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This course will give you a glimpse into six different areas of American law: Tort Law, Contract Law, Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. You will gain insight into the complexities and dilemmas that arise from the application of law in different settings, and what is distinctive about American approaches....



I enjoyed this course and it helped me to understand the basic parts of American Law. My only suggestion is to provide even more cases as examples to demonstrate the doctrines and statutes. Thank you.


A great first step on understanding the basic principles of American Law, providing an insight into impact on the systems we encounter on a daily basis and how these systems have developed over time.


251 - 美国法律概论 的 275 個評論(共 788 個)

創建者 Barbara M


Interesting, challenging - professors were excellent. The course made me want to pursue more information in the area of law.

創建者 Ira G


Great information and well presented. I enjoyed the pace of the program and found the subject matter to be very interesting.

創建者 Ms E T


Fantastic course. Found it very interesting and would recommend to other students. Would love to teach this course myself.

創建者 Ekaterina K


Thank you very much for this course. It was very helpful for me in my studies at university. You got professional lecturers.

創建者 Jeff P


Every instructor was captivating and this course provided a great understanding of the lawn that governs my life in the US.

創建者 Emmanuel R G


Easy to undestand, practical, truly interesting and real. they gave me a lot a material to learn and the examples are good.

創建者 Robbie


Fantastic course, and gave me exactly the level of insight I expected. Really well put together and thoroughly enjoyable.

創建者 Vihaan M


Such an interesting and fun course! I learned so much about all the different types of law and how they worked in the U.S.

創建者 Charles K M


An excellent overview of American Law in an a pleasant format and with constant engagement throughout the video tutorials.

創建者 Pan W


Really like the examples in the course, help to provide a vivid understanding of how the law is applied in the real world.

創建者 Donrit T


This is a great course for international lawyers. but I recommend that this course should have adminstrative law chapter.

創建者 Andrés A C


Excelente curso para abogados que no son de USA. El curso te da una pincelada de conocimiento sobre el derecho Americano.

創建者 Yu C W


Perfect course for any starters in American Law, the content was simple to understand yet covered most basic information.

創建者 David A


Really good introductory summary, really enjoyed it. There should be a more substantive course to go along with this one.

創建者 Yang F


Short and sweet. Concise and good reference to dummies who want to have a cursory understanding of American legal system.

創建者 Amy


A very enjoyable and informative course on American law. It covers basic key concepts in an interesting and engaging way.



This course provides a broad and interesting first approach to the American Legal System. I would certainly recommend it.

創建者 Yalchin B


The course has been very interesting, the lecturers succeeded in presenting complex concepts in a comprehensible fashion.

創建者 Svitters


The course is very useful for my legal knowledge about American Law and for increase my English language skill. Thanks.

創建者 Victor A C


This course was excellent. I learned a lot. The lectures were easy to follow. I particularly liked the study material.

創建者 Fran


This course is brilliantly presented, featuring great overviews and insights. Fits the 'introductory' bill perfectly.

創建者 Paul G


I thought this course gave me a good grasp and understanding of how different types of law affect our everyday lives.

創建者 Kojo D


The course content was excellent. In addition, the Professors are well-versed in their areas of expertise. Thank you.

創建者 Shao S


Great course to have a grasp of some key American legal concepts as manifested in a handful of important legal areas.

創建者 Christina O


An efficient and enjoyable way to learn new material. I took it for fun and learned a lot through engaging lectures.