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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analyses to any kind of audience member. Even the most sophisticated statistical analyses are not useful to a business if they do not lead to actionable advice, or if the answers to those business questions are not conveyed in a way that non-technical people can understand. In this course you will learn how to become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. By the end, you will know how to structure your data analysis projects to ensure the fruits of your hard labor yield results for your stakeholders. You will also know how to streamline your analyses and highlight their implications efficiently using visualizations in Tableau, the most popular visualization program in the business world. Using other Tableau features, you will be able to make effective visualizations that harness the human brain’s innate perceptual and cognitive tendencies to convey conclusions directly and clearly. Finally, you will be practiced in designing and persuasively presenting business “data stories” that use these visualizations, capitalizing on business-tested methods and design principles....




Thanks very much for great content and especially, Ms. Jana Schaich Borg for brilliant presentation skills, lovely voice and good looking as well. Please participate. This is highly recommend course.



A course which eases the life of beginners! Exposure to real data through the exercises gave the flavor of real business scenario. Enjoyed the course and the instructor's lectures made it more lucid.


101 - 使用 Tableau 展示可视化数据 的 125 個評論(共 712 個)

創建者 kamalakannan


One of the best course to learn tableau from basics to do the final project.

Design of the course was excellent. They prepared the syllabus based on the Industry standards.Right from week 1, they taught how to approach data as a data analyst,and slowly introduced the basics of tableau in week 2. They taught all important features like creating calculation field,building dashboards and story in week 3. Couldn't able to understand all those concepts in single week. In week 4, it was full of videos describing about how to give presentation as a data analyst before stakeholders,one of the necessary skills for data analyst.In week 5, they asked us to build a final project for dognition and it was cool.

Overall,it's a great course to learn about tableau!

創建者 Olga K


Really great course! Very well organized, material is engaging and really well presented.

Covers everything you need to know to get started with Tableau (hands on!). If you already work with Tableau, will be quite easy for you to complete the course, but you may still learn a few cool tricks from Jana.

I also really liked the first week of the course where Jana went over the general concepts of being a good data analyst. They aren't shocking or extremely eye opening, but nonetheless it is very important to truly understand. I found it interesting the way she presented them.

Great job with the course! Most engaging course I personally tried on Coursera so far :)

創建者 Rico T


I have thoroughly enjoyed this online course! I have a family member seriously ill with covid-19 right toward the end of my sessions ; having to switch priorities ; missed my last session deadline. I was pleasantly surprised that i could actually reset my deadline thankfully.

I am looking at another two weeks of family care and will resume my final exam as soon as I can devote time back to the course.

Thank you so much for the clear and concise training narration, videos and examples. Especially thanks for the flexibility to reset a deadline so i can resume when I can focus on completing my final session :)

創建者 Wayan R W


Being one of the toughest course I've accomplished in Coursera, this course offers not only tutorials and hands-on experience of data analysis with Tableau, but also how to present and deliver your analysis to the stakeholders. Module quizzes are tough too, don't expect to just rewatch the video to complete the tests as you have to work through it. If you are only looking for Tableau tutorials this course isn't for you, but if you want to hone your analytical and communication skills I can say this one is definitely worth trying.

創建者 Nirmal R


The course was very well organized. Instead of just teaching tableau the course covered aspects about how to approach a business problem, design ways to approach a problem, structured thinking and then went to solving those problems using tableau. Even after tableau was taught the instructor covered aspects of how to present it to the target audience and make an impact. Great work. Only suggestion will be to be up to date about the content as tableau comes up with upgrades but the course videso don't include it.

創建者 Patrick T


Dr. Jana clear and great pace. Very presentable outlook and voices, especially light humour really makes this course learning journey less fearsome. Out of my busy time, I make an attempt to really learn how to analyze data and tell a story with it. Although, I'm not a data analyst or data scientist. I'm highly involved in presenting, research and analyzing data in my role. Highly recommend this good bridge of business to just sufficient and not overly technically designed data analysis course.

創建者 Jee Z


If you have zero experience with Tableau, it's kind of hard to finish the course. I stopped half way and turned over to Tableau E Learning's fundamental training to aquire a comprehensive basic understanding of the software, and finished the second part of this course sucessfully. However, this course is strongly recomended. It is more than the use of the software. It is more about application of the sofreware in business case scenario's.

創建者 Paul J H L


Absolutely outstanding course. It stretched me - late nights grappling with the data, learning Tableau, recording a blooper-free presentation. So many takes!

But this course was not just about Tableau; it was about clarifying goals, planning before diving into the data, putting yourself in the shoes of the client and good presentation principles. Great practical exercise at the end - make sure you put aside plenty of time for this.

創建者 Christopher A


I really enjoyed the lectures. The introduction to Tableau was broad enough to get a feel for possibilities and gave plenty of resources to further look for guidance as needed. In addition, the focus was not just on the technical tool but relaying the differences in visualization for analysis and visualization for persuasion. I enjoyed her lecturing and felt like the visual science and very specific actionable takeaways were good.

創建者 Katrin H


This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It is fun and yet, it is very detailed and, yes, it takes a bit more than 2-3 hours per week.

You will learn much more than using Tableau. You will learn to ask the right questions and you will also learn how to present your data analytics results to the C-suite or whoever asked for it.

I highly recommend this to anyone, beginners and experienced business / data analysts.

創建者 Lucia A I


I came from course 1 and 2 and I really recommend you to follow the specialization and this course, I learned Tableau from scratch and I feel satisfied with the challenges in the final project. You don't have to be an expert in Excel, but the previous knowledge and experience helps to understand certain concepts behind using Tableau. If something gets to complex, you can watch videos over and over or search in internet :)

創建者 Jade N


Tableau course is very worth learning because the Tableau's visualisation method is quite different from Excel. The final project is time and effort demanding but it is a wonderful chance to utilise what you have learned during the course. One thing I didn't not enjoying about this course is the forum is not quite organised and there is a few support/ response from the instructor/ mentors like the other online classes.

創建者 Vanessa


This is an excellent class that covers basic data analysis and visualization with Tableau, but more importantly covers how to approach data analysis and how to present the results of a data analysis to a business audience (i.e., management executives). I would recommend this class for anybody starting in this space, or anybody who feels that their analysis is not coming through to decision-makers in their organization.

創建者 Alex B


I Really enjoyed this course. It helped a lot with some fundamentals of Tableau but you won't become an expert in it. However what you do get is a brilliant insight into how to run a data project with some best practices. I thought at times the videos covered concepts too quickly even with the ability to rerun the video at times there was a lot to take on. But all in all a very good course well worth the effort.

創建者 Stefan K


Very well taught course about using Tableau, providing tableau license for the Specialization (6 months). The lectures are well executed, concepts well explained and referenced materials provided. The most fun part are the assignments using real world datasets by Dognition. The course introduced me to very interesting visualization tool used in Data analytics. I enjoyed this course and took a great deal out of it.

創建者 Ronak A


Well structured course. What you are being tested on is well taught during the course so no sense of confusion whether 'do I need to know something already'. Many example of real life business questions and references to other good works. Complete focus on being able to DO things. Free six months Tableau license is great for practice beyond the course. Makes you feel well rounded at the end of the course.

創建者 Palak S


This course is designed so well. Starting from theory concepts in week 1, there is a smooth transition to Tableau software practicals in week 2 & 3. Week 4 guides you on presentation preparation and it was very helpful for me because I'm just about to enter the IT industry. If you are completely unaware of Tableau, I recommend you should definitely take this course. Thanks to all the course mentors!

創建者 Kadir K


So far the best course in this specialisation, actually also among the courses I took in Coursera. First, and final modules provide some skills and knowledge that will be useful to any analyst, or any professional. Rest of modules make a smooth introduction to Tableau. A perfect starter for a new concept. Productive quizzes, well-explained videos and good structure. Absolutely recommended!

創建者 Stewart R


A fantastic introduction to Tableau and its main features. There is clearly a lot to be learned regarding Tableau and making business presentations, but Dr Jana Borg does a great job of making you familiar with the most important aspects in an engaging and energetic way.

Using real-world datasets and investigating them to find genuinely useful insights adds to the impact of the course.

創建者 Carlo K


The course is worth to participate. The class materials are well prepared for me, who has no experience in the field, to follow easily. The assignment, especially the final project, is challenging and fun to analyze. I have gained a lot of knowledge about using Tableau software, designing the storytelling, and visualizing the data from this course.

創建者 Cyril M


Definitely a great class in many aspect

Very well and clearly presented.

Not just a tool but an approch : This is what we need !

Good link proportion between : Theory and practice.

Good level of difficulty.

One of the best class I've followed so far.

Only downside : it says you get a temporary student licence for Tableau, which you finally don't get.

創建者 Caroline K


The class was very informative. It also teaches presentation methods and tips on effective presentations. The material is covered well. The quizzes and practice questions also help you dive deeper into comprehending the conte. I like that I still have access to the material even after completing the course since I often refer back to the lessons.

創建者 John D


The instructor was quite articulate and well-organized. She moved a bit fast but then every lecture deserved to be watched at least twice. This course was an excellent introduction to Tableau. My only very mild criticism is that her examples were pretty much all Mac-based which led to some confusion and adjustment for WIndows users like me.

創建者 Max H


Just starting week 3 and I've already learned a ton about approaching data visualizations while leveraging Tableau. This course does an excellent job of demystifying the beautiful and powerful tool that is Tableau. Even after only a week or so of playing around on Tableau I feel fairly comfortable in using it in my own work.

創建者 Roberto K


Excellent course! The videos are easy to follow along, and Dr. Borg is great at explaining the material. Also, it was fun to learn how to use Tableau, and develop a thorough understanding of the program. Highly recommend this course if you are interested in data analytics, data visualization, and/or business presentations.