for—it is a way of being and maintaining a positive stance along the path of life's journey. And not incidentally, to appreciate is to increase in value too. Combining the three—appreciation as a way of knowing, as a way of being and as an increase in value– suggests that Appreciative Inquiry is simultaneously a life-centric form of study and a constructive mode of practice. As a form of study, Appreciative Inquiry focuses on searching systematically for those capacities and processes that give life and strength and possibility to a living system; and as a constructive mode of practice, it aims at designing and crafting human organizations through a process in which valuing and creating are viewed as one, and where inquiry and change are powerfully related and understood as a seamless and integral whole Leading Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry is a course dedicated to advancing our understanding and skill in leading strength-based change and on how to create, foster and manage organizations in which people thrive and perform at their best....



Really enjoyed this course, it was a great learning opportunity and I look forward to continuing to put the things I learned into real world practice. The concepts taught have real po


Thank you for this excellent course. It was rigorous, robust, and very meaningful.\n\nI plan to do more work in the are of Leading Positive Change.\n\nAll the best,\n\nRob


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創建者 Jeff L


Really liked the content and the way it was taught. I would have preferred more peer reviewed assignments instead of computer reviewed.

創建者 André B


This course really helped deepen my understanding of Appreciative Inquiry. I'm seeing opportunities to use it everywhere in my work.

創建者 Steven L S Y


Excellent course. Clear and concise.

My only complain is the transcripts for the videos contain errors, but they are minor.

創建者 Marcus P


Extremely valuable - Ron Fry is a great speaker, and models the right language to use when trying AI interventions.

創建者 Guillaume B


Ronald Fry does a great course on appreciative inquiry, the approach he and David Cooperrider developed since 1997.

創建者 Marivi C V


The professor is outstanding and the subject really interesting

All the chapters were veruy well explanied

創建者 Sofia R


It would be great to have the Professor's feedback on our assignments at least at the end of the course.

創建者 María d C O R


Excelente, esperanzador, con una clara y conmovedora exposición del Profesor Ronald Fry.

Muchas gracias

創建者 lindsay l


Really superb! Great PLAs, fantastic stories, very tangible but also steeped in theory and research.

創建者 Karin D


Good mix of knowledge sharing and practical application. The supporting material is great.



Very Good Session, It help me a lot to get the change in myself and best is 4 D concept

創建者 Stavroula T


very interesting and helpful if someone wants to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry

創建者 Massimiliano M


Very good one, excellent teacher. It prompted me to continue learning on this subject

創建者 Anna B


Great concepts and clear process, thank you very much! The course was very helpful

創建者 Marcelo B Y


Great methodology, provides all you require to be able to apply it in real life.

創建者 Lara N


Inspiring, easy to follow and great instructor who gets you hooked. Bravo!

創建者 Zita M


Very useful, practical, thank you for the possibility to learn about AI!

創建者 Deleted A


Very good course. It is something we can apply in our everyday life.

創建者 Joel G


Great material. The inclusion of case studies definitely helps.

創建者 Inna N


Thanks to all who was involved in making this course possible!

創建者 castellarnau o


Thank you so very much ! It is so pleasant to learn with you !

創建者 Oladayo O


Am full of praise for the instructors. I learnt a great deal.

創建者 François D


AI is a positive method to change the world where we live

創建者 Karen W


Very relevant case studies and examples, thank you.

創建者 Sree D K K


Guided decisional thoughts for a leader's toolkit!